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12/28/04 - 12/31/04

Los Angeles Dog Trainer 2004 - Part Two
An annual review of the year's not-so-best of the Los Angeles Times...
[Patterico] 12/31/04 | [more] 
Los Angeles Dog Trainer 2004 - Part One
An annual review of the year's not-so-best of the Los Angeles Times...
[Patterico] 12/31/04
| [more] 
A Year of Progress
The Governor's take on '04...
[Arnold Schwarzenegger] 12/30/04 |
Nation Would Raise Local Taxes
Liberals in the Assembly try a new grab…
[Jon Coupal] 12/29/04 | [more]
A Week Under the Dome...
Golden Fleece, Econ 101 and Household Survey Divergence..

[Bill Leonard] 12/28/04 | [more]

12/20/04 - 12/24/04

The Song Remains The Same
From Assemblyman to Senator, but...
[John Campbell] 12/24/04 | [more]
Local Taxes?
More tax gambits… [Jon Coupal] 12/23/04 | [more]
More Government Deception
Bureaucracy breeds bureaucracy…
[Ray Haynes] 12/22/04 | [more]
The Whole Title IX Yards
Reform the remedy...

[Xiaochin Yan] 12/21/04 | [more]
Pension Intervention
CalPERS eats the budget...
[Anthony P. Archie] 12/20/04 | [more]

12/13/04 - 12/17/04

Who's After Perata's Job?
FBI interested in Sacramento's Senate leader...
[Patrick Mallon]
12/17/04 | [more]
Cut This: Irresponsibility
If spending were tied to population and inflation California would be in the black...

[John Campbell] 12/16/04 | [more]
County Revenues: The Myth v. the Reality
Counties overspending taxpayers' money...
[Jon Coupal and Steve Frates] 12/15/04 | [more]
The Wisdom of Growth
What Can California Learn from Oregon...
[J. David Breemer] 12/14/04 | [more]
Still Not Safe in California
Protecting the borders?...

[Xiaochin Yan] 12/13/04 |
The “Crimson” Letter
Harvard Law School’s Badge of Shame...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 12/13/04 | [more]

12/6/04 - 12/10/04

Public Fed Up With Government Waste
Enough with the pork...
[Jon Coupal and Tom Schatz] 12/10/04 | [more]
The Trojan Horses of Sacramento
Sacramento Dems and the status quo..
[Patrick Mallon]
12/9/04 [more]
Arnold Rules, California GOP Stalls
Is the state GOP any better off?...
[Doug Gamble] 12/8/04 |
Shakedown Lawsuits Live On
Despite Prop 64…
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 12/7/04 |
They Are Wrong - Again
Liberal ideology drives the Legislature's analysts

[Ray Haynes] 12/6/04 |

11/29/04 - 12/3/04

Mexico’s Fox Goes After Cop Killers?
A tragic double standard... [Patrick Mallon] 12/3/04 [more]
Nice Work If You Can Get It
Freeloading's over... [Jon Coupal] 12/2/04[more]
The Heavy Hand of Redevelopment
Blighted?... M. David Stirling] 12/1/04 [more]
A Week Under the Dome...
Economic freedom, CPR, flat tax...
[Bill Leonard] 11/30/04 [more]
Hi-Tech Business Leaders' Hypocrisy
Stand on two-thirds tax vote is revealing... [Jon Coupal] 11/29/04 [more]

11/22/04 - 11/26/04

The Most American Holiday of All [Carol Platt Liebau] 11/25/04  [more]
Liberating Baghdad-By-The-Bay
The failure of San Francisco's compassionate liberalism... [M.T. Janke] [more]
Thank You, Bill Jones
Exceeding my expectations
[Jubal] 11/24/04 [more]
Taxing and Tracking Us For Nothing?
Like this liberal tax scheme's gonna to work
[Ray Haynes] 11/23/04 [more]
Of Dubious “Values”
A Party that Stands for Anything Stands for Nothing...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 11/22/04 [more]
Remember The Budget?
Reality is on its way…[State Senator-Elect John Campbell] 11/22/04 | [more]

11/15/04 - 11/19/04

A Gerrymandered Election
Voters Will Be Stifled ... [Jon Coupal] 11/19/04 | [more]
An Irrelevant Penalty
Scott Peterson needn’t fear the death sentence...
[Lance T. Izumi] 11/18/04 | [more]
A Week Under the Dome...
Values, economics, taxes and generosity...
[Bill Leonard] 11/17/04 | [more]
Hug A Miner Today
Everyday life under attack from environmentalists
[Ray Haynes] 11/16/04 | [more]
California's Liberal Dictatorship
The demise of Gray Davis... [Patrick Mallon] 11/16/04 | [more]
The More, the Merrier
What Arlen Specter Can Teach the California GOP...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 11/15/04 | [more]
Observations on the Election 2
State Senator-elect John Campbell… [John Campbell] 11/15/04 | [more] 
A Week Under the Dome...
Tom Campbell, CPR and Education...
[Bill Leonard] 11/15/04 | [more]

11/8/04 - 11/12/04

What Taxpayers Want
Politician promises... [Jon Coupal] 11/12/04 | [more] 
A Statewide Cal-PASS?
Problems and solutions in California's higher education... [Lance T. Izumi] 11/12/04 | [more] 
Not Just Bush Scored A Victory On Nov. 2
Schwarzenegger, businesses and parties walked away winners... [Shawn Steel] 11/11/04 | [more]
The Most Promised Land Of All
After 25 years living in the Golden State, it's obvious there's nowhere better... [Doug Gamble] 11/10/04 | [more]

California - The Backwater State

Government from the '60's
[Ray Haynes] 11/9/04 | [more]
Why the Democrats Lost  
Or, the corrosive power of hate...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 11/8/04 | [more]

11/1/04 - 11/5/04

The Center Has Held
Liberal elites don’t understand the real stakes…[Bruce S. Thornton] 11/5/04 | [more]
A Battlefield Hurrah
A solider’s president is reelected…
[Gordon Cucullu] 11/5/04 | [more]
The Bush Landside That Wasn't
Culture matters...[Cliff Kincaid] 11/5/04 | [more]
America Spoke—Who Will Listen?
The people choose and the hard work continues...
[Michael Nevin Jr.] 10/05/04 | [more]
Who Voted?
Post-election Analysis[Sharon Hughes] 11/5/04 | [more]
Observations on the Election
Senator-elect John Campbell…[John Campbell] 11/5/04 | [more]

Reagan Is Smiling
Optimism wins...[Laura Ingraham] 11/4/04 | [more] 
First Time Tragedy
Second time farce...[Hugh Hewitt] 11/4/04 | [more]

Against Prop 62
Who gets the credit?..[Shawn Steel] 11/4/04 | [more]
Transition of Power
Democracy is precious...[Gordon Cucullu] 11/3/04 | [more]
Message For Republicans
So, why aren't we winning?...[Tom Adkins] 11/3/04 | [more] 
Living With the Electoral College System
What did the Founders know?...[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 11/3/04 | [more]
Has America Learned from 9/11?
Will we have what it will take?…[Daniel Pipes] 11/3/04 | [more]
A Spy in the Ointment
Do the Koreans have a 527?...[Gordon Cucullu] 11/2/04 | [more]
Lou Dobbs and His Buddy George Soros
Financing defeat...[Cliff Kincaid] 11/2/04 | [more]
Embryonic Stem Cell Research And Human Dignity
Complex science, simple ethics...
[Archibishop Charles J. Chaput] 11/2/04 | [more]
Health Care Prop. Is Bad Medicine
Prop 72... [Adam B. Summers] 11/2/04 | [more]
Centrist Republicans Running In San Francisco
Fight Pelosi and Migden, Elect DePalma and Felder…[Adam Balling] 11/2/04 |[more] 
Follow the Money
Government for the government
[Ray Haynes] 11/2/04 | [more]
Favorite State Crises
Something to look forward to after the election…
[John Campbell] 11/2/04 | [more]

10/25/04 - 10/30/04

McClintock on the Propositions
What the Senator thinks...
[Tom McClintock] 10/30//04 |[more]
Vote No on 62
Or the Party's Over...
[Shawn Steel] 10/30/04 | [more]
Wal-Mart and Proposition 72
A Bogus Assault...
[Gary M. Galles] 10/30/04 | [more]
No on Prop. 61
We're already swimming in debt...
[Jon Coupal] 10/30/04 | [more]
The Unholy Trinity of Special Interest Tax Increases
Propositions 63, 67, 72...
[Jon Coupal] 10/30/04 | [more]
Legal Reform Will Benefit Businesses, Consumers and Taxpayers
Yes on Prop 64...
[Jon Coupal] 10/30/04 | [more]
9/10 vs. 9/12 on 11/2
Clear choices…
[Daniel Pipes] 10/29/04 | [more]
Faith and Patriotism
Words are cheap...
[Archibishop Charles J. Chaput] 10/29/04 | [more
It’s Still the Economy
Poll the pocketbook...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 10/29/04 | [more]
The Big Choice
It's education...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 10/29/04 | [more]
It’s the Security, Mom (and Dad)
A clear choice...
[Gordon Cucullu] 10/28/04 | [more]
Moment of Decision
The President's pulling away...
[Hugh Hewitt] 10/28/04 | [more]
Defeat Job-Killing Ballot Propositions
No on 63, 67, and 72...

