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L.A. Dog Trainer - Year in Review
2003 was a year of denial for California's newspaper of record...[Patterico] 1/2/04
The Bogus 'Books Not Bars' Push
Prisons hardly filled up because of school spending cuts - there weren't any…
[Alan Bonsteel, M.D] 1/2/04
Costly Nurses Law Begins...
Keeping unions in control...[Eric Hogue] 1/2/04
Howard's Bad Press
The mad doctor is taking it from all sides...[Hugh Hewitt] 12/31/03
Lots of Change, Quickly
What a difference a year makes...
[John Campbell] 12/31/03
Beware Compassionate Lawmakers
Social engineering has destroyed state's economy...[Jon Coupal] 12/30/03
Enemies of Reform Have a New Ploy
California Teachers Association touts initiative that would enrich its members…
[Alan Bonsteel, M.D] 12/30/03
New Realities - New Year
The world has changed...lessons learned [Bruce S. Thornton] 12/29/03
A Thrill of Hope
2003 Ends on an Optimistic Note [reposted][Carol Platt Liebau] 12/22/03


California Failing
Spending — same as it ever was. [Michael J. New] 12/26/03

Protests, Voting and Latinos in California

Democratic politicians play partisan politics with illegal immigrants [Martha Montelongo] 12/26/03

Is Half a Loaf Better Than None?

How did we get here from there...[Jon Coupal] 12/26/03
Season's Greetings, From Bad To Verse
Holiday odes to Gray and Arnold, Tom and Arianna, Peter C. and Mark G.
[Doug Gamble] 12/24/03
Contagious Madness
The Dean Dongs are "spinning" out of control...[Hugh Hewitt] 12/24/03

California Christmas List

More Choices Through Market-Driven Policies…[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 12/24/03

A Bunch of Hot Air
State Global Warming Lawsuits... [Ray Haynes] 12/23/03
The Case For Israel
A Right Books Review: The Case For Israel by Alan Dershowitz [Bruce S. Thornton] 12/23/03
The Day of Reckoning Is Here
Sacramento is in need of a little friendly family budget advice [George Passantino] 12/23/03
A Thrill of Hope
2003 Ends on an Optimistic Note [Carol Platt Liebau] 12/22/03
A Rhyme for '04
Politics, football and a new year...
[John Campbell] 12/22/03


Will The Real Republican Party Please Stand Up?
Does the GOP remember "smaller government?"...Schwarzenegger does...[Lance T. Izumi] 12/19/03

Dornan Picks The Wrong Target

He should work to defeat the Sanchez sisters, not another Republican
[Martha Montelongo] 12/19/03
Lurching Left
Howard Dean & The Democratic Party's Leftward Swing...[Matthew N. Klink] 12/18/03
Seduced By Borrowing

Rein in the spending...[Tom McClintock] 12/18/03
Dean Goes Over The Cliff
The candidate definitively proves he is not fit to be president...[Hugh Hewitt] 12/17/03

Hardened Attitudes on Spending are the Problem

Spending addicted liberals despise Prop 13...[Jon Coupal] 12/18/03
Conservatism Triumphant
A speech delivered to Young America's Foundation...[Tom McClintock] 12/16/03

How Democrats Negotiate

Take and keep on taking...[Ray Haynes] 12/16/03

What Lies Beneath
The Unworthy Motives Behind Boxer’s Election Bill
[Carol Platt Liebau] 12/15/03

Protests and Budgets

Illegals voting, illegals driving and working for a balanced budget
[John Campbell] 12/15/03


Prop. 56: An Assault on Proposition 13
Fighting the never ending onslaught of greedy government [Jon Coupal] 12/12/03
Mastery of Nature

Review - Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World [Ken Masugi] 12/12/03

Shining A Light on the State Legislature
Liberals are addicted to spending...[Matthew N. Klink] 12/11/03
The Stepford Feminists
Getting it wrong again...[Sally C. Pipes] 12/11/03

Mercury Blues

Environmental policy - the Gipper's way...[Steven Hayward] 12/11/03
Prying Eyes Want to Know

Keeping your private life private...
[Tim Leslie] 12/11/03
The Rosario Scenario
Little-known pol could be GOP's best bet to oust Boxer from Senate seat [Doug Gamble] 12/10/03

The Dean Campaign
A movement in its own mind...[Hugh Hewitt] 12/10/03

No Toasts Please...

...For Endangered Species Act's 30th Birthday...[Emma T. Suárez] 12/10/03
Thanks For Your Input, Phil
About Three Years Too Late... [Ray Haynes] 12/9/03
The Governor and the Bolsheviks [John Campbell] 12/8/03
Playing With A Full Deck
Rosario Marin & The Need to Transcend the Race Card
[Carol Platt Liebau] 12/8/03
Global Judicial Tyranny
A Right Books Review: Coercing Virtue. The Worldwide Rule of Judges by Robert H. Bork
[Bruce S. Thornton] 12/8/03


The 13-Percent Solution
The state's financial health means tightening the belt...[Tom McClintock] 12/5/03
Taxpayer Legal Action: A Necessary Weapon
Fighting the never ending onslaught of greedy government [Jon Coupal and Trevor Grimm] 12/1/03
Great Christmas Presents
Literary gift giving for conservatives...[Hugh Hewitt] 12/3/03
Sharpen Pencils
Propositions, initiatives coming to a ballot near you. [John Campbell] 12/2/03
Taxes and Spending Are Not Created Equal
The hidden costs of legislative spending...[Gary M. Galles] 12/2/03

Going Sexy at “60”
What the “60 Minutes” Report on Pornography Forgot
[Carol Platt Liebau] 12/1/03
A Week Under the Dome
Inaugrural, Fire Danger, Taxing Wrapping, Vouchers, Falling Student Scores [Bill Leonard] 12/1/03


Massachusetts Brings Thankfulness
Marriage doesn't need redefining, it needs protection...[Eric Hogue] 11/28/03

The Most American Holiday of All [Carol Platt Liebau] 11/27/03
Please, Gloria Allred, Just Go Away

She represents the worst in celebrity ambulance-chasing and cable TV
[Doug Gamble] 11/26/03
Those Who Pr
otect Us
How can we ever thank them enough? [Hugh Hewitt] 11/26/03
Process or Procrastination?
Repealing SB60 - making up the Assembly rules as they go along...[Ray Haynes] 11/25/03
Trust Arnol
d, But Verify
Big bond to cover state debt may be defensible - if protections are built in [Jon Coupal] 11/25/03
Talking Turkey about California Politics
Why State Republicans Have Reason to Be Thankful [Carol Platt Liebau] 11/24/03
Hitting The Ground Running
A busy first week for the new administration...[John Campbell] 11/22/03
A Week Under the Dome

This week: Get to work, Surviving Bustamante, Riordan good choice...[Bill Leonard] 11/22/03


Down with Apathy
Five Ways to Improve Voter Participation [Michael Levine] 11/21/03

Imagining Diversity

A Right Books Review: Diversity. The Invention of a Concept by Peter Wood [Bruce S. Thornton] 11/21/03
A Quick End To The Era of Good Feelings
The same old tune replays in the Legislature [Matthew N. Klink] 11/20/03
Public Broadcasting?

