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12/27 - 12/31

2005: The Stupid Year in Review
A wary glance in the rear view mirror… [by Patrick Hurley] 12/31/05 [more]
Miracle in South Central
The Watts Learning Center… [Lance T. Izumi] 12/30/05 [more]
In the Wake of the Kennedy
Turning Volunteers' Laments to Opportunity... [Thomas G. Del Beccaro] 12/29/05 [more]
Death Penalty Delays
California's voters continue to support the Death Penalty, it's time to streamline... [by Roy Ashburn] 12/28/05 [more]

The Lying Left, Then and Now

The playbook never seems to change... [Chuck DeVore] 12/27/05 [more]

12/19 - 12/23

Whatever Happened To Christmas?
Have a joyous and blessed 'winter holiday'... [Dennis Mountjoy] 12/23/05
Minimum Wage is a Maximum Fallacy
Sacramento distortions… [by Anthony P. Archie] 12/22/05 [more]
Bond Bombshell
Amassing pointless debt… [Tom McClintock] 12/21/05 [more]
Tax Cheats Burden Honest Taxpayers
Stealing fuel from the economic engine... [by Jon Coupal] 12/20/05 [more]
Taxing The Weather
Global climate taxing change... [Ray Haynes] 12/19/05 [more]

12/12 - 12/16

Missed Opportunities of the Year
Declining student achievement... [Xiaochin Claire Yan] 12/16/05 [more]
Hijacked California Healthcare
Needed: conservative watchdogs… [Chuck DeVore] 12/15/05 [more]
The Fallacy of Governing from the Center
A moderate road to success?... [Thomas G. Del Beccaro] 12/14//05 [more]
ing Around Proposition 13
They're back!... [by Jon Coupal] 12/13/05 [more]

Through A Glass Darkly

What happened to ideas and persuasion?... [Ray Haynes] 12/12/05
Let Me Count The NAMES!
Stanley Tookie Williams and media hype... [by Patrick Hurley] 12/12/05 [more]

12/5 - 12/9

Oh Say Can UC?
Investigating the UC bosses…
[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 12/9/05 [more]
Bush on the Border
A token gesture... [J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 12/8/05 [more]
Saving The Snowy Plover
What about environmental protection for Marines?...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 12/7/05 [more]
the Yellow Pages If You Want the Job Done Right
The private sector is more efficient…[by Jon Coupal] 12/6/05 [more]
The Canary Is On Life Support
Distress in the Schwarzenegger Administration... [Ray Haynes] 12/5/05 [more]

11/28 - 12/4

A Huge Opportunity To Send A Message Tuesday
Gilchrist will shake up the GOP... [Allan Bartlett] 12/4/05 [more]
Tuesday Is A Vote For Leadership
A loud, clamoring Minuteman challenges John Campbell in Orange County…
[by Shawn Black] 12/5/05 [more]
Arnold's New Dance Partner
Arnold's Chief of Staff nomination and the direction of the state's GOP... [Eric Hogue] 12/2/05 [more]
Who's Exploiting Mexican Immigrants?
The liberal immigration agenda... [Jm Kouri] 12/1/05 [more]
The Eternal Airport Search
Study, study and more study… [J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 11/30/05 [more]
Massive Bond Threatens State's Financial Future
Now it’s about real money… [by Jon Coupal] 11/29/05 [more]
The Rosey Scenario
Beware the budget surplus…
[by Ray Haynes] 11/28/05 [more]

11/22 - 11/24

The Most American Holiday of All [Carol Platt Liebau] 11/24/05 [more]
Government Must Make Every Penny Count
The ongoing, voter-approved deficit... [by Jon Coupal and Tom Schatz] 11/23/05 [more]

Stay The Course

Speech to the Los Angeles Republican Party... [Tom McClintock] 11/23/05 [more] 
Education’s Newest Outrage
And the educrats’ failures continue… [by Ray Haynes] 11/22/05 [more] 

11/14 - 11/18

Court Ruling Updates Grand Theft Education
Waste & fraud...
[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 11/18/05... [more] 
Saving People From Themselves
Nanny state by the bay...
[Thomas Lifson] 11/17/05... [more]

Who Shall Be Master?