[Lawrence J. McQuillan and Anthony P. Archie] 10/28/04 | [more]
Why This Libertarian Is Voting to Re-elect George W. Bush

Choosing the more libertarian...

[J. Neil Schulman] 10/28/04 | [more]
Judge Judges
Judicial activism and Federalist 78...

[Gary M. Galles] 10/28/04 | [more
Party of Arnold
Snuffing out the state’s conservatism...

Save Those Matches
The Democrat draft...
[Gordon Cucullu] 10/27/04 | [more]
Bush Dared To Be Different
The President and the Mideast…
[Daniel Pipes] 10/27/04 | [more]
Party Time for Public Opinion
James Fenimore Cooper on partisanship...
[Gary M. Galles] 10/27/04 |[more]
No Belle Prize, Continued
Politics of the elite...
[Sally C. Pipes] 10/27/04 | [more]
Religious Strife in America
Enraged liberalism...
[Thomas Lifson] 10/26/04 [more]
Their True Colors
John and Teresa at it again...

[Chris Field] 10/26/04 [more]
Liberal IQ vs. Conservative Commonsense
Liberals are smarter than the rest of us…
[Chuck DeVore] 10/26/04 [more]
Kerry's Dishonorable Discharge...
He is still accountable…

[Mark Alexander] 10/26/04 | [more]
Exposing and Opposing George Soros
Hiding behind the media…
[Cliff Kincaid] 10/26/04 | [more]
Political Myths
Government by emotion…
[Ray Haynes] 10/26/04 | [more]
Judge ‘Em By the Company They Keep
And Then Vote for Bush...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 10/25/04 [more]
Chilling Effect
Stopping at nothing...
[Thomas Lifson] 10/25/04 [more]
Deconstructing Kerry's Case: Part Two
Do the challenger's charges hold up?…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 10/25/04 [more]
Election Fraud
All too easy...
[John Campbell] 10/25/04 [more]

10/18/04 - 10/22/04

The Stress Test
An imperious first family?...
[Thomas Lifson] 10/22/04 | [more]
Things I Hate About Each Presidential Candidate
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 10/22/04 [more]
Heinz Kerry's "Real Job"
Media provides safe harbor for the would-be First Lady…
[Cliff Kincaid] 10/22/04 [more]
The Tax Ratchet Effect
Taxes never seem to go away...
[Jon Coupal] 10/22/04 [more]
Where Have All the Clintons Gone?
Noticeably scarce...
[Gordon Cucullu] 10/21/04 | [more]
Bush is Looking Good!
The President's pulling away...
[Hugh Hewitt] 10/21/04 | [more]
Tear-down Politics
Going negative...
[Gary M. Galles] 10/21/04 [more]
History Is On Our Side
From the Cold War to the War on Terror

[Donald H. Rumsfeld] 10/20/04 | [more]
What's a Voter To Do?
A frankly partisan take on the California propositions...
[John Campbell] 10/20/04 | [more]
Taxes Should Be Fair and Predictable
California's Prop. 70 and tribal gaming...
[Jon Coupal] 10/20/04 | [more]
Seeking Liberty in the Election
Frederic Bastiat on Government...
[Gary M. Galles] 10/20/04 | [more]
The O'Reilly Mess
How will the commentator spin himself out?…
[Cliff Kincaid] 10/19/04 | [more]
Iwo, CNN-style
The bloody battle for Iwo Jima, if covered by media today...

[Zell Miller] 10/19/04 | [more]
The 2004 Nosey Awards
Government running our lives…
[Ray Haynes] 10/19/04 | [more]
Where Have You Gone, Mrs. Miniver?
When Puppets Must Explain the War On Terror...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 10/18/04 | [more]
Eloquence, Debates, and the Election
The contest is not for president of the debate club...
[Thomas Lifson] 10/18/04 | [more]
Fair Game?
Do the Democrats really play want to play by the same rules?...

[Chris Field] 10/18/04 | [more]
Some Other Consequences of the Iranian Bomb
More reasons the world should be worried...

[Roger Howard] 10/18/04 | [more]

10/11/04 - 10/15/04

Deconstructing Kerry's Case: Part One
Do the challenger's charges hold up?…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 10/15/04 | [more]
The Liberal Censors
Wanting to hide the candidate's past…
[Cliff Kincaid] 10/15/04 | [more]
The Truth About Tomorrow
Everything is different...

[Charles Kopp] 10/15/04 | [more]
Newsom “K”-Os Governor’s Plan
Governance by proposition..
[Anthony P. Archie] 10/15/04 | [more]
Who Speaks for the Dead?
Hatred for the brave...
[Gordon Cucullu] 10/14/04 |[more]
The 'Sands of Iwo Jima'
Does Kerry understand war?...
[Hugh Hewitt] 10/14/04 | [more]
Gray Davis & John Kerry
Empty at the core...
[John Campbell] 10/14/04 | [more]
What? Conservative Movies?
A cottage industry is gaining momentum...

[Doug Gamble] 10/13/04 | [more]
Sinclair vs. Sundance
The media take sides…
[Cliff Kincaid] 10/13/04 | [more]
Hating America's Success
Resenting our accomplishments…
[Daniel Pipes] 10/13/04 | [more]
More "aid and comfort"...
Kerry will continue to undermine our security…

[Mark Alexander] 10/12/04 | [more]
Attack Of The Propositions!!!
More and more initiatives…
[Ray Haynes] 10/12/04 | [more]
An Assault on Freedom
Anti Wal-Martism continues..
[Paul J. Beard II] 10/12/04 | [more]
What the Franchise is Worth
It’s Time to Start Protecting the Integrity of the Vote...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 10/11/04 | [more]
The Odd Couple
Mr. & Mrs. Kerry...
[Thomas Lifson] 10/11/04 | [more]
The Secretary of State
California's ...
[John Campbell] 10/11/04 | [more]

10/4/04 - 10/8/04

Miracle In The Mountains
Elections Come to Afghanistan [Ralph Peters] 10/8/04 | [more]
Brainwashed. How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth by Ben Shapiro
[Bruce S. Thornton] 10/8/04 | [more]
Getting Out the Vote
Do the uninformed really need to go to the polls?...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 10/8/04 | [more]
Cheney Creamed Edwards
The pretender gets slapped down...[Hugh Hewitt] 10/7/04 |[more]
We Will Not Waver...
Consistency is a measure…
[Mark Alexander] 10/7/04 | [more]
Savoring the Joys of Political Handouts
Neo-Luddites try hard to smash modern machinery of progress... [Jon Coupal] 10/7/04 | [more]
Where This Angell Should Have Feared to Tread
Drug reimportation is a bad idea... [Sally C. Pipes and Benjamin Zycher] 10/7/04 | [more]
Promises, Promises
...but will Kerry be able to make a decision... [Gordon Cucullu] 10/6/04 | [more]
Missing in Action: A Female Candidate
A PC world onto itself... [Sally C. Pipes] 10/6/04 | [more]
What Kind of Airport Profiling?
How to identify beliefs… [Daniel Pipes] 10/6/04 | [more]
The Media, George Soros and Needle Park
Why does Big Media abet the international man of mystery?…[Cliff Kincaid] 10/5/04 | [more]
Clone and Kill
Good government is less government... [Ray Haynes] 10/5/04 | [more]

Outsourcing is Good for America

Protectionism stifles economic growth...[Sonia Arrison] 10/05/04 | [more]
My Bills
Life in Sacramento's minority party...[John Campbell] 10/5/04 | [more]
Finger on the Keyboard, Toe in the Water
Stepping Into a Brave New Medium...[Carol Platt Liebau] 10/4/04 |[more]
Obligatory Debate Notes
Annoyed early...
[Chris Field] 10/4/04 | [more]
Clinton’s Legacy of Multilingualism
Accomodating immigrants over reason....[M. David Stirling] 10/4/04 | [more]

9/27/04 - 10/1/04

Troop Redeployment – The China Connection
Beyond the dire predictions...
[Gordon Cucullu] 10/1/04 [more]
Tax Dollars Used Against Taxpayers
Paying to be punished...
[Jon Coupal] 10/1/04 | [more]

Inequality: Less Than Meets The Eye
Counting unreality...
[Gary M. Galles] 10/1/04 |
Why W?
George W. Bush—A Leader for Our Times...

[Michael Nevin Jr.] 9/30/04 |[more]
End Game

A tight race all around...
[Hugh Hewitt] 9/30/04 |
Nets v. Bush
Don’t Believe Everything You See on TV...

[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 9/30/04 |
The Debates: Kerry Will Go Down
Unlikeable and inauthentic, the senator will blow the debates...

