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More Tax Hikes Seen for California
by Chuck DeVore [legislator, novelist] 8/29/08

The Golden State had a recall almost five years ago. California had a huge budget deficit at the time and soon-to-be-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was promising to “cut up the credit card.”

By the March 2004 primary, Schwarzenegger, by then governor, was promoting the passage of ballot Propositions 57 and 58. Prop. 57 was a $15 billion deficit bond designed to refinance the short-term debt California incurred under Democratic Gov. Gray Davis (with a few billion left over for future needs, the last $3 billion of which was borrowed a few months ago). Prop. 58 was a supposed spending cap of which Schwarzenegger said, “By voting yes on Proposition 58, you are basically taking the credit cards, cutting them up and throwing them away so that the politicians over there (at the Capitol), those big-spenders, will never ever get the state into this kind of trouble again.” Yea, right. [more]

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Biden Time
by J. F. Kelly, Jr. 8/28/08

The Democrats surely have a death wish. By several measures, the Bush administration has been a train wreck. Illegal immigration, already out of control during the Clinton years, combined with the anchor baby policy, has produced an avalanche of unskilled, uneducated and poor immigrants who have put enormous strains on emergency rooms, schools and social services and drastically altered the demographic balance of America, all without the informed consent of its citizens. The Iraq War, launched for the ostensible purpose of overthrowing a dangerous enemy of America thought to be in possession of weapons of mass destruction, turned into a five-year land war designed to create a bastion of democracy in the un-democratic Middle East and, oh, by the way, Osama bin Laden is still free.

The Bush administration failed to reduce our reliance on foreign oil. It failed to reform Social Security or Medicare, both of which are headed for financial disaster. Millions of Americans are still without health insurance and the size of the national debt is beyond the ability of humans to even comprehend. Our schools are graduating children that can barely read, write or compute. To be sure, Congress deserves much, if not most, of the blame, but that won’t help Mr. Bush’s legacy much. It’s the president that history remembers, not a do-nothing congress. [more]

Report to Taxpayers from the Front in the Budget Battle
by Jon Coupal, War Correspondent 8/27/08

Last week saw several significant clashes in the budget war between those who have vowed not to raise taxes and those who would raise taxes in a heartbeat. Both sides lost some and won some but, on balance, the taxpayer defenders came out better and stronger.

The biggest fight, of course, occurred on Sunday when an actual budget vote was taken in the Assembly. Not only did the Republicans hold firm, but one Democrat refused to vote for the budget -- Nicole Parra -- because she vowed to hold out for a water deal for her Central Valley district. She was immediately banished from the Capitol by Democrat leadership and she now occupies a small office in a decrepit office building across the street. [more]

Los Angeles

from ExileStreet.com
The Myth Of Moral Equivalency
by Burt Prelutsky [scriptwriter] 8/25/08

There was a time not all that long ago when most of us agreed about what constituted good and evil.  But that time, I’m afraid, has come and gone and is now as passé as five cent cigars and 45 cents-a-gallon gasoline.

Our former sense of morality hasn’t been replaced by immorality, at least not entirely, but by something that’s probably more dangerous because it comes cleverly disguised as broad-mindedness.  Those in the mass media and academia ridicule people who still believe there are nations, values and cultures, that are superior to others, and they regard those Americans who have the temerity to disagree with them as yokels, super patriots and religious hypocrites.  The elitists trumpet moral equivalency as an ideal.  And yet, time and again, they display their own double standards.  The same folks who were so upset about George W. Bush’s time in the Air National Guard and his early problems with alcohol aren’t the least put out by Barack Obama’s avoidance of military service and his admitted use of illegal drugs.  Apparently even moral equivalency doesn’t exist if one of the parties is a Republican and the other is a Democrat. [more]

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12:05 am
Game Show: "Are You Smarter Than An L.A. City Council Member?" "Jeopardy!" is my favorite game show, but it's pretty hard. [more]


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