San Diego heiress bequeaths taxpayer-funded NPR a windfall…[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 11/20/03

Homeowners Are Being Stalked a new wave of tax increases...[Jon Coupal and Trevor Grimm] 11/19/03
n Myths
Spending education funding the wrong way... [Ray Haynes] 11/18/03

Going “Mainstream” By the Numbers

The Irony of Barbara Boxer’s Attack on Justice Brown [Carol Platt Liebau] 11/17/03

Race Preferences Thrive On California Campuses
Voters wrongly believe they voted race-basing away in '96...[Bruce S. Thornton]11/17/03
Your Turn Republican Moderates
The scramble for the 3rd District [Eric Hogue] 11/15/03

Thinking Big

Change is in the Sacramento air... [John Campbell] 11/15/03
A Week Under the Dome

This week: Teachers attack Prop 13, Tax matters, Laffer's ideas are timely...[Bill Leonard] 11/15/03


Driver’s License Law Sideswipes the Constitution
Pacific Legal Foundation takes on licenses for illegals...[Harold Johnson and William Mount] 11/14/03

The Pledge And The Clause
Roger Williams' 400th birthday and the establishment clause [Gary M. Galles] 11/14/03
A Landmark In The Culture War
Canceling of Reagan miniseries a blow to power of the Hollywood left.
[Doug Gamble] 11/13/03
The Fight to Remain Relevant
There Goes Al Gore…Again [Matthew N. Klink]11/13/03
Fires Light Up Tax Talk
Tax-and-spenders see revenue in disaster...[Jon Coupal] 11/12/03
Tanned, Rested and Ready
ans are ready to lead...[Ray Haynes] 11/11/03
It's Time To Snuff Out The 'Let It Burn' Idea

Anti-people environmentalism fuels the flames... [M. David Stirling] 11/11/0
Grappling With Groping

Taking Sexual Impropriety Seriously [Carol Platt Liebau] 11/10/03

The Conservatives' Pyrrhic Victory?
On Cancelling "The Reagans" [Bruce S. Thornton] 11/8/03
Remember Reagan's Vision Of Liberty

In the President's Own Words [Gary M. Galles] 11/8/03

Spending Limits and Rainy Day Funds

Cap the spending...[John Campbell] 11/8/03

A Week Under the Dome

This week: The Fires, Car Tax and Transportation...[Bill Leonard] 11/8/03

Fighting For Her Life

Inflicting 'Capital Punishment' on Terry Schiavo...[Patterico] 11/8/03


Rejecting a Judge for Respecting the Constitution?
The Ugly Campaign Against Justice Janice Rogers Brown [Gary M. Galles] 11/7/03
An Idea Worth Considering

A simple notion to maximize education funds...[Lance T. Izumi] 11/7/03
Where were the tankers this time?

The new San Diego Fire Chief got caught with his red suspenders down....[Larry Stirling] 11/7/03

The (Very) Last Refuge of a Scoundrel
Hiding behind tragedy to make a tax grab... [Tom McClintock] 11/6/03
UC Admissions: Same as the Old Boss?
A time of change or the same old thing?[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 11/6/03
Trashing Reagan
The Hollywood Left's arrogance and ignorance..
.[Hugh Hewitt] 11/05/03
Taxpayers Continue to Foot the Bill
For Local Government Incompetence....
[Jon Coupal] 11/05/03
The Second Annual Nosey Awards
Dumb and dumber excesses of power in Sa
cramento...[Ray Haynes] 11/04/03
Why We're Honoring Rush Limbaugh
Claremont Institute's Statesmanship Award....[Brian T. Kennedy] 11/04/03
Finding Meaning in a Cloud of Smoke
The Unusual Opportunities Presented by California’s Fires [Carol Platt Liebau] 11/03/03
Get Ready For An Initiative Avalanche
Liberal constituencies will fight change...[John Campbell] 11/3/03
Poverty Pollutes
A Right Books Review:The Real Environmental C
risis by Jack M. Hollander [Bruce S. Thornton] 11/1/03
The Attack of the Open Border Elites

Citizenship used to mean something...[Laura Ingraham] 11/01/03

Janice Brown Deserves Fairness
...Not A Filibuster [William S. Mount] 11/01/03

The Black KKKommentator
California judge Janice Brown draws Progressive wrath for being black and thinking Right... [Bob Parks] 11/1/03
A Week Under the Dome

This week: firestorm, Arnold's chief of staff, police sacrifice, Gray's graceful exit, and campaign finance...[Bill Leonard] 11/1/03


How the Deck is Stacked Against Taxpayers
Homeowners are waking up to bonds: a self-inflicted tax...[Jon Coupal] 10/31/03
Up In Smoke
Paying for disaster twice...[Larry Stirling] 10/31/03

Banning Partial Birth Abortion: Congress v. SCOTUS... [Patterico v. Xrlq] 10/31/03
A legislature ruling in denial of real consequences...[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 10/30/03
How 'Habitat Protection' Causes Killer Infernos
Liberal fuel for the burning hills...[Hugh Hewitt] 10/29/03
Putting U.S. Media Savvy to Work
An L.A. publicist forms a blue ribbon panel to change minds [Doug Gamble] 10/29/03
Now They're Worried
Reality dawns on Progressive Sacramento...[Ray Haynes] 10/28/03
Frank Brown Was Right
Unify the courts and end the duplication...[Larry Stirling] 10/28/03
Hitting the “Wal”
Why Do Liberals Love to Hate Wal-Mart? [Carol Platt Liebau] 10/27/03
"Arnold's Army"

Does the recall represent a seismic shift in state politics?
[Shawn Steel] 10/27/03

Bad Bills, The Final Chapter

The last of lousy Davis-era legislation...[John Campbell] 10/25/03
Janice Rogers Brown -- She Must Be a Good Nominee
The nomination of the California Supreme Court Judge has the Left all twisted... [Chris Field] 10/25/03


Dealing With Loan Sharks
Legislature’s Budget Bonds Financing Scheme Violates the Constitution, Not to Mention Common Sense [M. David Stirling] 10/24/03
Trust But Verify
Mexico has a better voting system than California? [Larry Stirling] 10/23/03

A Week Under the Dome

Bill Leonard's weekly report from inside the State Board of Equalization [Bill Leonard] 10/22/03
The Bad Laws Don't Stop
We need our new Governor in office now... with a veto pen... [John Campbell] 10/22/03

The Siren Song of the Democrats
The allure of taxes...[Ray Haynes] 10/21/03
A Big Win for Taxpayers
Courts and the state Constitution finally stand for the people... [Jon Coupal] 10/21/03
Drowning Belief in a Pool of Ink

The Los Angeles Times’ Assault on Christianity [Carol Platt Liebau] 10/20/03
They See Visions
The Religious Order of the LA Times [John Mark Reynolds] 10/20/03
Nobel Lies
Truth doesn't matter: a California campus spreads open arms for leftist mythmaking... [Bruce S. Thornton]10/18/03
Voter Revolt Goes On...

One down, a lot to go...[Bob Chandra] 10/18/03

A Week Under the Dome
Notes on the Recall, Recall numbers, sour grapes and incentivizing contraband... [Bill Leonard] 10/17/03

Davis Was Carter But Is Arnold Another Reagan?

Davis was doomed from the beginning...[Lance T. Izumi] 10/16/03
Love, Divorce, and Marriage: Bloodless Martyrdom or Intolerable Cruelty?

Reflections on marriage and the new Coen brothers' movie...[John Mark Reynolds] 10/16/03
Democrats in Denial

The party refuses to admit its failed policies led directly to recall wipeout [Doug Gamble] 10/15/03

Consumers of the World, UNITE!
Memo to the United Food and Commercial Workers: You can't have Labor without Capital! [Joe Armendariz] 10/15/03
The Revolution Has Only Just Begun

The Legislature ignores the law and makes up its own rules... [Ray Haynes] 10/14/03

California Crushes Liberals
[David Horowitz] 10/14/03
The First Lesson of the Recall
Californians Will Vote for the "Right" Republican [Carol Platt Liebau] 10/1
Memo to: the Extremes

It's the Family Stupid [Joe Armendariz] 10/11/03
Legislature To You: Drop Dead!
The legislature ignores 9-1-1 [Larry Stirling] 10/11/03


Revolt in the Nanny State
The elites get roughed up.. [Bruce S. Thornton] 10/10/03
Arnold Must Use His Popularity
If lawmakers won't back reforms, governor-elect should go right to voters [Jon Fleischman] 10/10/03
A wakeup call for a state capitol out of touch [John Campbell] 10/10/03
Winners and Losers
Arnold ascends, Cruz collapses and the casino tribes forfeit vast good will
[Shawn Steel] 10/09/03
Now That the Dust Has Settled
Taxpayers Must Be Vigilant [Jon Coupal] 10/9/03
Memo to the Editor of the Los Angeles Times
Going down with Gray...[Hugh Hewitt] 10/8/03
Rule of Law – R.I.P.
The Legislature ignores the law and makes up its own rules...[Ray Haynes] 10/7/03
Before and After
October 7 and beyond... [John Campbell] 10/7/03
Beatrice Brigade
How California Will Be Saved One Kitchen Table a Time [John Mark Reynolds] 10/7/03
Keeping Our Eyes on the Ball
The Recall is About California [Carol Platt Liebau] 10/6/03
Race, Rush, and Uncle Remus
Opinions and paternalism...[John Mark Reynolds] 10/6/03
An Open Letter to Tom McClintock Supporters [Bob Chandra] 10/6/03
Memo to: The Republican Establishment [Joe Armendariz] 10/6/03
Prop 54 An Affirmation for Self-Identity
But the "experts" don't think so...[Martha Montelongo] 10/5/03
Is the Party Establishment Right About the Recall?
Could a conservative win? [Chris Field] 10/03/03
Budget Busting Panel Needed
To Solve State's Fiscal Woes [Jon Coupal and Tom Schatz] 10/4/03