[Doug Gamble] 9/29/04 | [more]
Flip-Flopper Bill O’Reilly
What’s happened?…
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/29/04 | [more]
Islam is What Its Followers Make of It
[Daniel Pipes] 9/29/04 |
The War, Mr. Kerry, and the UN
The candidate has a magic formula for rallying allies…
[Chuck DeVore] 9/27/04 | [more]
Liberty Is The Issue
Good government is less government...
[Ray Haynes] 9/28/04 |[more]
John Kerry, Useful Idiot...
An election with the Constitution at stake?…

[Mark Alexander] 9/28/04 | [more]
Federalist 17 Under Fire
Mr. Kerry wants more government... the Founders wanted less...
[Gary M. Galles] 9/28/04 | [more]
The Wolf Trap
Female Support for “W” Isn’t a “Trick”...

[Carol Platt Liebau] 9/27/04 | [more]
Excuse Me, Mr. Kerry?
I have a few questions...

[Chris Field] 9/27/04 | [more]
CBS News & Dan Rather
The government is in our lives..
[John Campbell] 9/27/04 | [more]
CBS Planning Another Anti-Bush Hit
Oops… bias showing…


CBS Planning Another Anti-Bush Hit
Oops… bias showing…
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/24/04 [more]
I Backed Clinton But Today I Stand With Bush
Democrat leaders have taken the party in the wrong, very wrong direcction...
[Zell Miller] 9/24/04 [more]
The Islamic States of America?
Erosion from within…
[Daniel Pipes] 9/24/04 [more]
Celebrating the Bill of Rights
Limiting government…
[Gary M. Galles] 9/24/04 [more]
Meta-meme: The forgery is John Kerry
John Kerry is the forgery...
[Hugh Hewitt] 9/23/04 [more]
Heads Should Roll At USA Today
CBS isn't by itself in agenda journalism...
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/23/04 [more]
Has the UN Outlived its Usefulness?
Rampant incompetence and deep set corruption...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 9/23/04 [more]
Democrats turn backs on South...
[Zell Miller] 9/23/04 [more]
Ethics and Spending Public Money
Abusing the system...
[Jon Coupal] 9/23/04 [more]
A Hole-in-One for Anti-Americanism
It's chic for the international elites to hate us...
[Laura Ingraham] 9/22/04 [more]
Mushroom Clouds on the Horizon
North Korea hopes for a Kerry victory...
[Gordon Cucullu] 9/22/04 [more]
CBS The Corrupt Broadcasting System
More than merely inept reporting...
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/22/04 [more]
Out of the Mainstream
The pretense of political extremism…
[Gary M. Galles] 9/22/04 [more]
Kerry: A War and Antiwar Primer
Questionable war record & questionable antiwar misrepresentations

[John Hinderaker, Scott Johnson & Edward Morrissey] 9/21/04 [more]
Oops, Government Does It Again
Guess one big reason health insurance costs so much...

[Ray Haynes] 9/21/04 [more]
Uncharted Desert Islands
The government is in our lives..
[John Campbell] 9/21/04 | [more]
The Story Behind the Story
A Word of Appreciation For Legislative Nonvoters
[Carol Platt Liebau] 9/20/04 [more]
A Tale of Two Coverages
Of course there's no liberal media bias...

[Chris Field] 9/20/04 [more]
Pete Coors Talks Sense On Guns
The candidate meets the press...

[Ari Armstrong] 9/20/04 [more]


Bloody Baghdad
The desperation of the Sunnis...
[Morgan Norval] 9/17/04[more]
Dan Rather's Last Stand
Stonewalling reality...
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/17/04[more]
Being a Superpower - Part II - The Troops
More troop strength...
[Gordon Cucullu] 9/17/04 [more]
When the Chips are Down
Compassionate Sacramento...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 9/17/04 [more]
Defining and Identifying the Enemy
The enemy has a face...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 9/16/04 [more]
Two Opposite Responses to Terrorism
Nepal and France...
[Daniel Pipes] 9/16/04 [more]
An American War Hero
Zell Miller tells the truth...
[David Horowitz]
9/16/04 [more]
Bad Bills, Strange Bills Crazy Bills
The song remains the same...
[John Campbell] 9/16/04 [more]
Paging Mr. Jones...
There’s a Republican running for Senator? Who knew?...

[Doug Gamble] 9/15/04 [more]
Who's Looking Out For You?
O'Reilly is giving the elite media a pass...
[Laura Ingraham] 9/15/04 [more]
CBS News Vs. The White House
The administration is not helping itself...
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/15/04 [more]
Telling It Like It Is
I will never trust John Kerry with my family's safety...

[Zell Miller] 9/14/04 [more]
The Duty Of The People
We're the government, we're here to help you with your taxes...
[Ray Haynes] 9/14/04 [more]
Double Standards for Women
A PC pass for liberal women in power...
[Sally C. Pipes] 9/14/04 [more]
Rather Hypocritical
“Old Media” Flouts the Standards It Sets for Others

[Carol Platt Liebau] 9/13/04 [more]
American Resolve on 9-11
The fight for our civilization...
[Michael Nevin Jr.] 9/13/04 [more]
Gore Criticizes Bush's Faith
Liberal intolerance…
[Sharon Hughes] 9/13/04 [more]


Call The Enemy By Its Name
“ Allahu akhbar!” the disease of radical Islam speads…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 9/10/04

Why 9/11 is a Lesson in Bad Government
Anniversary Reading…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 9/10/04 [more]
American Taxpayers Are Willing to Work Hard
Overwhelmed by illegal immigrants?...
[Jon Coupal] 9/10/04 [more]
Wrong Directions
Old media lurches to save Kerry...
[Hugh Hewitt] 9/9/04 [more]
They're Terrorists - Not Activists
PC media...
[Daniel Pipes] 9/9/04 [more]
Play The Initiative Card
It's time for Arnold to to make a move...
[Jon Coupal and Shawn Steel] 9/9/04 [more]
Moral Courage
Right Leader, Right Time…
[Gordon Cucullu] 9/8/04[more]
Terrible Swift Sword of Truth
Vets deserve answers, not attacks...

[Charles Kopp] 9/8/04 [more]
Al-Qaeda And Los Alamos
National security and a loosely guarded radioactive stockpile...
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/8/04 [more]
Why Did American Airlines 587 Crash?
Is the truth finally emerging?...
[Daniel Pipes] 9/7/04[more]
Still Cluelessly Creating Commissions
And still not getting it...
[Ray Haynes] 9/7/04 | [more]
A Few Random and Not-So-Random Thoughts about the Past Week..

[Chris Field] 9/6/04 [more]
The Week NYC & Sacramento
Girlie men and bad votes...
[John Campbell] 9/6/04 [more]
Controlling Pests Or Controlling Competition?
Legislating business out of business...

[Timothy M. Sandefur] 9/6/04 [more]


Hating Bush fuels ...

[Doug Gamble] 9/3/04 | [more]
"Fascist" Protest Against Fox News
Progressive tolerance on display...
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/3/04 | [more]
Higher Gas Prices?
Tell Sacramento: "No, Thank You"...
[Jon Coupal] 9/3/04 | [more]
"My Family is More Important than my Party"
On Zell Miller…
[Sharon Hughes] 9/3/04 | [more]

Taking Terrorists at Their Word

Review: Voices of Terror, edited by Walter Laqueur

[J. Peter Pham] 9/2/04 | [more]
That Man's Name Is George W. Bush
Keynote speech to the Republican National Convention...
[Zell Miller] 9/2/04 | [more]
Branded By The Left
Taken by stolen honor...
[Hugh Hewitt] 9/2/04 | [more]
Being a Superpower – Part I – The Equipment
Running thin...
[Gordon Cucullu] 9/2/04 | [more]
Wasting a Presidential Election Campaign
Issues? What issues?...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 9/1/04 | [more]
Boycotting Diversity
A peculiar tactic in Berkeley's diversity recruitment...
[Steve Sexton] 9/1/04 | [more]
Why Revoke Tariq Ramadan's U.S. Visa?
Scholarly Jihad ...
[Daniel Pipes] 9/2/04 | [more]
"Islamophobic Prejudice" and CAIR
A civil rights group or a knee-jerk front?...
[Daniel Pipes] 8/30/04 | [more]
Sacramento's Dirty Little Secret
Effect of losing California jobs offshore...
[Ray Haynes] 8/31/04 | [more]
Value-Added Assessment
More Reasons Why We Need Education Testing…

[Lance T. Izumi] 8/30/04 | [more]
Driving Californians Crazy
Our Flaky, Foolish Democratic Legislature
[Carol Platt Liebau] 8/30/04 | [more]
Flip Flops And Other Lies
Making it up as he goes along...
[Steven Zak] 8/30/04 | [more]
Misplaying the Swift Boat Stuff
The Bush team is getting it wrong...