Union bosses and tax and spenders win…

[by Jon Coupal] 11/16/05 ... [more]

The Fourth Annual Nosey Awards

The stupid exercise of power in the California Legislature…
[by Ray Haynes] 11/15/05 [more]

Tuesday's Defeat

The Senator's thoughts on the special election...
[Tom McClintock] 11/14/05 [more] 

11/7 - 11/11

A Heritage of Heroes
Honoring the sacrifices of California’s Veterans...
[by Shawn Black] 11/11/05 [more] 

A Post Mortem from the Grassroots
The California Special Election... [Kevin D. Korenthal] 11/11/05[more] 
Why The Reform Bid Stumbled
...and leadership for tomorrow... [Thomas G. Del Beccaro] 11/11//05 [more]
California’s Fidel
Dellums for mayor of Oakland… [Doug Gamble] 11/10/05 [more]

Dear Governor
You can't win without conservatives...
[Hugh Hewitt] 11/10/05 [more] 
California Supreme Court Gives Taxpayers Hope
The People's propositions vs. judicial activism...
[by Jon Coupal] 11/9/05 [more]
The Unarmed Gladiator
It's not all perfect, but get behind the Governor...
[by Ray Haynes] 11/8/05 [more] 
A Latino Perspective
Props. 74-77 Offer Personal Empowerment...
[Martha Montelongo] 11/8/05 [more] 
Head-to-Head Drug Trials at Ballot Box
Prop 78 vs. Prop 79...
[John R. Graham] 11/7/05 [more] 

10/31 - 11/4

Prop. 77's Immigration Angle
Illegal immigrants distort the value of voters in districts where they live..
[Ken Masugi] 11/4/05 [more]
How Proposition 76 Protects Education Funding
False claims from the opponents... [by Anthony P. Archie] 11/3/05 [more] 
Report From D.C.
For Californians there are some good things happening in Washington ...
[John Campbell] 11/3/05.[more]
The Simple Truth About Government Revenue
Post-Prop. 13... [by Jon Coupal] 11/2/05 [more]
California Redistricting Reform Money Race
$23 million of support and opposition… [Chuck DeVore] 11/1/05 [more]
Living In A Chemically Induced Dream
"Three Strikes" has worked... [by Ray Haynes] 10/31/05 [more] 

10/24 - 10/28

The Propositions
Recomendations for the California conservative…[Thomas G. Del Beccaro] 10/28//05 [more]
Breaking the Rules for Their Paymasters
Prop 75...
[Lance T. Izumi and Xiaochin Claire Yan] 10/27/05 [more]
Smoke-Free Buildings as Poison Incubators
There are two kinds of states - Those that are like California and those that are like it and don't know it yet.
[Wayne Lusvardi] 10/26/05 [more]
Leading Where Members Want To Go
Prop. 75: public employee unions...
[by Jon Coupal] 10/25/05 [more]
A Pertinent Question
Something’s seriously wrong with government employee unions…
[by Ray Haynes] 10/24/05 [more


Eerie Quiet
Silence in Sacramento... [John Campbell] 10/21/05 [more] 
Why Everybody's Paycheck Needs Protection
Prop 75… [by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 10/20/05 [more]
Prop 80 and T.U.R.N.'s "Enron" Cliche
Who is behind the cliche "No More Enrons?" [Wayne Lusvardi] 1020/05 [more] 
Sifting Through the Proposition Propaganda
Tune out the special interests… [J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 10/19/05 [more] 
With Arnold, Let's Not Forget the Little Things
Get the out for vote for the propositions... [by Jon Coupal] 10/18/05 [more] 
Shift of Power
Breaking the grip of special interests… [by Ray Haynes] 10/17/05 [more]

10/10/05 - 10/14/05

San Francisco’s Gun Ban Initiative
Bad Law Hurts Good People... [Michael Nevin Jr.] 10/14/05
Governor's Veto Will Help Education Reform
But Much Work Remains… [by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 10/13/05 [more]
The Favor Bank
Access and payback... [by Jon Coupal] 10/12/05 [more]
Signatures And Vetoes
Redskins, tolerance and legislating lunch... [John Campbell] 10/11/05 [more]
Intelligent Design?
The closed minds of California’s education establishment… [by Ray Haynes] 10/10/05 [more]