Sweethearts Dance, You Pay
Politicians and unions strategize to stop privatization...[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 10/3/03
MEChA Neverland
The Mythical History of the Southwest [Bruce S. Thornton] 10/3/03
On Taxes and Elections, Take a Cue from California
Politicians beware - taxes are making voters very, very angry... [Chris Field] 10/03/03
Bake Sale, Pay-to-Play and Megan's Law
It keeps coming...[John Campbell] 10/3/03
Memo To My Fellow Conservatives
Why I’m endorsing Schwarzenegger… [Ray Haynes] 10/2/03
The Car Tax is the Squeaky Wheel
The Vehicle License Fee is a Tax... [Jon Coupal and Trevor Grimm] 10/2/03
Reasons to Vote for McClintock
A vote for Tom is a vote for... [Hugh Hewitt] 10/1/03
After Oct. 7: Then what?
If Schwarzenegger bombs as governor, look for a full-scale GOP civil war [Doug Gamble] 10/1/03
Put Teeth Into Megan's Law
Data on released sexual predators is too inaccessible and vague to help parents. [Tim Leslie] 10/1/03
Rhetoric and Reality
Why Taxing the Rich Doesn’t Work [Ray Haynes] 9/30/03
Judicial Mischief
An election almost halted because of 3 judges' statistical ignorance [John C. Eastman] 9/30/03
The Recall’s Forgotten Stepchild
Proposition 54 and Progressivism on the Cheap [Carol Platt Liebau] 9/29/03
In Praise of Strip Malls
Or See You Saturday at the Interstate Theater [John Mark Reynolds] 9/29/03
Playing With Fire
California’s system of issuing I.D. is dangerous and getting worse [Tim Leslie] 9/27/03


California recall: One possibility, and one possibility only - STATUS QUO!
Whatever the vote... not much is going to change...[Joe Armendariz] 9/26/03
More Bad, Bad Law
It just doesn't seem to stop...[John Campbell] 09/26/03
Finding the Good Men
The Courage of Our Regular Troops and the Challenge to the Rest of Us [John Mark Reynolds] 9/26/03
Debate: To Arnold
He had something to prove and he did... [Hugh Hewitt] 09/25/03 |
Debate: Arnold Survives
He had to be able to walk away...[Carol Platt Liebau] 9/25/03
Prop. 13 More Important Than Ever
Prop 13 and escalating home values [Jon Coupal] 9/24/03
California Recall: One Issue, and One Issue Only
Debate the corruption of the spending lobby...[Hugh Hewitt] 09/24/03
Half Measures and Half Wits

Sacramento Democrat tantrums...[Ray Haynes] 9/24/03

Memo to Arnold: Don't Just Say Something, Stand There!

Left-wing environmental policy from Schwarzenegger[Joe Armendariz] 9/24/03
Super Bowl Debate
A lot's at stake for California on Wednesday...[Doug Gamble] 9/23/03
Natural Born Killers
More legislation to destroy business...[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 9/23/03
Where the Blame Lies
Look beyond the Governor[Devin Jones] 9/23/03
More Davis than Reagan
Tom McClintock’s Blind (Personal) Ambition[Carol Platt Liebau] 9/22/03
More Media Crackup
Revenge of the Bee: Weintraub muzzled... Don't mess with Cruz...[Hugh Hewitt] 09/22/03
The Mental Primary
A Blueprint for Republicans to Determine out How to Vote in a Recall Election.[Jon Fleischman] 9/22/03
Absolutely Out of Touch
The 9th finds its own way...[Chris Field] 9/22/03
McClintock: The conscience of a conservative? [Bob Chandra] 9/22/03
McClintock is the Gold Standard [Joe Armendariz]
The Conservative Question
Arnold or Tom? [Shawn Steel] 9/20/03
Warnings About Paez and the Rest of the 9th Circuit
Liberal judicial activism out front and center...[Chris Field] 9/20/03


Supreme Clean Up Act?
If the full 9th doesn't do the job, SCOTUS will...[Hugh Hewitt] 09/19/03
More Bad Law to Sign
Maybe the Governor will get writer's cramp and stop before it's too late...[John Campbell] 09/19/03
Tribal Nonsense

The Ninth Circuit Panel Got it Wrong! [Larry Stirling] 09/19/03
Yes on Recall, Yes on Schwarzenegger
Tom, it's not your time, yet...[Xrlq] 9/18/03
Recall Script

A Governor Arnold would be good for O.C.[John Campbell] 09/18/03
Die-Hards and the Damage Done
What will the real costs of the McClintock candidacy be? [Hugh Hewitt] 09/17/03
Expediency vs. Principle
If the recall gets back on track, a crucial choice looms Oct. 7 [Doug Gamble] 9/17/03
Theater of the Absurd
Progressive flicks opened this weekend...[Joe Armendariz] 9/17/03
Saved By The Bell?
Ninth Circuit Postpones Recall Election [Carol Platt Liebau] 9/16/03
A Surplus of Candor
The Surprising Frankness of Art Torres [David Hackett] 9/16/03
Too Many Matchstick Men
Hollywood and the Anti-Hero [John Mark Reynolds] 9/16/03
The Compliment of Being Taken Seriously
Cruz, Tom and Media Coverage of the Recall [Carol Platt Liebau] 9/15/03
Forget MEChA, what about PORcA?
It's always about the money... [Joe Armendariz] 9/15/03
The Legend of Proposition 13
A timely book review: The Legend of Proposition 13 by Joel Fox [Michael J. New] 9/15/03
The Spoiler

Pragmatism or momentum? [John C. Eastman] 9/13/03
When Something Isn't Better Than Nothing
Workers' comp needs a real fix, not patchwork legislation [Ray Haynes] 9/13/03


Governor Croupier
Bustamante: putting a casino pit boss in the Governorship
[Shawn Steel] 9/12/03
Torturing Taxpayers with the Three Rs
Progressive political agenda pummels the public
[Jon Coupal] 9/12/03
In the Middle of a Bad Week of Bad Laws
Progressive panic has the Legislature in its grip
[John Campbell] 09/12/03
Integrity or Celebrity?
The so-called "unity-pledge/pact"
[Joe Armendariz] 9/12/03
Murder-Suicide in Sacramento
Anger and paranoia in the Capitol
[Ray Haynes] 9/11/03
Folie de Petrol [K. Lloyd Billingsley] 9/11/03
Legislation By Panic
Hiding a brew of bad law from public view
[John Campbell] 09/11/03
Mr. Disney’s Park
Or Why No Winner of a Major Event Will Ever Say, “I am Going to California Adventure!”
[John Mark Reynolds] 9/11/03
Mugging California Taxpayers
Assault on Prop 13
[M. David Stirling] 09/10/03
The Bad Beat Goes On...
The bad legislation dogpile...
[John Campbell] 09/10/03
Puke Politics
Smearing,'s an election and the Progressive agenda must be preserved...
[Hugh Hewitt] 09/10/03
Domestic Partner Benefits Will Push More Businesses Out of State
There are lots of Progressive ways to get around Prop 22...
[Chuck DeVore] 9/10/03
The Lying Liars of the Left
Blame George Bush for California’s Recall (that makes Californians Laugh)
[Melanie Morgan] 09/09/03
Bad Bill Parade
The legislation just keeps getting worse...
[John Campbell] 09/09/03
At Least He Doesn't Pronounce it "Aztlán"
In the waning moments, the Governor is desperate to prove he really is unfit to serve...
[Xrlq] 09/09/03
Rodney King: Once a Bum, Always a Bum
[David Horowitz]
Teaching Berkeley Schools about Respect for Law and Equal Rights
A school choice sham...
[Cynthia D. Cook] 9/8/03
Last Days and Licenses
Going from bad legislation to very bad...
[John Campbell] 09/06/03
Illegal Aliens, Illegal Indians
A Lesson in Lawlessness
[Ken Masugi] 09/06/03