[Chris Field] 8/30/04 | [more]
In Search of the Right Worldview
Nancy Pearcy's Total Truth...
[Rachel Robinson] 8/30/04 | [more]



Lurching From One Budget Crisis to the Next
Reign in the spenders...
[Jon Coupal] 8/27/04 | [more]
California’s “Three Strikes” Law—No Laughing Matter
Vote No on Proposition 66...
[Michael Nevin Jr.] 8/27/04 | [more]
Christians Disappearing From Iraq
[Daniel Pipes] 8/27/04 | [more]
Our Unfocused Legislature
Why pay a full-time $99,000 salary for part-time results?...
[George Passantino] 8/27/04 | [more]
A Campaign of Misdirection
John Kerry and the Swift Boat Vets
[Bruce S. Thornton] 8/26/04 | [more]
Redeploying America’s Military Forces
A global war, a new challenge...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 8/26/04 | [more]
The Collapse Of America's Media Elite
...and the rise of the blogs...
[Hugh Hewitt] 8/26/04 | [more]
‘Wetlands’ Bureaucrats
Crushing property rights......
[M. David Stirling] 8/26/04 | [more]
Fighting for Freedom’s Light
The people of North Korea have suffered enough...
[Gordon Cucullu] 8/25/04 | [more]
Cutting State Government Down To Size
Rocking the status quo…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 8/25/04 | [more]
Celebrities Can't Have It Both Ways
No special rights for star endorsers...
[Michael Levine] 8/25/04 | [more]
Five Rules
A primer for political involvement. ...
[John Campbell] 8/25/04 | [more]
Louisiana Politics? No Thanks
Keep out of the 62 swamp...
[Ray Haynes] 8/24/04 | [more]
Climate Panic
More from an activist media..
[Steven Hayward] 8/24/04 | [more]
Condemnation Case Gets a Deserved Wrecking Ball...

[Timothy M. Sandefur] 8/24/04 | [more]
Hardly a “Cut” Above
Feminism and the Sexualization of American Culture

[Carol Platt Liebau] 8/23/04 | [more]
Lighting a Fuse to Blow Up the Boxes
Terminating the crisis...
[George Passantino] 8/23/04 | [more]
A Thousand Bills
A flurry of bad laws...
[John Campbell] 8/23/04 | [more]


Caught Between Iraq and a Hard Place
Has the US been too tolerant?...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 8/20/04 | [more]
The Next Assault on American Sovereignty
Yield to the internationalists?...
[Daniel Pipes] 8/20/04 | [more]
Public Employee Millionaires
Taxpayers are very generous...
[Jon Coupal] 8/20/04 | [more]
Arnold’s Main Event
Next Tuesday night is going to be big...
[Eric Hogue] 8/20/04 | [more]
Kerry's Kurtz Chronicles continue
The horror...the horror...
[Hugh Hewitt] 8/19/04 | [more]
Kerry’s Intelligence Problem
An underwhelming record…
[Chuck DeVore] 8/19/04 | [more]
Stem-Cell Wars & the Presidency
4,000 Scientists Sign Anti-Bush Statement…
[Sharon Hughes] 8/18/04 | [more]
Naming the Enemy
Political correctness unravels...
[Daniel Pipes] 8/19/04 | [more]
A San Francisco Kind of Hero
And Gavin Newsom’s political ambitions may stay there ...

[Doug Gamble] 8/18/04 | [more]
Chambers of Horror
The North Korean contribution to the Axis of Evil...
[Gordon Cucullu] 8/18/04 | [more]
Al-Jazeera in Al-Canada?
PC airways for pro-terrorist Islamic antisemitism…
[Daniel Pipes and Charlotte West] 8/18/04 | [more]
How to Beat the Cheaters
Hugh Hewitt’s “If It’s Not Close They Can’t Cheat”..

[Carol Platt Liebau] 8/17//04 |
Planning For Failure
The Master Plan for Education...
[Ray Haynes] 8/17/04 | [more]
The FBI's Anthrax TV Show
Looking in all the wrong places?...
[Cliff Kincaid] 8/17/04 |[more]
Shooting Themselves in the Foot
Liberal negligence or just looking the other way?...

[Chris Field] 8/16/04 | [more]
The Saudis' Covert P.R. Campaign
Spinning the media…
[Daniel Pipes] 8/16/04 |


Uncommon Dissent
...Intellectuals Who Find Darwinism Unconvincing edited by William A. Dembski
[Bruce S. Thornton] 8/13/04 |
Traditional Marriage Wins in California
Now, I'm not an attorney, but those words could pose a problem …

[Sharon Hughes] 8/13/04 | [more]
Kerry And The Line-Item Veto
The Line-Item Veto and Fiscal Responsibility...

[Gary M. Galles] 8/13/04 | [more]
Repaying Taxpayers For Their Generosity
School officials show themselves to be ingrates...
[Jon Coupal] 8/13/04 | [more]
Kerry's SWIFT Meltdown
And where's the big time media?...
[Hugh Hewitt] 8/12/04 | [more]
Using the Patriot Act to Target Patriots
What about the anthrax investigation?...
[Cliff Kincaid] 8/12/04 | [more]
Easy on Terrorism
California Judge Sends Wrong Message on Terrorism…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 8/12/04 | [more]
Kerry’s Qualifications for the Presidency

What counts the most?...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 8/1104 | [more]
The Secretary of State on Sudan...
[Colin Powell] 8/11/04 | [more]
Strange Twists in Syrian-Israeli Diplomacy
Working the back channel…
[Daniel Pipes] 8/11/04 | [more]
Truth in Labeling
A really, really tough commander in chief...
[Gordon Cucullu] 8/10/04 | [more]

Budget Solution—Year One
Hard lessons from the Gray Era...
[Ray Haynes] 8/10/04 | [more]

Coalition Warfare in Iraq: Then and Now
Multilateral? Unilateral?...

[Rick Russell] 8/10/04 | [more]
The Decline and Fall of the Democratic Party
Lesser sons of greater fathers ...
[Charles Kopp] 8/9/04 | [more]
Why the Spin Sisters Swoon for the Federal Fabio
The ladies of the elite media...
[Sally C. Pipes] 8/9/04 | [more]
[John Campbell] 8/9/04 | [more]


A Slick Islamist Heads to Jail
And they seemed like such moderates…
[Daniel Pipes]
8/6/04 [more]
Los Angeles County Piles on the Taxes
Sheriff Lee Baca - tax collector...
[Jon Coupal]
SFO ‘Diversity Plan’ Unsafe
...and Unfair—at Any Altitude...

[Paul J. Beard]
8/6/04 [more]
Plantation Talk
The John-John Ticket - Richest in History…
[Sharon Hughes] 8/6/04/04 [more]
State Greed Has Consequences
Driving productivity out of the state…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 8/6/04 [more]
The Bourne Candidate
Talking a tough game, but...
[Hugh Hewitt]
8/5/04 [more]
Speaking Out of The Left Side of Their Mouth
Human Rights Commission's Unwarranted Intervention...
[Michael Nevin Jr.]
8/5/04 [more]

A Continued Assault on Our Borders
The federal government must take action...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.]
8/5/04 [more]
Flouting Prop. 209
So What If It’s in the Constitution-San Francisco Officials Won’t Enforce It

[Harold Johnson]
8/5/04 [more]
A Gov Who Loves To Be Loved
Arnold Schwarzenegger's celebrity act has already worn thin in Sacramento ...

[Doug Gamble]
8/4/04 [more]
It’s Not A “War On Terror”

The enemy's name is not terror...
[Cliff Kincaid]
8/4/04 [more]

Why An Iranian Bomb Matters

The real reasons the world should be worried...
[Roger Howard] 8/4/04 [more]

The Reagan Comes Home
USS Ronald Reagan arrives in San Diego...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.]
8/4/04 [more]

It's Worth The Price
What if the U.S. hadn't invaded Iraq?
[Ralph Peters]
8/3/04 [more]
". . .listen to those who served with him in Vietnam."
Fit for Commander in Chief?...
[Chris Field] 8/3/04 [more]
Defending Development
Don't build it and they won't come...
[Ray Haynes]
8/3/04 [more]

A New Tax on Business
The proposed minimum wage hike is a bad idea…
[Lance T. Izumi] 8/3/04 [more]
The Democrats’ Potemkin Convention
An Exercise in “Misleadership”...
[Carol Platt Liebau]
8/2//04 [more]
The Heat is On
The Democrats in desperation...
[Laura Ingraham]
8/2/04 | [more]
A Divisive Unity
Unity under Kerry?...
[Gary M. Galles] 8/2/04[more]
Finally, A Budget
Not exactly perfect...
[John Campbell]
8/2/04 [more]


Democrats AWOL in War on Terror
Offer Nuclear Freeze and Gun Ban as Solution…
[Chuck DeVore] 7/30/04 [more]
Hurricane Sandy
The former National Security Advisor must be held accountable...
[Gordon Cucullu] 7/30/04[more]
The Left-Leaning Ivory Tower
The Unchallenged Assumptions of Orville Schell...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 7/30/04 [more]
Reagan Style
Three communications secrets of the Great Communicator...
[Michael Levine] 7/30/04 [more]
Lessons on Liberty
Insights from Milton Friedman...
[Gary M. Galles] 7/30/04 [more]
O'Reilly Versus Michael Moore
Bill misses his chance...
[Cliff Kincaid] 7/29/04[more]
Notes From A Deranged Convention
Blinded by political hate...
[Hugh Hewitt] 7/29/04[more]
The Triumph Of the 9/11 Commission
Calling the enemy by its true name…
[Daniel Pipes] 7/29/04[more]
Wringing More from Telephone Users
Finding new ways to tax by a "911 fee"...
[Jon Coupal] 7/29/04 [more]
Palestinian Descent into Chaos
Self-inflicted wounds.
[Daniel Pipes] 7/28/04 [more]
Covering Up Berger's Cover-Up
Dems in misdirection...
[Hugh Hewitt] 7/28/04[more]
Wooing for America's Top Job
Monday at the DNC Convention…
[Sharon Hughes] 7/28/04[more]
Where Have All The Democrats Gone?
Driven into Moore-ish ideological derangement...
[David Horowitz]
7/27/04 [more]
Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 911
They won't be talking about these in Boston...