10/3/05 - 10/7/05

Schwarzenegger's Back
Taking the unions on in an all-out war for the special election... [Shawn Steel] 10/7/05... [more]
O.C.'s First Blogged Election
Online pundits mature as players in the campaign to replace Rep. Cox
[Jubal] 10/6/05 [more]
Taxpayers to Provide More Corporate Welfare?
Special favors... [by Jon Coupal] 10/5/05 [more]
Prop. 22 is a Weak Argument in Bolstering Marriage
A Lincolnian approach... [Chuck DeVore] 10/4/05 [more]
Why The Legislature Is A Mess
Desperately hanging on to power... [by Ray Haynes] 10/3/05 [more]
John Campbell - Conviction Over Concept
A voter's reasons to back John Campbell for Chris Cox's seat... [by Shawn Black] 10/3/05 [more]


9/26/05 - 9/30/05

The Spirit of Proposition 76
Spend within our means...
[by Anthony P. Archie] 9/30/05[more]
The Governor, Union Bosses, Bad Law
Ramping up to the election…
[John Campbell] 9/29/05 [more]
Governor Schwarzenegger Calls the Troops to Battle
And Brings His Own Ammo... [Chuck DeVore] 9/28/05 [more]
Crunch Time For California
The stretch to the polling booth... [by Jon Coupal] 9/27/05 [more]
Reform Is Necessary
The Governor's ideas make sense…[by Ray Haynes] 9/19/05 [more]

9/19/05 - 9/23/05

Bin There, Done That
The costs of recycling…[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 9/23/05 [more]
Conservative Cops Turn Against Governor
Schwarzenegger and Prop 75... [Jm Kouri] 9/22/05 [more]
Teaching without Tenure
CTA protecting incompetence... [Lance T. Izumi] 9/21/05 [more]
LAUSD and Wile E. Coyote

Audit for accountability…[by Jon Coupal] 9/20/05 [more]
Crime And Punishment

Child pornography okay for liberal legislators… [by Ray Haynes] 9/19/05 | [more]

9/12/05 - 9/16/05

The Don King Of Cock Fighting?
O.C.'s Nativo Lopez… [Jubal] 9/19/05 | [more]
Let`s Just Rule That Everything Is Unconstitutional
And Call It A Day... [Bill Morrow] 9/16/05 | [more]
Cramming In More Bad Law
Sacarmento liberals trying to squeeze it all in…
[John Campbell] 9/16/05 | [more]
Accountability shouldn't change…
[Xiaochin Claire Yan] 9/15/05 | [more]
AB 632: Sex Offenders
An open letter to Governor Schwarzenegger... [by Todd Spitzer] 9/14/05 | [more]
Katrina, and the Opportunists

Californians, beware of the state's bureaucratic scam artists... [by Jon Coupal] 9/13/05 . [more]
Of Cabbages and Kings and Kooks
California's liberals legislating…[by Ray Haynes] 9/12/05 | [more]


8/15/05 - 8/19/05

Burn Cash to Burn the Governor
Meritless lawsuit will take money from schools to give to lawyers
... [Alan Bonsteel, M.D] 8/19/05 | [more] 
Nursing Student Dissects Admissions
The system doesn't work..
[Lance T. Izumi] 8/17/05 | [more] 
Could This Be Antonio's Finest Hour?
The Mayor and DWP union... [by Jon Coupal] 8/17/05 | [more] 
Could This Be Antonio's Finest Hour?
The Mayor and DWP union... [by Jon Coupal] 8/17/05 | [more] 
Confrontation in Carlsbad

Illegal immigration out of control…
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 8/16/05 |
The Russians Are Coming
California socialism… [by Ray Haynes] 8/15/05

8/8/05 - 8/12/05

Four Weeks
Warning, the Legislature's on the way back to Sacramento.. [John Campbell] 8/12/05 | [more]
Big Brother Just Got Bigger in California
The law of the coast… [Steven Hayward] 8/11/05 | [more] 
When Will the Unions Ever Learn?
Donate to Villaraigosa's the campaigner, extort from Villaraigosa the mayor…
[by Christine E. Hauser] 8/11/05 | [more] 
A Material Breach of Contract

Misusing school bonds... [by Jon Coupal] 8/10/05 | [more] 
Davis Deals Still Haunt the State’s Taxpayers

Schwarzenegger administration offering no relief… [by Christine E. Hauser] 8/9/05 | [more] 
When Will The California Bureaucracy Learn?