Who Lied?
Bob uses slieght of hand for a cover up of his own...
[Stefan Sharkansky] 0905/03
Bird-Brained Justice
Justice is not served...again.
[Xrlq] 09/05/03
The Return to Partisan Politics
California, get ready for the coming Dean melt-down
...[Chuck DeVore] 9/5/03
An Instinct For Survival
Does anyone else sense the tide turning for Davis?
[Doug Gamble] 9/4/03
They Just Don't Trust Us
Liberal elites don't want power to the people
[Jon Coupal] 9/4/03
An Oration over the Career of Tom McClintock
With apologies to the Bard
...[Hugh Hewitt] 09/03/03
What are the Differences Between MEChA and Nazism?
[Stefan Sharkansky]
Who’s Dragging Down Who?
California’s Real Impact
[Ray Haynes] 9/2/03
Tough Love, or Tough Luck?
More high tax schemes from the Davis-Bustamante team...
[Joe Armendariz] 9/02/03
We’re All “Working People” Now
When Public Sector Unions Take Over, Who Looks Out for Taxpayers?  
[Carol Platt Liebau] 09/01/03
Media Recall Crackup ...
The rise of the blogs...
[Hugh Hewitt] 09/01/03
Legislative Break
It can't come soon enough
...[John Campbell] 8/30/03
Splitting the Roll, Splitting California
Big business kowtows to Sacramento
[Jon Coupal] 8/30/03 |


Who Should Be the Next Governor?
A taxpayer endorsement from HJTA
[Jon Coupal] 8/29/03
Davis Democrats and Their 16 Wobbly Republicans...
The budget is bad for the state... recall them all...
[Joe Armendariz] 8/28/03
Another Earthquake Coming
And it’s a good thing too
...[John Campbell] 8/27/03
Scheer Cruz
Bob's pulling for Bustamante and more taxes...
[Stefan Sharkansky] 8/27/03
Leader of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy???
I've been found out...
[Ray Haynes] 8/26/03
Hasta La Vista Bustamante!
Campaigning to take the state further down the wrong road...
[Joe Armendariz] 8/26/03
Running to Win
The Recall and Republican Redemption 
  [Carol Platt Liebau] 8/25/03
A Marriage of Convenience
Conservatives should accept Schwarzenegger to help rejuvenate state GOP
   [Carol Platt Liebau] 8/25/03
Sacramento's Back in Business
If the past week is any indication...Watch out...
[John Campbell] 8/23/03
Prop 13: Anniversary Backlash
Its enemies retell the old myths...
[Jon Coupal] 8/23/03
The Open City
Movie Review - Open Range
[Ken Masugi] 8/23/03 |


California Learning
Recall has its first victory.
[Michael J. New] 8/22/03
Dear Tom McClintock Supporter ...
Arnold may not be ideal, but first you have to win.
[Hugh Hewitt] 8/21/03
The Purpose of a Great Party
McClintock is true to conservative principles
[Joe Armendariz] 8/21/03
California Gives Junk Bonds a Bad Name
[Joe Armendariz]
Scheering Prop 13
The rich get richer and some avoid taxes
[Stefan Sharkansky] 8/20/03
Talk About Déjà Vu!
Special interests have brought back the economic problems of the early 90's
[Ray Haynes] 8/19/03

Trumping the Race Card

Republicans Can’t Let Democrats Win the “Race” to the Bottom
[Carol Platt Liebau] 8/18/03
Q&A: What Taxpayers Need to Know About the State Budget
[Jon Coupal]
Remember the Big Picture on California Education
It's the standards...
[Lance T. Izumi] 8/16/03 |


Recall Choice Really Between Tom, Bill, Arnold
[Shawn Steel]
Car Tax Redux
With a recall breathing down their necks liberals concoct a tax fraud [John Campbell] 8/15/03
Prop. 209 Imperiled
Special interests are back and hungry for racial spoils
[Stephen R. McCutcheon] 8/15/03
The Billion Dollar Fairy Shrimp
Finally environmental common sense seeps into government agencies
[Gregory T. Broderick and Denise Davis] 8/15/03
Prop 187 Revisited
Campaign season has begun, but, don't feed the Pander Bears...
[Joe Armendariz] 8/14/03
Scheer Recall
Stickin' with Gray
[Stefan Sharkansky] 8/14/03
This Conservative Is Voting For Arnold
[Hugh Hewitt]
California Muggin'
A Golden State Debate...
[Eric Metaxas] 8/13/03
When Chaos is Good
Finally, we can all see the result of failed leadership
[Ray Haynes] 8/12/03
Our Glorious Recall
Or, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love California”
[Carol Platt Liebau] 8/11/03
All Eyes on California
The recall is a sign of our recovery...
[John Campbell] 8/9/03
The Reagan Effect
Book Review: How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life by Peter Robinson
[Michael J. New] 8/9/03
Into the courts
[Jon Coupal and Trevor Grimm] 8/9/03
Politicians In Bond-Age
If bonds are part of the budget, voters must have a say
[Harold Johnson] 8/7/03 |


A Judicial Candidate Feminists Should Support
California's Janice Brown is worth considering for the U.S. Supreme Court
[Tammy Ku] 8/8/03
Politicians In Bond-Age
If bonds are part of the budget, voters must have a say
[Harold Johnson] 8/7/03
Open Mike, Insert Foot
Lawmakers' Candid Remarks Frighten Taxpayers
[Jon Coupal] 8/6/03
A Budget With No New Taxes
(It could have been worse….)
[Ray Haynes] 8/5/03
Barbara Boxer’s Embarrassing Forays Into Foreign Policy
[Carol Platt Liebau] 8/4/03
Groundhog Day
It's budget "deja vu" all over again and again
[John Campbell] 8/2/03


Recall and Recollection
Beware of unintended consequences
[Steven Hayward] 8/1/03
The Hour Has Come
McClintock Speech to Recall Rally July 26
[Tom McClintock] 7/31/03
28 Missing Pages
Scheer's Canards played out on Bush and the House of Saud
[Stefan Sharkansky] 7/30/03
Kooky, Extremist, Fringe Democrats with Goofy Ideas

Unfortunately, they're in charge...
[Ray Haynes] 7/28/03
Patriotism and Projection
Democrats Need To Care More About People, and Less About Power
[Carol Platt Liebau] 7/28/03
Disappointed But Proud
An embarrassing government, but a great state
[John Campbell] 7/26/03
A Lesson For School Accountability
[Lance T. Izumi]


INSIDE CRO: The Circus Has Come To Town For $3,500 you too can run for Governor [Hugh Hewitt] 7/25/03 | Driven to Judicial Fiat Desperate Davis Turns to the Courts for "Leadership" [Carol Platt Liebau] 7/24/03 | King of the Ring Big-time strategists, a jungle recall/election, and Democrats scheming over a live microphone. You won't believe what's happening in California. [Hugh Hewitt] 7/24/03 | Supreme Injustice A frivolous lawsuit at the state’s highest court [Jon Coupal] 7/23/03 | Soccer as Metaphor Movie Review - Bend It Like Beckham [Ken Masugi] 7/23/03 | Getting Their Priorities Straight Superintendent of Public Instruction gets himself into the budget mess [Ray Haynes] 7/22/03 | A Progressive "Gaffe" for Fiscal Crisis Open mike reveals scare tactics to gain more taxes [Hugh Hewitt] 7/22/03 | Recall Strategy The California GOP Needs to Stay Flexible – and Above All, Unified [Carol Platt Liebau] 7/21/03 | Budget Pain and Union Payback The Governor scolds and Plumbers pay-for-play [John Campbell] 7/18/03 |