[Dave Kopel] 7/27/04 [more]

Those “Girlie-Men” In Sacramento
Liberals kowtowing to their special interest masters...
[Ray Haynes] 7/27/04 [more]
Politically “Blessed”
Opportunity Knocks for Barack Obama...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 7/26//04 [more]
Not All "The News That's Fit To Print"
If They're Not Biased, How Did the Times Miss This?...

[Chris Field] 7/26/04 [more]
Girlie Men
Thin-skinned Dems...
[John Campbell] 7/26/04 [more]


Imagine a War that Wasn’t
What if Saddam was still running Iraq?...
[Gordon Cucullu] 7/23/04 [more]
Budget Crisis And Hidden Agenda
Some seek political advantage by blaming the "other guy"...
[Jon Coupal] 7/23/04 [more]
George Soros Teaches The FBI Tolerance
And gives terrorists cover.
[Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha] 7/23/04 [more]
California Needs a New Model
Measuring student achievement...

[Xiaochin Yan] 7/23/04[more]
The Real Lies Are From the Left
The Dangerous Pleasures of Delusion...
[Charles Kopp] 7/22/04 [more]
A Court Without Clout
Anti-Israel politics from the rulers of the law...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 7/22/04 [more]
Free California’s School Districts
Legislators pick union payback over education…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 7/22/04 [more]

Enron Outrage
Let's hope feds lay into Lay...
[Doug Gamble] 7/21/04 [more]
Will USA Today Apologize To Cheney?
Don't hold your breath...
[Cliff Kincaid] 7/21/04 [more]
Chinese Checkers
North Korea and nukes...
[Gordon Cucullu] 7/21/04 [more]
Let Them Be Heard
Where are then conservatives at the GOP convention?...
[Laura Ingraham] 7/20/04[more]
Schwarzenegger's Right

Legislature’s Democrats are “Girlie Men.”
[Matthew N. Klink] 7/20/04 [more]

Clubbing Big Government

A Real Club For Growth In California...
[Ray Haynes] 7/20/04 [more]
Budget Battle Centers on Restoring Self-Government
Who stands for property rights?
[Ken Masugi] 7/20/04 [more]
The Law of the Playground
…And the Perils of “Girlie Man” Bipartisanship
[Carol Platt Liebau] 7/19//04 [more]
Killing FMA
Washington Post vs. Reality on the Federal Marriage Amendment...
[Chris Field] 7/19/04 [more]
Sacramento Stall
The Dems want the Governor to look bad...
[John Campbell] 7/19/04[more]


John Edwards Is No Dan Quayle
...He’s Much Less Qualified...
[Carol Platt Liebau] 7/12//04... [more]
Jones Campaign In Trouble
Has the GOP given up?...

[Adam Balling] 7/12/04... [more]
Discrimination Suit Against Wal-Mart Obtains Class-Action Status
Payday for militant lawyers...
[Sally C. Pipes] 7/12/04... [more]
Who will Bend?

Did we learn nothing about capitulating to terrorists?...
[Gordon Cucullu] 7/13/04... [more]

Republicans And Taxes

The Middle Ground...
[Ray Haynes] 7/13/04... [more]
The Budget Dance

Still grabbing for more taxes...
[John Campbell] 7/13/04... [more]
The House Always Wins!
Sacramento Democrats control the game...
[Joe Armendariz] 7/13/04... [more]
Pension Sellout is New California Gold Rush
Paying for everything…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 7/13/04... [more]

Saddam the Novelist

Can't wait for the film version.
[Daniel Pipes] 7/14/04... [more]
In for a Penny, In for a Pound
Officials' wasteful spending and corruption add to taxpayers' woes...
[Jon Coupal] 7/14/04... [more]
The Polarization of America
The shrinking middle ground...
[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 7/14/04... [more]
How To Stop Democrats From Cheating
The rise of the blogs...
[Hugh Hewitt] 7/15/04... [more]

Governor Needs to Unload on Adversaries

Stop the retreat, appeasement doesn't work...
[Jon Coupal] 7/15/04... [more]
Media Love GOP Sex Scandal

What double standard?...
[Cliff Kincaid] 7/15/04... [more]
The Ayatollah of Anti-Americanism

The Anti-Chomsky Reader, ed. by Peter Collier and David Horowitz
[Bruce S. Thornton] 7/16/04... [more]
Letter to a Newborn

A Father's Advice...
[Michael Nevin Jr.] 7/16/04... [more]

Trade Wars
Let the free market work…
[Chuck DeVore] 7/16/04 ... [more]

CAIR's Phony Petition

Little more than PR.
[Daniel Pipes] 7/16/04... [more]




Will History Repeat?
Comparing George Bush with Abraham Lincoln...
[John Campbell] 6/25/04 | [more]
Separating Church, State and Litigation Subsidies
What's behind all the suits...
[Gary M. Galles] 6/25/04 | [more]
Ronald Reagan’s Education Legacy
The education President…
[Lance T. Izumi] 6/25/04 | [more]
The Lesson of Noah's Ark
Condemnation and redemption...
[Michael Levine] 6/25/04 | [more]
First O.J., Now Scott Peterson
Once again, defense lawyers are running rings around feeble prosecutors...

[Doug Gamble] 6/24/04 | [more]
Those Unbelievable Poll Numbers!

A political agenda in the media…

[Hugh Hewitt] 6/24/04 | [more]
Gasoline & Diesel Price Protection Program
A New Approach to Consumer Control of Fuel Prices…
[Thomas J. Langan] 6/24/04 | [more]
'Walking Back the Cat' On Chalabi
Who's to blame for the damage done?.
[Daniel Pipes] 6/23/04 | [more]
Global Warming And The Kerry Meltdown
The candidate and greenhouse gases…
NEW TODAY [Chuck DeVore] 6/23/04 | [more]
The Big Lie Campaign

Liberal media wages its own version of the truth...
[David Horowitz]
6/22/04 | [more]
Going for Broke on Minimum Wage
Another inflationary burden for employers...
[Ray Haynes] 6/22/04 | [more]
Corruption Junction
The UN is a failed institution...
[Gordon Cucullu] 6/22/04 |[more]
The War Against Jihadists
The Senator addresses a symposium on “Iraq's Future and the War on Terrorism”...

[Senator Joe Lieberman] 6/21/04 | [more]
Muzzling Reality About 'Muzzling Abortion'

Washington Post misses reality... again...
[Chris Field] 6/21/04 | [more]
The Achievement in Afghanistan

The speech that mainstream media ignored...
[President Hamid Karzai] 6/21/04 | [more]
Hot Pension Potato
McClintock goes after Davis union giveaways...
[John Campbell] 6/21/04 | [more]



The National Act of Contrition
Finger-pointing, Apologies Boost The Enemy [Zell Miller] 5/14/04

Guided by God?

Or guided by his gonads?... [David Horowitz] 5/14/04
Woman at Forefront of Hoax Industry

PC fraud... [Sally C. Pipes] 5/14/04
Michael Moore's Skunkworks

Filmmaker turns out intellectually dishonest work on screen and off
[Doug Gamble] 5/13/04
Muslim Europe

A society verging on cultural collapse... [Daniel Pipes] 5/13/04
Thinking Iike An Islamist Propagandist

A senator's guide to understanding how grandstanding kills Americans…
[Hugh Hewitt] 5/12/04

No Quick Wars

Why the terrorist threat will be with us for a while....
[John Campbell] 5/12/04

Gas is still a bargain...
Today, both sides of the energy equation are fully exercised [Joe Armendariz] 5/12/04
Is an Iraqi Strongman Emerging?
Achieving a stable government... [Daniel Pipes] 5/11/04

Petty Personal Politics
Liberals show who's in charge... [Ray Haynes] 5/11/04
Ho-Hum, Another Earth Day

Oh, yeah, we're doomed... [Steven Hayward] 5/11/04
A True Feminist Icon

The Incredible Legacy of Margaret Thatcher [Carol Platt Liebau] 5/10/04
Necessary Apologies?
Who else should say they're sorry?... [Chris Field] 5/10/04 |

We Don't Need To Change, We're Liberals
Up against a immovable object: Democrat ideology... [John Campbell] 5/10/04


Subsidizing Illegal Immigration
Why does the state pay to send illegals to college?... [Tom McClintock] 5/7/04
Blowing up the Boxes and the 'Big Mo'

Reorganize state government...
[Jon Coupal] 5/7/04

Lessons Learned from California

Colorado taxpayers beware... [Michael J. New] 5/7/04
Anti-American Professors

Not so Rare Any More… [Sharon Hughes] 5/6/04
Public Schools Hiding Actual Dropout Counts

California's future is in crisis…
[Alan Bonsteel, M.D] 5/6/04

How Is The War Really Going?