Another “more government” health care solution… [by Ray Haynes] 8/8/05 | [more] 

8/1/05 - 8/5/05

Eminent Despotism
Kelo decision... [Tom McClintock] 8/5/05 | [more] 
California’s Budget Shell Game
Prop 76 limits tax and spenders..
by Anthony P. Archie] 8/4/05 | [more] 
LAUSD's New Bond Proposal: What Should Voters Do?
Voting to get fleeced... [by Jon Coupal] 8/3/05 | [more] 
A Tough Act To Follow
Janice Rogers Brown's appointment to a federal court is California's loss......
[Harold Johnson] 8/2/05 | [more]
Shelving the California Border Police
Enforcing The Law Is The Right Thing To Do… [by Ray Haynes] 8/1/05 | [more] 

6/27/05 - 7/1/05

The Windfall
A Curse or a Blessing?... [Jon Coupal] 7/1/05 | [more] 
To Save the Earth, Plant a Tree
Arnold says “the debate is over…” [Sally C. Pipes] 6/30/05 | [more] 
Concerned About The Culture?

The Legislature's liberal Democrats are destroying the state... [Tim Leslie] 6/29/05 | [more] 
Missing The Target On Crime - Again
The Legislature that couldn’t shoot straight… [Ray Haynes] 6/28/05 | [more] 
“No” On The Budget
The liberal budget would make things worse…[Bill Morrow] 6/28/05 | [more]
A Gray Davis Kind of Budget
Democrats act as if spending $5 billion more than you take in is responsible [Tom McClintock] 6/27/05 | [more]
Let’s “Put the Kids First”
On Behalf of Some (Very) Modest Education Reforms...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 6/27/05 | [more]
O.C.'s Pension Time Bomb isTicking

The San Diego analogy is not precise, but it's close enough...
[John Moorlach] 6/27/05 | [more]

4/13/05 - 4/15/05

Prop. 13 -- A One-Edged Sword
Saving taxpayers from government money grabs...
[Jon Coupal] 4/15/05 [more] 
Employee Consent Initiative
Supporting Paycheck Protection...
[Craig DeLuz] 4/15/05 [more]
It’s Still A Mess
California’s educational system is an ongoing failure…
[Ray Haynes] 4/14/05 [more] 
David vs. Goliath
California's Treasurer/Governor wannabe vs.Schwarzenegger…
[Doug Gamble] 4/13/05 [more] 

4/4/05 - 4/6/05

Sex, Lies, and Sociology
PC double standards… [Sally C. Pipes] 4/6/05 [more]
Workplace Flex…
Californians Deserve the Same Work Flexibility That Lawmakers Enjoy…
[Van Tran] 4/6/05 [more] 
Growth Happens

Despite government bureaucrats… [Ray Haynes] 4/5/05 | [more] 
Pro-Tax Group Changes Name, Not Goals
Hi-tech capitalists who haven’t learned the lesson of overtaxation...
[Jon Coupal] 4/4/05 | [more] 

3/28/05 - 4/1/05

Capitalism Works
California needs performance pay for teachers. ...
[John Campbell] 4/1/05 |
I Know! Let’s Create A New Government Program…
We need more bureaucracy…

[Chuck DeVore] 4/1/05 | [more]
The Black and Hispanic Graduation Problem
Misleading state education data...
[Lance T. Izumi] 3/31/05 | [more]
Berkeley’s Loony Left
Purging dead Presidents…
[Doug Gamble] 3/30/05 | [more] 
They Really Are Here Illegally
Like we didn't already know...
[Ray Haynes] 3/29/05 [more]
California's Assisted Suicide Bill
More bad progressive legislation...
[John Campbell] 3/28/05 | [more] 

3/21/05 - 3/25/05

State Grants Lack Accountability
Sacramento under the radar pork…

[Jon Coupal] 3/25/05 |[more] 
A New Tax on Bicycles?
Sacramento disconnected from reality…
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 3/24/05. | [more] 
Teacher's Union vs. The Governor
Building a war chest to battle the administration..
[John Campbell] 3/23/05 | [more] 
Schiavo Husband Lashes Out
Rep. Delay Is A 'Little Slithering Snake'...
[Joe Armendariz] 3/23/05 | [more] 
Judges Gone Wild
The deteriorating liberal judiciary…
[Ray Haynes] 3/22/05 | [more] 
Death, Disability, and Deception
California's Attorney General's sidesteps the truth...
[Anthony P. Archie] 3/21/05 |[more]
Toilet Paper Tax, Pensions And Education
More liberal lunacies...
[John Campbell] 3/21/05 | [more]

3/14/05 - 3/18/05

Dumbed Down Dems Get Dumber
The power struggle over California's broken education system...
[Patrick Mallon]
3/18/05 | [more]
All LAUSD Scandals Seem Like Old News
Experts in dreadful management…