INSIDE CRO:The Capitol Hillbillies A Scaramento sitcom [Jon Coupal] 7/18/03 | Ten Years After: Progress and Opposition in Charter Schools [K. Lloyd Billingsley] 7/17/03 | Demise of Los Angeles Times? Does anybody really care? [Hugh Hewitt] 7/16/03 | A Caricature of Themselves A 4% cut? Children will starve, old people will die... [Ray Haynes] 7/15/03 | Slanting News At The LA Times? Say it ain’t so…[Hugh Hewitt] 7/15/03 | In the Ring With Barbara Boxer A “Lightweight” Approach to Justifying Abortion Rights? [Carol Platt Liebau] 7/14/03 | Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette A tax and spend solution [Jon Coupal and Trevor Grimm] 7/12/03 |


INSIDE CRO: Car Tax Refund Demand your refund when you pay your car tax [John Campbell] 7/11/03 | A Real American Remembers California Review - Victor Davis Hanson's Mexifornia [Ken Masugi] 7/10/03 | Highway Robbery [Tom McClintock] 7/9/03 | Brother, Can You Spare A Nickel? Liberal illusion: tax cuts cause deficits, not overspending [Ray Haynes] 7/8/03 | A “Taxing” Responsibility The Power to Change Sacramento Rests With Us [Carol Platt Liebau] 7/7/03 | Taxes Raised by a Phantom Cost Taxpayers Real Dollars [Jon Coupal] 7/5/03 |


INSIDE CRO: Machines Vs. Man Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [Ken Masugi] 7/4/03 | If nothing else, "Terminator 3" is worth seeing for the pleasure in imagining how Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would terminate the budget crisis in Sacramento. | A 4% Solution We propose no new taxes [John Campbell] 7/04/03 | Budget: This week, Assembly Republicans introduced an updated version of our budget proposal that we first made about 2 months ago. The salient point of our proposal is that it contains absolutely no new taxes including the illegally raised car tax. | Caught In The Trawler [Streetsweeper] 7/3/03 | From American Spectator's Prowler - - Gray Areas Across the country, Gov. Gray Davis's opposition research team -- the one that worked overtime during the last election to dig up dirt on former Los Angeles mayor Dick Riordan and opponent Bill Simon -- is at it again. | Another Hurdle For Recallers [Carol Platt Liebau] 7/2/03 | It's been clear for a while that timing may be everything with regard to the vote on whether to recall California Governor Gray Davis. | The Blame Game [Streetsweeper] 7/1/03 | "With a majority in both houses and a Democratic governor, the Democrats, unlike the Republicans, can pass a budget without a single vote from the other party — as long as it does not raise taxes, which requires a two-thirds supermajority." | A Different Kind of “Blonde Ambition” The Unique Appeal of “Legally Blonde”’s California Heroine [Carol Platt Liebau] 6/30/03 | Pull My Trigger. . . An unaccountable, self-triggering tax that only a liberal could love [Ray Haynes] 6/28/03 | A Budget Stalled Going nowhere fast [John Campbell] 6/28/03 |


INSIDE CRO: Politicians In Bond-Age If bonds are part of the budget, voters must have a say
[Harold Johnson] 6/27/03 |
Real Courage Means Cutting Spending [Jon Coupal] 6/27/03 | Booting Davis The unGovernor appears doomed. [Hugh Hewitt] 6/26/03 | California Screamin’ Why Residents of the Golden State Are (and Should Be) Angry [Carol Platt Liebau] 6/23/03 | More Hackery The Los Angeles Times puts a Progressive spin on the Car Tax [Hugh Hewitt] 6/23/03 | California Doesn’t Need Saving, It Needs Rescuing Legislature's Democrats are in denial [Ray Haynes] 06/21/03 | A RAW Deal? California's approach to fiscal management is a revolving charge card. [Jon Coupal] 6/21/03 |






The First Shot Proposition 13 is where the Reagan Revolution began. by Joel Fox 6/6/03 | The Bogus Scapegoating of Prop. 13 Government not only wasn't gutted, per-capita spending is higher than ever by Gary M. Galles 6/6/03 | Taxpayer Rights Prop. 13, 25 years later by the Editors 6/6/03 | Legislators Haven't Learned About Folly Of Ignorant Decisions by Dan Walters 6/6/03 | Worker's Compensation Insurance Horror stories from the front lines of business by John Campbell 6/6/03 | CalPERS Goosed Pension Fund to Justify Benefits by Daniel Weintraub 6/5/03 | The New Glass Ceiling Stellar credentials and a "well-qualified" rating from the American Bar Association, its highest, following her nomination to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals should have made the road to confirmation an easy one for Judge Carolyn Kuhl. by John C. Eastman 6/4/03 | Theology Lessons with Jim Carrey Bruce Almighty by Marshall Allen | OCTA, Still Off-Track by the Editors 6/5/03 | Fathers & Sons, Under the Sea Finding Nemo by Thomas Hibbs 6/5/03 | L.A. Times Fighting Liberal Bias? John Carroll is the editor of The Los Angeles Times. On May 22, he sent a memo to all of his section editors. by Hugh Hewitt 4/6/03 | Davis Recall: Be Careful What You Wish For The effort could stain state politics with the bitterness that afflicts Washington. by Bill Whalen 6/4/03 | Slip Sliding Away "It was one of those under-the-radar bills that just slipped by," San Jose's Union School District Superintendent Phil Quon said of a measure Gov. Gray Davis signed before last year's election. by Debra Saunders 6/4/03 | Heat Wave Hits Capitol, But Politics of Budget Remain Frozen by Dan Walters 6/4/03 | Windfall for Politicians Democrats think $2.4 billion in federal funds is theirs alone by the Editors 6/4/03 | A Reverberating Proposition A tax-cut in California in 1978 is still paying dividends. by Bruce Bartlett 4/6/03 | A Taskmaster Heads North Although cash-strapped California could ill afford a $100-million expenditure this year to bail out a school district that had mangled its finances, the state couldn't leave Oakland children without an education. by the Editors 6/4/03 | Malibu Babs: Snapshots of an Eco-Hypocrite People who live in 10,000-square-foot oceanfront mansions shouldn't throw stones. by Michelle Malkin 6/4/03 | Race Still Divides Berkeley by Carrie Sturrock 6/4/03 | Total Recall The campaign to recall California Governor Gray Davis may succeed, admit a growing number of California Democrats by George Neumayr 6/3/03 | A Better Way An alternative to proposed car tax hike by the Editors 6/3/03 | Twenty-five Years After Prop. 13 by the Editors 6/3/03 | Prop. 13 This Friday, June 6, marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most important political/economic events in American history: Proposition 13. by Bruce Bartlett 6/3/03 | Democrats Recall Peace, Prosperity and Clintons by Daniel Weintraub 6/3/03 | Horowitz vs. Hollywood Tinseltown leftists try to silence David Horowitz in the name of "free speech." by Paul Bond 6/3/03 | Capitol Sees Stark Conflict Over Protecting Californians' Privacy by Dan Walters 6/3/03 | People Must Demand Recall After the Damage Davis Has Caused In One Term, Can State Afford to Go Through Another? by Shawn Steel 6/2/03 | Pomp, Sanctimony – And Hope The Ironies of a “Liberal” Education by Carol Platt Liebau 6/2/03 | Gov. Train Wreck This could be the summer of Gray Davis' discontent. Even as a recall campaign picks up speed against the California governor, things continue to go badly for him and the state he has the Editors 6/2/03 | 'Conscience' Is No Cause for Judges to Flout Laws May a U.S. Court of Appeals judge refuse to follow binding U.S. Supreme Court precedent if the judge believes that the precedent is unconscionable? by Howard J. Bashman 6/2/03 | The O.J.-ification of Laci by Debra Saunders 6/2/03 | Unintended Results of Policy Choices Litter the Landscape The solitary thread of consistency in California's complex, dysfunctional, ironic -- and often just plain wacky -- politics is that they faithfully obey the law of unintended consequences. by Dan Walters 6/1/03 | Vote to Derail CenterLine by the Editors 6/1/03 | CenterLine's Many Myths Example: It would relieve congestion. Well, no - according to OCTA itself. by Jack Mallinckrodt 6/1/03 | It Speaks Spanish, Not Republican by Frank del Olmo 6/1/03 | State Budget Crunch A 1991 lesson in cutting California's deficit. by Larry N. Gerston 6/1/03 | Spend, Tax, Beg, Borrow, Steal A spending addiction of unparalleled proportions by Ray Haynes 5/31/03 | Program Downgrade Matrix Reloaded lacks the beautiful sparseness of its precursor by Andrew Coffin | Mr. Deeds Goes to Wall Street Hollywood's bizarre lessons on corporate finance. by Stephen W. Stanton 5/30/03