Remember the lessons from a year ago… [Hugh Hewitt] 5/5/04
Moderate Muslims March in Phoenix

The reality of American Muslim opinion... [Daniel Pipes] 5/5/04

Doing Nothing About Illegal Immigration

No solutions in Sacramento... [Ray Haynes] 5/4/04
Quandary for Catholic Candidates

Growing conflicts between Church and State... [J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 5/4/04
American Purposes In Iraq

Defining priorities... [Daniel Pipes] 5/3/04
Different Mindsets on Handling Illegal Immigration

Politically correct versus practically correct... [Chris Field] 5/3/04


Starring the Santa Monica City Council as the beach cigarette police
[Doug Gamble] 4/30/04

Can the Terrorists Win?

We can't walk away from Iraq... [J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 4/30/04
A Former Ally
A Right Books Review: The French Betrayal of America by Kenneth R. Timmerman [Bruce S. Thornton] 4/30/04

The Torricelli Option

Will Dems dump Kerry?… [Hugh Hewitt] 4/28/04
Higher Taxes by Ballot?

Nice sounding liberal tax grabs... [K. Lloyd Billingsley] 4/28/04

Simple Solutions and the Politics of Sex
The legislature's forbidden topics... [Ray Haynes] 4/27/04
The Sage of Concord’s Legacy

Remembering Emerson... [Gary M. Galles] 4/27/04
Dinner With Chairman Mao

Depotism and terror as trendy and chic...
[Matt Dunn] 4/27/04
An American Soldier
Pat Tillman’s Life and Death Exemplify Why We Fight
[Carol Platt Liebau] 4/26/04

Don't Take the Bayou State Cure

California 'open primary' would slam door on representative government
[Shawn Steel] 4/26/04 | 
Another Shameful Attack on the Boy Scouts

Tolerance, ACLU style... [Chris Field] 4/26/04

Now Hiring: Part-Time Legislators

Frivolous legislation wasting Californians’ time, money...
[Alan Donner] 4/26/04


How to Tell a Duck From a Fox

Thinking with the Church as we look toward November [Archibishop Charles J. Chaput] 4/23/04
Preserving Americans' Freedom of Expression

Democracy thrives on the power of ideas... [Gary M. Galles] 4/23/04

The California Comeback

President Bush on his way to winning the golden state...
[Josiah Prendergast] 4/23/04

Democratic Abuse of the Academy

Liberalism's party has taken over the universities... [David Horowitz] 4/21/04
Women's Business Month - Every Month

Liberal feminism ignores successful businesswomen... [Sally C. Pipes] 4/21/04

Refusing to Pipe Down

At Berkeley controversial speaker exercises his right to free speech...
[Josh Baron] 4/21/04
Rats, Rents, Garbage and Jobs
The legislature's Democrats don't get it... [Ray Haynes] 4/20/04
The Government We Deserve

When Will We Have Good Governance? [Charles Kopp] 4/20/04
A Call to Virtue

Conservative Leaders Must Exemplify Their Values... [Rachel Robinson] 4/20/04
Leading a Parade Down the Road to Nowhere

Jesse Jackson’s Cynical Opposition to Wal-Mart [Carol Platt Liebau] 4/19/04
Kill Bill vs. Kill Jesus

Selective criticism... [Chris Field] 4/19/04

Workers Comp: A Step Forward

Floor remarks on bill passage... [Tom McClintock] 4/19/04

Worker's Comp... Details
Some of the particulars... [John Campbell] 4/19/04


Just Another Face in the Crowd
Barbara Boxer and the Perils of Internationalist Group-Think
by Carol Liebau 4/18/03 | [more inside]
First, Eat Your Vegetables
by Assemblyman Ray Haynes 4/14/03 | [more inside]
Columnist Decries Name-Calling, Then Calls Names
by Don Cuzzocrea 4/13/03 | [more at OC Register]
New Taxes Proposed For State's Residents
by Chris Weinkopf 4/13/03 | [more at LA Daily News]
Prescription For Disaster
Forcing all California employers to offer health insurance sure to backfire
by Dr. Stan Wasbin 4/13/03
| [more at OC Register]
Restraint of the Strong?
In the battle of perception, do we look determined in Iraq? [Bruce S. Thornton] 4/16/04

Worker's Comp...
Recall's impact...[John Campbell] 4/16/04
Rating Representatives

A tax hungry legislature...
[Jon Coupal] 4/15/04
A Taxing Meditation

Tax freedom day can't come soon enough... [K. Lloyd Billingsley] 4/15/04
We Serve the Cause of Liberty

Staying the course in the war on terror [President George W. Bush] 4/14/04

Spin vs. Security

Shall the liberals on the 9-11 commission return us to the comfort of denial?... [Hugh Hewitt] 4/14/04

Behind 'Shareholders' Rights' Push

CalPERS board maneuvers are all about politics, not company performance [Doug Gamble] 4/14/04

A Part Time Legislature?
It couldn't happen soon enough... [Ray Haynes] 4/13/04
The 9/11 Hearings Are All Wrong
When we there will be terrorist hearings?... [Bob Parks] 4/13/04
How the Left Undermined America's Security Before 9/11
Liberalism's misguided ambivalence toward terrorism... [David Horowitz] 4/12/04
More Stuff the Left Has Gotten Away With Lately

Liberal media gives a pass to their own... [Chris Field] 4/12/04
Why "The Apprentice" Is Good for America

A lesson in practical entrepreneurship... [Michael Levine] 4/12/04


Peace in our Time
Wishing for peace won't make it so...[John Mark Reynolds] 4/9/04

A Rich and Rewarding Roadmap

California on “The California Republic”... [Carol Platt Liebau] 4/9/04
Lawsuit Abuse Choking California Economy

Legislating business out of the state...
[Lance T. Izumi] 4/9/04

The Past as Prologue

Liberal appeasement will sell out Western civilization... [Chuck DeVore] 4/8/04
Burning Through Taxpayer Dollars

Unions rule L.A...
[Jon Coupal] 4/8/04

Stand By Our Promises

Address to California Republican Assembly... [Tom McClintock] 4/8/04
The PC Police

Political correctness dominates the culture… [Sharon Hughes] 4/8/04
Feminists Inflicting a False Environment

Professional victimhood... [Sally C. Pipes] 4/7/04

Recall? So?
Sacramento's socialists just didn't get the recall message... [John Campbell] 4/7/04
Flawed Assumptions Underlying Guestworker Programs

Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives... [Mark Krikorian] 4/704
Recall? So?
Sacramento's socialists just didn't get the recall message... [John Campbell] 4/7/04
Getting Off the Fence For Iraq

It's Time to Choose... [Bruce S. Thornton] 4/6/04
"The West has no soul left..."

...the slow collapse of European civilization... [Steven Hayward] 4/6/04

Fourteen Or Fight!!!
...and other weird rights... [Ray Haynes] 4/6/04
Air America Is Unlikely to “Fly”

The Problem? Liberals’ World View... [Carol Platt Liebau] 4/5/04
Scoutophobic San Diego

Abandoned by the city... [Harold Johnson and Mark S. Pulliam] 4/5/04
Under-Oath-Clarke vs. Book-Selling-Clarke

A convenient memory... [Chris Field] 4/5/04
The Gay Culture

In Their Own Words… [Sharon Hughes] 4/5/04


A Phone Call in the Night
A Platonist Warns of a Coming Tyranny [John Mark Reynolds] 4/2/04

A House Divided Cannot Stand

From the floor of the Senate [Zell Miller] 4/2/04

California's Fishy Fish Laws

Effective marine reserves
[Michael DeAlessi] 4/2/04
Happy birthday, Doris Day
As pop culture hits new lows, the 'eternal virgin' looks better all the time
[Doug Gamble] 4/1/04
Exporting Proposition 13
Other states' taxpayers adopt Howard Jarvis' wisdom...
[Jon Coupal] 4/1/04
Ninth Circuit Torches Sensible Fire Prevention
Radical environmentalism from the bench...
[Emma T. Suárez] 4/1//04
Silence Won't Work Any Longer
Catholic leaders must condemn Kerry... [Hugh Hewitt] 3/31/04
Welfare Fraud Fraud
Legislative oversight fantasies... [Ray Haynes] 3/31/04
Friends, What Friends?
Do we need to make nice with Europe?... [Laura Ingraham] 3/30/04
The Procedure Man

He Has His Place, But Not At the Front of the Pack [John Mark Reynolds] 3/30/04
In Denial
A Right Books Review: In Denial - Historians, Communism, and Espionage by John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr [Bruce S. Thornton] 3/30/04