[Jon Coupal] 3/17/05 |
Hijacking Marriage
Gay lobby forcing societal acceptance...
[Kevin D. Korenthal]
3/17/05 | [more] 
Welcome Vermont!
Los Angeles Times
On Same-Sex Marriage
[Ken Masugi] 3/16/05 | [more] 
President Schwarzenegger?
So, he never thought of the possiblity…
[Doug Gamble] 3/16/05 | [more] 
A Parliament Of Fools
California’s broken and dysfunctional Legislature…
[Ray Haynes] 3/15/05 | [more] 
The CTA Goes Radioactive
The unrelenting campaign to clinch unchecked spending…

[Xiaochin Claire Yan] 3/14/05 | [more] 
Much Ado About Nothing
Squawking Sacramento liberals...
[John Campbell] 3/14/05 | [more] 

3/7/05 - 3/11/05

Legislature's Balks At Federal Tax Code
Expensive complications just for California taxpayers...
[John Campbell] 3/11/05 | [more] 
The Governor’s Initiatives
Voters have the opportunity to sidestep the liberal Legislature...
[Tony Strickland & Shawn Steel] 3/10/05 | [more] 
Six Fallacies About Government Pensions
Labor bosses reached too far…

[Jon Coupal and Richard Rider] 3/8/05 | [more] 
Let’s Kill All The Old People
Liberal Sacramento’s suicide solution…
[Ray Haynes] 3/8/05 | [more] 
Accountable Politicians
Fair redistricting is necessary...
[John Campbell] 3/8/05 | [more]
Correcting Corrections
Paying a lot for a little...
[John Campbell] 3/7/05 | [more]
The More Things Change...
Once Again, the “Elites” Look Abroad

[Carol Platt Liebau] 3/7/05 | [more]
Is Your Home Really Yours?
Eminent domain - the government's trump card…

[Jon Coupal] 3/7/05 | [more] 

2/21/05 - 2/25/05

How Important Are Education Funding Comparisons?
Selective statistics…
[Lance T. Izumi] 2/25/05 | [more]

She's Worth Going Nuclear Over
California State Justice Brown would be a champion of freedom on the federal bench...
[Harold Johnson] 2/24/05 | [more]
California’s Taxing Pension System
Unstable and underperforming...
[Anthony P. Archie] 2/23/05 | [more]
Spending Havoc
Voracious state agencies do less with much more
[Tom McClintock] 2/23/05 | [more]
Give Me Your Old, Your Poor...
...and your really sick...
[Ray Haynes] 2/22/05 | [more]
Good Money After Bad
The truth is coming out…
[Jon Coupal and Tim Bittle] 2/21/05 | [more] 

2/14/05 - 2/18/05

California School Stages Gay "Marriages"
The progressive educational agenda marches on...
[Patrick Mallon]
2/18/05 | [more] 
w Do We Assure Parental Notification Rights In California?
First we need to understand the issue...
[Kevin D. Korenthal]
2/18/05 | [more] 
Getting The Facts Straight
State’s health care meddling is hurting people...

[Ray Haynes] 2/17/05 | [more] 
Jackson Zoo
Of course the cable coverage of Michael’s trial will be restrained…

[Doug Gamble] 2/16/05 | [more] 
Big Five, Big Mistake
Power play trumps state's constitution...

[Tom McClintock] 2/15/05 | [more] 
Initiatives At Home And Abroad
Challenging the status quo…
[Tony Strickland & Shawn Steel] 2/14/05 | [more]
A Budget Deadline?
Oh, they'll get around to it...
[John Campbell] 2/14/05 [more] 

2/7/05 - 2/11/05

Goodbye to "terrorist tech"... [K. Lloyd Billingsley] 2/11/05 | [more] 
Six Fallacies About Government Pensions
The truth is coming out… [Jon Coupal and Richard Rider] 2/11/05 | [more] 
Solution To Public Pension Woes?
Look To The Private Sector…
[Keith Richman] 2/10/05 | [more] 
Public Pension Reforms Are a Must in 2005
The Legislature must act... [Larry McCarthy] 2/10/05 | [more] 
Good Intentions And The Roads They Make
Maybe we need another study…[Ray Haynes] 2/9/05 | [more]
A Glossary For California Progressives
'Bipartisanship,' 'spending cuts,' 'close tax loopholes'... [John Campbell] 2/9/05 | [more]
What Happened to Kevin Shelley?
A falling liberal star... [Patrick Mallon] 2/8/05 | [more] 
The Girlie Men Tour
Dems trashing the budget plan in front of school kids... [Noel Sheppard] 2/8/05 | [more]
Guest Worker Program - Yes!
It's the right idea...[Eric Hogue] 2/7/05 | [more]
Number One!
Not exactly the pauper budget liberal's bemoan...
[John Campbell] 2/7/05 | [more]