A Tale of Two Cities Cutting taxes in DC, piling on in Sacramento. by John Campbell 5/29/03 | A Christmas Carroll Liberal bias at the Los Angeles Times even annoys its editor. by George Neumayr 5/30/03 | Celebrity Injustice Loudmouth moviemakers don’t know their audience. by Joel Engel 5/30/03 | California's Problem Isn't Prop. 13 by Joel Fox 5/30/03 | Up From the Ashes A state-appointed administrator will soon lead the Oakland public the Editors 5/30/03 | Memo to My Wife Thanks for the checkbook, Honey. by Tom McClintock 5/29/03 | Gray Davis Rolls the Dice In desperate need of cash and political capital, California's governor prepares to give Native American tribes some extra-Constitutional powers. by Hugh Hewitt 5/29/03 | Lives of the Party THE RED AND THE BLACKLIST The Intimate Memoir Of a Hollywood Expatriate By Norma Barzmanby John Meroney 5/29/03 | Pension Fund Ills Can Be Traced To Big Giveaway by Daniel Weintraub 5/29/03 | A Wasted Windfall? Suppose someone is deeply in debt and close to bankruptcy. by the Editors 5/29/03 | State Must Keep, Not Water Down, Exit Exam by the Editors 5/29/03 | Robert Scheer's Lurch Off the Cliff of Reality by Hugh Hewitt 5/28/03 | Hold Fast, Republicans So far Republicans continue to stand up for the rights of taxpayers. by the Editors 5/28/03 | The Right Papers If it can happen in Santa Barbara, it can happen Sheri Annis 5/28/03 | A Festival of Anti-Americanism by John H. Hinderaker 5/28/03 | Don't Reform Trade Offices - Close Them by the Editors 5/28/03 | Leftwing Hack The latest in Scheer lunacy. by George Shadroui by 5/28/03 | Prop. 42 Highway Funds: Hands Off Money for crucial road projects shouldn't be taken to cover state's red ink. by DAN BEAL 5/28/03 | Attorney General Jerry Brown? Comics are smiling as 'Gov. Moonbeam' mulls new run for state office. by Doug Gamble 5/27/03 | Honeymoon’s Over Chief Bratton gets Los Angeles politicians fuming. by Jack Dunphy 5/27/03 | Cardinal Stonewaller by George Neumayr 5/27/03 | Race Preferences and the Resurrection of George Orwellby Ward Connerly 5/27/03 | Ultimate Betrayal The revived Belmont Learning Center is the curse of the LAUSD by the Editors 5/27/03 | Proudly They Serve A Memorial Day Thank You to the California National Guard. by Carol Platt Liebau 5/26/03 | Sacramento's Profiles in Cowardice by Steven Greenhut 5/25/03 | In State's Time of Need, the Governor Fails to Lead by Daniel Weintraub 5/25/03 | GOP Can Seize the Moment by Tony Quinn 5/25/03 | In Memoriam: Freedom The more a state provides, the more a state can take away. by Ray Haynes 5/24/03 | Sacramento’s Union Label Just two weeks of unionized monopoly at the Legislature by John Campbell 5/24/03 | An Outsider Takes On L.A.'s Gang Problem by Janet Clayton 5/23/03 | OCTA, Learn from San Jose by the Editors 5/23/03 | Real Problem, Wrong Solution Affirmative action doesn't work and is antithetical to American values by James L. Doti, President, Chapman University 5/23/03 | GOP Focus Should Be Kid Stuff Republicans must see that their most important constituency is children. by Robert C. Fellmeth 5/25/03 | Parenting Before Politics Rep. Doug Ose decides to come home. by the Editors 5/24/03 | A Budget Map State needs a long-term solution. by the Editors 5/24/03 | Where Your Money GoesL.A. City Hall ignores national trend by giving out hefty pay raises. by the Editors 5/24/03 |


Decline of the Times, Part 2 The Los Angeles Times rails against its defenders and shows how bad its editorial page is, too. by Hugh Hewitt 5/23/03 | 'May I?' and 'The Matrix' Why my kids won't be seeing the latest R-rated blockbuster. by Dale Buss 5/23/03 | Entrepreneurs Find No Luster in Golden State by Joseph Perkins 5/23/03 | Wall Street Cons Rebuffed by the Editors 5/23/03 | California Hits Up Wall Street for More Cash by the Editors 5/23/03 | Leftists Fume at Second UCLA Affirmative Action Bake Sale by Adam Foxman 5/23/03 | Workers' Comp: Reform or Collapse by the Editors 5/23/03 | Can Legislators Probe College Computer Mess with Authority? by Dan Walters 5/23/03 | As the Deficit Turns at Daniel Weintraub’s Blog 5/22/03 [posting 5/21/03] | Why NotWin? by Debra J. Saunders 5/22/03 | Open Government on the Chopping Block by the Editors 5/22/03 | Exit Exam is Crucial for Disadvantaged Students by Daniel Weintraub 5/22/03 |Civil Rights Media Hounds Ignore Black Plight by Michael Reagan 5/22/03 | Wild and Wooly in California The prospect of a recall vote on Governor Gray Davis has the state's political establishment in an uproar. by Hugh Hewitt 5/21/03 | Tale of Two Cities -- One Drifting to Starboard, the Other to Port by Dan Walters 5/21/03 | Slandering the Military? More Sheer lunacy at the Los Angeles Times by Hugh Hewitt 5/30/03 | The Fourth Estate’s Failure: Who Really Loses When The Los Angeles Times Distorts The News by Charles McVey 5/21/03 | Choosing Gimmicks Over Leadership by the Editors 5/21/03 | Wall Street Isn't Saying, 'Raise taxes' Once again, Davis blames others for fallout from his mismanagement. by John Campbell | All for One City leaders quibble over details, but agree on their target by the Editors 5/20/03 | Illegal Immigration Surely, the House isn't serious about the issue by the Editors 5/21/03 | End of the Line You can’t go much beyond San Fran. by John Derbyshire 5/20/03 | Racial Head Counters by George Neumayr 5/20/03 | Real Budget Crisis is the $8 Billion Annual Income-Outgo Gap by Dan Walters 5/20/03 | Overspending a Plague Not Just at State Level by the Editors 5/20/03 | OSE POLITIC by the Prowler 5/20/03 | Even Hard-Bitten Lobbyists Roll Eyes at Capitol's Dysfunction by Dan Walters 5/19/03 | Betrayal in Sacramento Small-business owners denied promised reform of Unfair Competition Law by Maryann Maloney 5/19/03 | Liberals in State Capitol are Looking to Wield an Even Bigger Cudgel by Tony Quinn 5/19/03 | Senseless Spending Democrats' anti-business, anti-taxpayer agenda will push California even deeper into economic crisis by Steven Greenhut 5/18/03 | Testy, Testy by Debra J. Saunders 5/18/03 | Forecasts of 2-tier California Have Become Harsh Reality by Dan Walters 5/18/03 | Inquiry Casts Shadow Over City Hall FBI raid suggests a void in leadership by Philip J. LaVelle 5/18/03 | Battered Public Pension Funds -- Everyone Pays by Daniel Weintraub 5/18/03 | Dripping with Excess Water districts act as if no one is watching by the Editors 5/18/03 | Block the Biggest Disaster Since OC Bankruptcy by Larry Gilbert 5/18/03 | Tax Deceits Budget-speak is budget deceit. by Ray Haynes 5/16/03 | The 400-Pound Gorilla CalPERS can't cope with health care costs by the Editors 5/17/03 | Structural Reforms for State are a Must by the Editors 5/17/03 | Hollywood's Propaganda Awards by Brent Bozell 5/16/03 |