Destroying the Pledge in Order to Save It

The Irony of the “Ceremonial Deism” Rationale [Carol Platt Liebau] 3/29/04

Leftists Conveniently Embrace States Rights
Same-sex marriage strategy... [Chris Field] 3/29/04
How Your Legislature Works
A playground for progressive thinking... [John Campbell] 3/29/04


Why the Pledge of Allegiance Matters
Simple words that are at the heart of our country... [Tom McClintock] 3/26/04
Faulty Training Wheels

Letting kids vote would be representation without taxation...
[Jon Coupal] 3/26/04
March Madness

Students' unworthy protests... [K. Lloyd Billingsley] 3/26/04

It's All About Balance

California's Unemployment Insurance Fund [Carol Ross Evans] 3/26/04
Slander as Politics

The Democrats' Poisonous New Approach... [Charles Kopp] 3/25/04
Unintentionally Revealing
Polls of International Opinion Unveil Harsh Truths... [Bruce S. Thornton] 3/24/04
Fear and Budgeting in Sacramento
Nervous bureaucrats frighten the public... [Ray Haynes] 3/24/04
Election Thoughts
Some lessons to be learned from March 2... [John Campbell] 3/24/04
JFK Should Listen To JFK
Kerry's no John Kennedy...
[Gary M. Galles] 3/23/04
State Employee Holidays
Not so kind fan mail from state employees... [John Campbell] 3/23/04
The Scary Future
Who needs math to compete in a global economy? Not progressive California...
[Lance T. Izumi] 3/23/04
Unconvincing, And Certainly Not Inevitable
Sorry, Senator Boxer – The Voters Are the Ones Who Decide [Carol Platt Liebau] 3/22/04
Same-Sex Marriage for Kids

WaPo goes after the minds of the children... [Chris Field] 3/22/04
The Modern Man

Don Giovanni: hero for a decadent culture... [John Mark Reynolds] 3/22/04


Three Reasons for the Passion Over The Passion
An appreciation from one of Hollywood's most prominent public relations agents... [Michael Levine] 3/19/04
Taxpayers Bracing for New Attacks
More anti-taxpayer initiatives on the way... [Jon Coupal] 3/19/04
The way to fix Workers Comp.... [Larry Stirling] 3/19/04
A Great And Urgent Responsibility
Remarks by the Vice President at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum [Richard B. Cheney] 3/18/04
The Right Stories
The Power of Myth in Modern Culture [John Mark Reynolds] 3/18/04
Living With His Anti-war Past
Should John Kerry become commander-in-chief? [J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 3/18/04
Advantage: Boxer
Incumbent has big money edge on Jones and her best approval ratings yet
[Doug Gamble] 3/17/04  

John Kerry And His Harvey the Rabbit Leaders
The candidate says he hears international whispers of support... [Hugh Hewitt] 3/17/04
For A Good Time Call: C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A

The state owns lots of interesting and wasteful property... [Ray Haynes] 3/16/04
Marching Through Georgia
Ending the campus blacklist on conservatives... [David Horowitz] 3/16/04
Blanket Punishment
Where Have All the “Haters” Gone? [Carol Platt Liebau] 3/15/04
Stuck in a Rut
The Libs at the Post Can't Help It... [Chris Field] 3/15/04


A Party of Freedom
A Lincoln Day speech to the Alaska Republican Party [Tom McClintock] 3/12/04  
Damage Control From Bond Debacle

Throwing good intentioned bond money after bad? [K. Lloyd Billingsley] 3/12/04

Dem Dominance of State is Dead

Election message is clear: Don't raise our taxes and stop rewarding unions
[Shawn Steel] 3/11/04 
Expanding the Zone of Choice

Charter schools are working… [K. Lloyd Billingsley] 3/11/04
Piling on More Debt

The state is $6.5 billion more in the red... [Tom McClintock] 3/10/04 

'Scary John Kerry'
Lying to Americans?...[Hugh Hewitt] 3/10/04 
Big Discrimination at the Small Business Administration

Political correctness running amok... [Sally C. Pipes] 3/10/04 
California: The Conservative State
Voters want fiscal discipline... [Ray Haynes] 3/9/04
Thanks for Nothing

Hiking the minimum wage for low-skill jobs actually hurts the poor. Here's why.
[Gary M. Galles] 3/9/04
An East German Solution to California's Business Flight?
The jobs are leaving at record rate [Jon Coupal] 3/8/04
Election Wrap-up
A good day for California. [John Campbell] 3/8/04


Deficit Prevention Act

A real spending limit for California. [John Campbell] 3/5/04  
Best Prison Reform: Privatization

Corrections System is so Rife with Problems that Drastic Change is Needed
[Geoffrey F. Segal] 3/5/04
The "Violence of Egotism"

...and the Strange Case of Ralph Nader... [Steven Hayward] 3/5/04
Hollywood Heads in the Sand
Entertainment elites show their anti-religious prejudice...[Laura Ingraham] 3/4/04
Beneath Kerry’s Faux Indignation

Strategic distraction is core to the campaign... [Charles Kopp] 3/4/04
The Ant
hony Robbins of Politics
Yesterday's elections will add to the momentum of our hyperconfident governor
[Doug Gamble] 3/3/04
Lawlessness and Civil Disobedience
San Francisco ignores the will of the people... [Hugh Hewitt] 3/3/04
Order in the Court!
The elites are aghast...[Laura Ingraham] 3/2/04
At The Precipice
Same-sex marriage is the tipping factor for the culture... [Bruce S. Thornton] 3/2/04  

Anarchy In Oz

San Francisco takes the law into its own hands... [Ray Haynes] 3/2/04  
Do We Value Self-Esteem Or Learning?
Push to drop state testing would hurt, not help, struggling second-graders
[Lance T. Izumi] 3/2/04
Brought to You by the Spending Lobby...
Proposition 56 Deserves to Go Down in Flames [Carol Platt Liebau] 3/1/04  
Gibson’s Icon

On The Passion... [John Mark Reynolds] 3/1/04  

Submitting bills to change the status quo...
[John Campbell] 3/1/04  


Is NBC conspiring to help Kerry hide his past?
Who said there was anything like liberal media bias... [Hugh Hewitt] 2/27/04  
Plaids versus Woodstocks
The Last Battle for the Soul of the Sixties... [John Mark Reynolds] 2/27/04
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Prop 56 lurks, ready to consume new taxes [Andrew Gloger] 2/27/04  
Thoughts on the Proposed State School Bond

Is Prop 55 a good idea? [Lance T. Izumi] 2/27/04  
Personal Statement On Gay Marriage
It's time to push back on leftist judicial activism... [David Horowitz] 2/27/04
Sorting Out the Ballot Propositions

Next Tuesday's scorecard...the No's and Yes's [Jon Coupal] 2/26/04
A Blank Check for Higher Taxes

The deception of Proposition 56 [Carol Evans] 2/26/04  

The Journey to Fiscal Sobriety...

NO on 57 & 58
[Joe Armendariz] 2/26/04 
Opportunity, Compassion and a War to Win
Remarks to the Republican Governors Association [President George W. Bush] 2/25/04

Wal-Mart Getting Boost From Lockyer

State officials intimidating the free market... [M. David Stirling] 2/25/04

The Real 'Special Interests'

Public employee unions, not good-government types, are behind Prop. 56... [Jon Coupal] 2/25/04
Homosexuality and the Corruption of a Culture
San Francisco is only the beginning... [John Mark Reynolds]
Kiss Your Job Goodbye

Jobs are racing out of the state... [Ray Haynes] 2/24/04
A Democracy, Not an Oligarchy

Americans Deserve the Opportunity to Debate Gay Marriage
[Carol Platt Liebau] 2/23/04

Lockyer No Show

Where's the AG?, Repealing bad law...
[John Campbell] 2/23/04  
Washington and Freedom
Celebrate George Washington’s birthday by listening to him
[Gary M. Galles] 2/23/04  


‘Deficit of Decency’ in America
From the floor of the Senate [Zell Miller] 2/20/04
Bonds Mean Bondage for Taxpayers
As always, beware of bonds...[Jon Coupal] 2/20/04 
A Week Of Foolish Choices
Whitewashing John Kerry...[Hugh Hewitt] 2/19/04
Appeasement In Our Time
Would John Kerry be America's Neville Chamberlain? [Charles Kopp] 2/19/04
New Lows In The Culture War
Hollywood's assault on conventional values keeps getting more outrageous
[Doug Gamble] 2/17/04
All This and Feng Shui, Too
Yes, California, these are your leaders hard at work...
[John Campbell] 2/18/04  
Have They No Decency?
The cultural elites are annoyed... [Laura Ingraham] 2/17/04  

US Court May Rule: Dolphins Are Fish, Too
Hijacked by an out of control judiciary [Ray Haynes] 2/17/04
The Clinton Defense and the Kerry Offense
The Importance of “Doing Everything We Can” to Keep America Safe
[Carol Platt Liebau] 2/16/04
A Right Books Review: Anti-Americanism by Jean-François Revel [Bruce S. Thornton] 2/16/04