1/31/05 - 2/4/05

Clueless in L.A.
L.A. Officials Ignoramuses On Finances… [Jon Coupal] 2/4/05 | [more] 
Is Judicial Budgeting in California’s Education Future?
Undermining the will of the people...

[Lance T. Izumi] 2/3/05 | [more] 
Democrats’ Weapon Of Mouth Destruction
California’s fringe senator…
[Doug Gamble] 2/2/04 | [more] 
A Titanic Bureaucrat
State’s education head and the ill-fated captain...
[Ray Haynes] 2/2/05 | [more] 
The Good Ole Days
The budget didn't used to be in such a mess...

[John Campbell] 2/1/05 | [more]
ACLU's Anti-Scouting Witch Hunt
Accept political-correctness or else...
[Harold Johnson] 1/31/05 |[more]
Just Ignorant, or Downright Destructive?
Those Who Downplay Iraq’s Election Hinder Freedom’s Triumph...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 1/31/05 | [more] 

1/24/05 - 1/28/05

Same as the Old Boss
State's education head plunges headlong into mediocrity...

[Xiaochin Yan] 1/28/05 | [more]
Proposition 13 Has Saved Local Government
Stabilizing revenue…
[Jon Coupal] 1/27/05 | [more] 
Best Nanny in a Supporting Role
Hollywood wants drivers licenses for illegal aliens...
[Patrick Mallon]
1/26/05 | [more] 
Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth
Budget reality strikes…
[Ray Haynes] 1/25/05 | [more] 
We Don’t Have A Revenue Problem
It's the spending...
[Anthony P. Archie] 1/24/05 |

1/17/05 - 1/21/05

California's Protected Class
Public service unions…
[Jon Coupal] 1/21/05 | [more] 
They Protest Too Much
The howling is deafening…
[Ray Haynes] 1/20/05 | [more] 
Living in a high risk paradise
[Doug Gamble] 1/19/05 | [more] 

State Credit Card Torn Up -- Finally
An end to illegal bonds?...
[Harold Johnson] 1/19/05 | [more] 
A Budget With No New Taxes
The Governor keeps his promise...

[John Campbell] 1/18/05 | [more]
Disable Pension Fraud
Enable a Defined-Contribution System...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 1/17/05 |
California’s Biggest Embarassment
Another Six Long Years with Barbara Boxer...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 1/17/05 | [more]

1/10/05 - 1/14/05

A First and Long Overdue Step
Arnold’s budget…
[Chuck DeVore] 1/14/05 | [more]
The San Francisco or Sam Colt Solution
Crime and Guns...
[Michael Nevin Jr.] 1/13/05 | [more]
The Moment of Truth
An honest budget?…
[Jon Coupal] 1/12/04 | [more]
Arnold: The "Elephant" is Immigration
The root of California's education problem...
[Patrick Mallon]
1/11/05 | [more]
Throwing Down the Gauntlet
Dems off to a bad start…
[Ray Haynes] 1/10/05 | [more]
Feminism’s Rotten Fruit
When Gender Becomes Nothing But An Excuse...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 1/10/05 | [more]

1/3/05 - 1/7/05

Arnold Drops a Nuke on Teacher Unions
Radical reforms for education...

[Lance T. Izumi] 1/7/05 | [more]
State Of The State Address
The Governor's Wednesday night address...
[Arnold Schwarzenegger] 1/6/05 |
California Justice
Geragos is the loser…
[Doug Gamble] 1/5/05 | [more]
Republicans Baffled by Pussycat Arnold
Where are the Governor's true loyalties?..
[Patrick Mallon]
1/4/05 | [more]
Los Angeles Dog Trainer 2004 - Part Two
An annual review of the year's not-so-best of the Los Angeles Times...
[Patterico] 1/3/05 | [more] 
Los Angeles Dog Trainer 2004 - Part One
An annual review of the year's not-so-best of the Los Angeles Times...
[Patterico] 1/3/05
| [more] 

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