The Litigation Lottery California's Unfair Competition Act and the Depradations of Unscrupulous Trial Lawyers by Carol Liebau 5/16/03 | Bad Times at the Other Times The spotlight is on the New York Times today, but things aren't going so well at the Los Angeles Times, either. by Hugh Hewitt 5/16/03 | In Full Retreat Davis waves white flag on budget realism by the Editors 5/16/03 | Will Davis Ever Learn Why He's the Most Unpopular Governor? by Dan Walters 5/16/03 | Scandal May Paralyze City Hall for Months by the Editors 5/15/03 | BOO-TOX Miramax Moore by The Prowler 5/16/03 | 'Smart Growth' Types' Dumb Rhetoric Linking suburbs to obesity just another silly attempt at social engineering by Chris Fiscelli 5/16/03 | Budget Revision a Huge Disappointment by the Editors 5/15/03 | Davis Budget Pushes Problems into the Future by Daniel Weintraub 5/15/03 | Governor No by Debra J. Saunders 5/15/03 | An Initiative with a Silver Lining Race-privacy measure would challenge scientists' obsession with skin color by M. Royce Van Tassell 5/15/03 | California's Problem by the Editors 5/15/03 | Liberating Schools The school board backs real reform by committing to charters by the Editors 5/15/03 | How Ford Funds the Left by William Bacon 5/15/03 | You're Suing Los Angeles by Terence Jeffrey 5/14/03 | Tinkering Won't Solve a Deficit This Massive by the Editors 5/14/03 | A Sober Era in Sacramento? Hardly Vast deficit hasn't chastened the state's reckless and feckless lawmakers by K. Llyoyd Billingsley 5/14/03 | They Fail; We Pay City Hall bungling produced and perpetuates the LAPD consent decree by the Editors 5/13/03 | Oil for Illegals? Mexico, and the Democrats, have a fit over House vote. by Mark Krikorian 5/13/03 | My Week at Stanford by Dennis Prager 5/13/03 | Do-Nothing City by Debra J. Saunders 5/13/03 | Jerry Brown Battles the Unions He Once Nurtured by Daniel Weintraub 5/13/03 | Why California's Gov. Davis May be Facing Historic Recall by Eric Hogue 5/13/03 | Make 'Balanced Budget' Myth a Reality for State by Fred Silva 5/13/03 | Paying More for Less Hahn's budget slugs taxpayers to fatten City Hall paychecks by the Editors 5/13/03 | X2 Marks the Spot by Andrew Coffin [posted 5/13/03] 5/17 issue | You Can't Judge These Books by Their Covers Many school texts distort history, slamming the U.S. and glorifying despotic regimes. by Diane Ravitch 5/12/03 | A See-No-Evil Parole System by Jonathan Turley 5/12/03 | Rabble-Rousing: Will We Ever Be Free of the Chaos? by the Editors [posted 5/12/03] 5/8/03 | State Budget Deficit: Is It Getting Larger? by the Editors 5/12/03 | California National Guard Still a Mess by Dan Walters 5/12/03 | Exit Ignorant by Debra Saunders 5/11/03 |


Recalling Our Principles Why the Davis Recall is Worth Reconsidering by Carol Liebau 5/9/03 | Short-Term Fixes Only Delay Fiscal Train Wreck State has to come to terms with Prop. 13's legacy. by David Abel and Rick Cole 5/9/03 | A Homeless Plan Can't End Now by the Editors 5/9/03 | Cashing In at the Capitol by the Editors 5/9/03 | A Dubious 'Novel Tax' by the Editors 5/9/03 | Surplus Gone, CalPERS Needs More from Taxpayers by Daniel Weintraub 5/8/03 | We Can All Just Get Along A major hate-crimes backlash against Muslims and Arab Americans failed to materialize despite ominous warnings. by Richard J. Riordan and David A. Lehrer 5/8/03 | Picking Patronage Plums Appointment process needs reform by the Editors 5/8/03 | Dropping the Ball on Drop-Outs California educators mishandle figures on those who quit school early by DR. ALAN BONSTEEL 5/8/03 | Pay as You Go Hahn's new vision for city government by the Editors 5/8/03 | A Foregone Forecast Stop me if you've heard this one: The recovery could come later this year, but it will be a modest one. by John Seiler [posted 5/7/03] 5/4/03 | Zero Tolerance, Zero Sense by the Editors 5/7/03 | Tussle Over Loss of Manufacturing Jobs Focuses on Tax Credit by Dan Walters 5/7/03 | Dangerous Liaisons by the Editors 5/7/03 | Suspense About Expense A costly bill to strengthen union control of UC contracts comes back by LARRY PETERMAN 5/6/03 | $10 Billion Debt Plan Lesser Evil by Chris Weinkopf 5/6/03 | Romer's Big Discovery LAUSD superintendent sees the wisdom of smaller is better by the Editors 5/6/03 | California's Next Crisis Gov. Davis sets his sights on workers' comp reform by the Editors 5/6/03 | No Holes in Holes A smooth move from bookshelf to silver screen. by Thomas Hibbs 5/6/03 | Something New is 'Blowing in the Wind' at University of California College Republicans Now Biggest Group on Campus by John Gizzi 5/5/03 | Another San Francisco Democrat by Terence Jeffrey 5/5/03 | Fascists, Communists Unite Against President Bush Radical follies in Santa Clara by Brian Sayre 5/5/03 | Perverting Megan's Law Democrats work to limit, not expand, Internet posting of sex-offender data. by TODD SPITZER 5/4/03 | A Budget Solution That Works Our budget solution works. Nothing the Governor has done has worked by Assemblyman Ray Haynes 5/3/03 | Recalling Governor Davis Will California voters give him the boot? by the Editors 5/3/03 | Separating God from Country by Joseph Perkins [posted 5/3/03] 5/2/03 |


A Holy MessWhy Do Catholic Politicians Get Away With Ignoring Church Teachings? by Carol Liebau 5/2/03 | GOP Should Give Democrats Enough Rope to Hang Themselves on the Budgetby Thomas L. Krannawitter 5/2/03 | Garamendi Finds the Executive Life Fiasco's Hard to Escape by Dan Walters 5/2/03 | Watching a Great Paper Dive Into Pedophilia Chic by Robert Knight 5/2/03 | Plan Shows How to Balance the State Budget Without Raising Taxes Outlines $18 billion in potential savings and calls for reform of state government by Reason Public Policy Institute [posted 5/1/03] 4/30/03 | GOP Plan is a Start, But Doesn't Balance the Budget by Daniel Weintraub 5/1/03 | Borrowing Trouble to Balance Budget by the Editors 5/1/03 | Moral Dyslexia? The insanity in Sacramento is on the rise. by Assemblyman Ray Haynes [posted 4/30/03] 4/25/03 | Bush's One-Two Punch for a California Win by Bill Whalen 4/30/03 | As Budget Crisis Worsens, State's Politicians Finally Get Serious by Dan Walters 4/30/03 | A Fountain of Trouble by the Editors 4/30/03 | The Goal: Schools as Union Halls Teachers press Legislature for law to allow political advocacy on campus by Lance T. Izumi 4/30/03 | California Republicans 'shock and awe' Berkeley Stars and stripes fly over People's Park by Steve Sexton 4/27/03 [posted 4/30/03] | Unfounded Optimism Bad assumptions and poor priorities dog Hahn's budgetby the Editors 4/29/03 | Time for California Republicans to Exercise Partisanship by Thomas Krannawitter 4/29/03 | Blue Shield Puts a Price Tag on Universal Health Care by Daniel Weintraub 4/29/03 | Nobody likes to put a price tag on their dreams. | Riding to Rescue of Recall? Maybe Issa must win over those who loathe Davis but don't want to remove him by DOUG GAMBLE 4/29/03 | 'Hello ... Your Son Has Been Shot' It was the dreaded call that has become all too common in the black community. by Madison Shockley 4/29/03 | Pelosi Acts as Pivot for GOP Campaign by Charles Hurt 4/28/03 | CARB Learns ... A Little by The Editors 4/28/03 | Businesses Belong in Marketplace of Ideas by The Editors 4/28/03 | Sick Pay Costs of California's workers' comp program cripple business, public services by the Editors 4/27/03 | As They Face Huge Budget Deficit, Liberals Switch Tactics by Dan Walters 4/27/03 | Is California Ready for a Re-Pete Next Year? Wilson: He wouldn't be first pol to run against his record by Tony Quinn 4/27/03 | A Roadmap to a Balanced Budget for This State by Daniel Weintraub 4/27/03 | Cuba Libre County supes take in Havana on special interests' dime by The Editors 4/26/03 | California Drowning Initiative is gimmick to avoid tough decisions by The Editors 4/26/03 |