Stab in the Back

Liberals clamoring to roll back the war on terror... [David Horowitz] 2/16/04


Setting California's Finances in Order
Fixing the damage done...[Tom McClintock] 2/13/04

Don't Be Fooled Again

The residue of Prop 39 [Jon Coupal] 2/13/04
More Evidence of California's Education Failure

Self esteem and social promotion bottleneck state colleges…[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 2/13/04
The One Great Deed that Undid John F. Kerry
The forever hero...[John Mark Reynolds] 2/12/04

Abraham Lincoln on Liberty

Remembering the wisdom of a great leader...on the occasion of his birthday
[Gary M. Galles] 2/12/04
Win the War, Lead the World
A wartime President... [Hugh Hewitt] 2/11/04
They Shall Overcome

African-American Women Tilt Toward Entrepreneurship... [Sally C. Pipes] 2/11/04
I’ve Got Your “Plan B” Right Here
Translation: tax, spend, tax, spend...[Ray Haynes] 2/10/04
Listen to Friedman
Advice for Mr. Bush...[Lance T. Izumi] 2/10/04

Some Things Remain the Same

Change slows to a trickle in Sacramento
[John Campbell] 2/10/04

Interesting Diagnosis, Wrong Prescription

Garry South’s “Words of Wisdom” to the California GOP [Carol Platt Liebau] 2/9/04  
Let’s Set Our Jealousy Aside
Envy and loathing in the Middle-East...[Michael Levine] 2/9/04
Bush Plan for Illegals
Out of Touch with Reality...[Mark Krikorian] 2/9/04
Conserve What? For Whom? From What?
A hit piece courtesy of Berkeley and the American Psychological Association...
[Gary M. Galles] 2/9/04


Early Primaries Could Spell Trouble for Taxpayers
Prop 56 lurks on the ballot..[Jon Coupal] 2/6/04  
Time To Fix State Tax System
Let's protect cities, counties from revenue raids and stop revenue scavenging
[John Campbell, Robert Hertzberg and Curt Pringle] 2/6/04

Keeping Abreast of the Culture Wars

Take back the culture...[Laura Ingraham] 2/6/04 
Remembering Reagan’s Humor

Commemorating the Gipper's birthday...
[Gary M. Galles] 2/6/04
The Battle for California
If Bush contests the state, a match-up with Kerry would be entertaining
[Doug Gamble] 2/5/04
Mistakes in Wartime

A war we must fight, like it or not...[Charles Kopp] 2/5/04
The Right Thing to Do

Keeping your private life private...[Tim Leslie] 2/5/04
Terry McAuliffe: The Manchurian Chairman?
The Clinton's enforcer is burying the Democratic Party. Don't stop now...[Hugh Hewitt] 2/4/04  
Selective "Passionate" Outrage
Anti-Semitism is rampant - but not in Mel Gibson's film...[Bruce S. Thornton] 2/4/04
Uncivil Campaign

Whatever happened to principles? [Charles Kopp] 2/4/04
Conflict-of-Interest Budgeting
Get rid of the 2/3 supermajority and get ready for more taxes...[Ray Haynes] 2/3/04
Thatcher Had It Right
Public unions are the problem in California, too.
[John Campbell] 2/3/04
Needed: More Praying, Less Politics
The Episcopal Church Is Slowly Driving Out Traditionalists
[Carol Platt Liebau] 2/2/04

Post-recall Legislature is not exactly comforting but...
[John Campbell] 2/2/04


Tuning Out Environmental Gore
Cold days for global warming...[Steven Hayward] 1/30/04  
Recovering Good Government
Common Sense Proposals for Addressing California’s Fiscal Crisis [Glenn Ellmers] 1/30/04
Deception is the Key to Tax Increases...
Advice from a political consultant...[Jon Coupal] 1/28/04
Drip, Drip, Drip and Soon You're In Over Your Head

Let's count the costs taxpayers are facing because of O.C. officials' bad decisions..[John Moorlach] 1/28/04
Mr. Really-Liberal-California Politician
In your heart you know you're better than the rest of us...[Ray Haynes] 1/27/04
New Year's Resolutions
Sacramento needs to get it together...
[John Campbell] 1/27/04 
Arnold Targets the Budget Crisis
The Governor has a plan...[George Passantino] 1/27/04
Hey, Big Spender!
For Boxer, Ideology and Special Interests Trump Constituents’ Needs
[Carol Platt Liebau] 1/26/04
No Hollywood Ending

California’s Not Shining Fiscally Yet...[M. David Stirling] 1/26/04  
Pork Politics Just Plain Indefensible

No proof for goofy argument that funding pet projects helps greater good...
[Gary M. Galles] 1/26/04


Should Schwarzenegger 'blow up boxes'?
Yes, contract out and overhaul bureaucracy...[Tom McClintock] 1/23/04
San Francisco Drug Policy Ignores Facts

Sets Bad Example…[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 1/23/04
Schools A Swamp Of Waste
If governor is serious about shaping up education system, he has much to do[Carl Brodt with Dr. Alan Bonsteel] 1/23/04
A Game of Cat and Mouse
Demagoguery in the Age of Terror [Bruce S. Thornton] 1/22/04
Most Politicians Don't Understand...
...where the money comes from...[Jon Coupal] 1/22/04
The Dean Bubble
A wake-up call for trendy politics...[Laura Ingraham] 01/22/04
But Rob Reiner Said He Would Win!
Oh, no, Howard, don't blow it now...we need you...[Hugh Hewitt] 1/21/04
Democrats In Disarray

At least so far, state party at a loss in trying to counter a cunning governor
[Doug Gamble] 1/21/04
War has been Declared in Sacramento

Winds of change in the capitol...[Ray Haynes] 1/20/04
A Lean and Fit State Government
Sacramento gets a workout...[George Passantino] 1/20/04
Quiet at the Capitol

All of a sudden the flood has slowed to a trickle..
.[John Campbell] 1/20/04
A Tale of Two Spouses
The Irreplaceable Role of the Political Wife
[Carol Platt Liebau] 1/19/04
Bush Disappoints, Arnold Impresses GOP, Part II

Don't forget core principles...[Lance T. Izumi] 1/19/04
Franklin and American Liberty

Celebrating the birthday of a Founding Father..
[Gary M. Galles] 1/19/04


Dishonoring the Boy Scouts
And dishonoring the taxpayers...[Harold Johnson] 1/16/04
The Proposed State Budget
Democrats make sure it's DOA...
[Joe Armendariz] 1/16/04
Stay Strong
Don’t Raise Taxes [Matthew N. Klink] 1/15/04
Another Tax Increase Initiative

When Will It Stop? [Jon Coupal] 1/15/04
The New Protectionism
International restrictions on "cultural" exports...[Neil Hrab] 1/15/04 
Peddling Lunacy
The Angry Doctor is racing for the edge...[Hugh Hewitt] 1/14/04
No Belle Prize
Filling the shoes of Jimmy Carter...[Sally C. Pipes] 1/14/04
An Agenda For Liberty
Individual liberty should guide the Governor's vision...[Ray Haynes] 1/13/04
The Governor Delivers

A lot of good stuff happened last week...
[John Campbell] 1/13/03
A Clear Agenda
But can the Governor change Sacramento's spending lust? [George Passantino] 1/13/04  
Budget Cut Crybabies
The “Entitlement” Mentality of California’s Liberals
[Carol Platt Liebau] 1/12/04 
Jumping Conservatives At The Border
The President is selling out conservatives...[Laura Ingraham] 1/12/04
Edmund Burke
Remembering the great political thinker...
[Gary M. Galles] 1/12/04


A Downright Reaganesque Speech
Governor balanced sunny optimism with candor about state's many woes
[Shawn Steel] 1/9/04 
King George and the Rose Parade

The arrogance of the anti-taxpayers...[Jon Coupal] 1/9/04
State May Make Or Break Dean
As in the 2000 primary, Democratic voters here are likely to play a decisive role
[Doug Gamble] 1/8/04
2004: The Year of the Ferret
Regulation for regulation's sake…[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 1/8/04
State of the State...
The Governor's speech as delivered Tuesday night...[Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger] 1/7/04
Minimizing the Holocaust
Weasling at[Hugh Hewitt] 1/7/04
Uncompromising Gubernatorial Leadership
Advice for the Governor's State of the State...[Tom McClintock] 1/6/04

The Gay Rights Exception to the Flynt Amendment

Should a noisy minority be allowed to change the meaning of marriage?[Xrlq] 1/6/04
Our New Year’s Aspirations
Some Thoughts for Republicans at 2004’s Beginning [Carol Platt Liebau] 1/5/04

Protectionism Far From Patriotic
Here's what it really is: a business-government conspiracy to rip off consumers
[Gary M. Galles] 1/5/04


L.A. Dog Trainer - Year in Review
2003 was a year of denial for California's newspaper of record...[Patterico] 1/2/04
The Bogus 'Books Not Bars' Push
Prisons hardly filled up because of school spending cuts - there weren't any…
[Alan Bonsteel, M.D] 1/2/04
Costly Nurses Law Begins...
Keeping unions in control...[Eric Hogue] 1/2/04

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