A Bad Attitude Hostility to Private Enterprise Impedes California’s Economic Recovery - by Carol Liebau | Call It Must-'Fee' TV The All Tax Increase Channel, a.k.a. the Legislature, is now on the air 24/7 - by Jon Coupal | Undermining Prop. 13 Bit by bit, government agencies are undoing taxpayer safeguard - LA Daily News | Structural Reform Needed To End The Cycle - SD Union Tribune | Doubled Bottle Deposits Might Help Balance Budget - by Daniel Weintraub | Unmoored - by The Prowler | High-Poverty But High-Performing Schools offer proof that minority students from poor families can thrive - by William E. Simon Jr. and Lance T. Izumi | Tax Reform - SD Union Tribune | Myopic Oversight Millions of dollars have been wasted in the LAUSD's crash school building program - LA Daily News | Sexcapades the Business of the Day in Sacramento - by Thomas Krannawitter | The Stark Facts - by James R. Harrigan 4/22/03 | Peter’s Sympathy for Hollywood Hypocrites ABC Covers Anti-War Actors By Playing Up Their “Punishment,” Not Their Errors or Radicalism - by Tim Graham 4/22/03 | Tim Robbins Doesn't Get It - by Joseph Perkins 4/22/03 | A Faculty for Misstatement Three who back Iraq liberation decry their UCLA senate's antiwar statement. - by Kenneth N. Klee, Daniel Lowenstein and Grant Nelson 4/22/03 | Muddled State Lawmakers need to step beyond their ideologies and show real leadership in California - Sacramento Bee | Going Outside the Box U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin is getting a close look as a moderate Latina answer to Sen. Barbara Boxer in '04 by David Whitney | Castro's Casting Couch In Hollywood's love affair with Fidel who is using whom? - by Damien Cave | Cut charter schools? Hardly They deliver better results with less funding, so put away that budget ax - by Dr. Alan Bonsteel | Governor Davis: Smarter than He Looks! I'm sorry, I thought he was destroying the state through mere incompetence by Assemblyman Ray Haynes | Just Another Face in the Crowd Barbara Boxer and the Perils of Internationalist Group-Think - by Carol Liebau


Just Another Face in the Crowd Barbara Boxer and the Perils of Internationalist Group-Think | California Muscle Rumors were flying on Capitol Hill earlier this week that Sen. George Allen had persuaded Hollywood muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for the Senate against Sen. Barbara Boxer. | Listen to Tim Robbins Whine Poor Tim Robbins. He thinks his rights are being stripped away– that he can no longer speak out, that he’s being gagged by a president he despises. | Looney Clooneys One of the gratifying developments of President George W. Bush's World Crisis is the intellectual transformation of Hollywood, California. | Down and Out Baseball's Hall of Fame committed a grievous error… | Latest From Kooktopia: Ban On Frowns In Golden State's northern half, silly season evidently goes year-round. | UCLA ANTI-WAR RESOLUTION So about 200 of my UCLA colleagues… | Bay Area's Silent Majority TALK about pathetic. Last week, anti-war protesters were reduced to picketing KQED -- that's right, San Francisco's left-leaning PBS television and radio station. | Californians' Tax Burden Is About Average, But Variances Are Wide Are Californians paying too much or too little in taxes? | Welcome To The Party The City Council joins the rest of the world in condemning Saddam Hussein | First, Eat Your Vegetables I guess the Governor’s mother never made him eat his green beans at dinner. | Columnist Decries Name-Calling, Then Calls Names Anyone who disagrees with Mr. Greenhut is labeled a demagogue, an "inflammable spirit" or as one of the "Purple People." | New Taxes Proposed For State's Residents Unpleasant though the specter of tax-day April 15 is, Californians ought to relish the moment. They'll never have it this good again. | Prescription For Disaster Forcing all California employers to offer health insurance sure to backfire


First, Eat Your Vegetables I guess the Governor’s mother never made him eat his green beans at dinner. | Appeasers, Repent! Will celebrity appeasers apologize? | You Belong To Me Nancy Pelosi stated she would not change her vote against the war for anything. | Are You Sleeping Soundly? Being Gray Davis, ca. 2008. | George Harrison, Prophet Satiric Beatles ditty 'Taxman' could be the Golden State's official song.| A Hitler Miniseries Meant To Bash Bush | In Defense of the Indefensible Sacramento can't bring itself to cut even obvious waste, outrageous perks.| Le Cinema de Fromage A French film festival opens in Los Angeles and the films on display are very, very . . . French. | A More Rational Approach To School Spending | CanadaCare Light | A Tale of Two Nancys House minority leader Nancy Pelosi can't decide whether she's Dick Gephardt or Howard Dean. | Uh, Governor: This is a 'hiring freeze'? State adds 37,000 workers in a year in which it was supposed to add none. | Handout City SAN FRANCISCO ought to be known as the city that surrendered. | Low-Performing Legislators Feel-good semantic changes in education terminology won't help anyone.

3/30/03 – 4/5/03

The Arrogance of Power – Sacramento maneuvers | Bowling Truths - Michael Moore’s mocking. | Fluent - But Not Fluent Enough - Schools have financial incentive to refuse to recognize student gains | Rise of Lunacy at CBS – Hitler and Bush | And Now, The Local Income Tax | Mike Farrell: Art of Deception | And We Should Listen To Them On This Because…? – UCLA faculty organizes to save Saddam | Robert Scheer, Gucci Marxist - From his perch at the Los Angeles Times, Berkeley radical Bob Scheer fires scuds at his native land. | Oh, That Robin! - “Mork” weighs in on the war. | Lauritzen's Lark - Incoming school board member takes aim at good schools. | Can’t We All Just Stay Home? - War protests divert police resources from homeland security and endanger us all. | The Loons at PETA Have a Cow | Hell's for Heroes | Hear No Victory, See No Victory, Report No Victory - The Los Angeles Times goes to war. | He Was A True American, And A True Marine | Right Side of the Argument - Lonely are the Republicans | Muchas Gracias – Thanks Mr. Unz. | In Supporting Roles - When top stars and directors enlisted in the war effort in the 1940s, it was a different Hollywood -- and America. | State Should Heed History - Davis' approach to cutting budget deficit went disastrously awry in 1930s.


Pundit or Saint? – Michael Moore is the salvation of the working class. | Michael Moore’s Revenge | In Defense of Proposition 13 | Ben Stein Sees America’s Heart is Strong | Tears of the Left – why liberals will be uncomfortable watching Bruce Willis’ new film. | Oscar Forgets the Troops | The Moore the Scarier | Tantrum– whiny protestors in San Francisco | Budgets, Books and Bombs | Judy Blue Eyes: What the Left Sees | Iraq War Could be a Memory by the Time State Solves Budget Crisis | Shame on You, Mr. Moore. Shame on You. | Hollywood is Hell | Oscar Goes to War | Stupid Academy Award | Safety Gear Better than Vapid Talk – LA city council wakes up.


Unmoored From Reality - An ideological con artist is the favorite for an Oscar | The Shame of Hollywood | San Francisco Street Subversion | Why Can’t We Be More Like the French? The California Assembly can’t bring itself to support the troops and the President. | Motion Pinko Arts and Sciences | Pete Wilson for Senate | Incoming: a Deluge of Democrats - Early primary makes state a magnet for would-be presidential nominees | Academy Award socio-politico predictions | Davis Crafted – stealth car taxing


The President of the Left. Martin Sheen’s not the President, but he plays one on TV | The rush to trigger the Car Tax is full of distortions – from The Shadow Controller | ANSWER takes the worldwide socialist revolution to high schools. | How the Mexican Counsel blames the CHP for the consequences of breaking the law. | The Writers Guild honors a stupid white man. | A Lakers game seems eerily normal when you think about our guys in a sandstorm in Kuwait | Why Hollywood hates conservatives | Notorious Phd | The Stanford front for terrorism | Why the Feds shouldn’t bail out California


SFPD & The DA | Hollywood Left Hates Bruce Willis | Kuehl-Care is wrong Rx for Californians | Boycott Jim Hahn's L.A. | Film = Life [Life of David Gale & The Hours]
Lingering Observations: As Pesky as France, But with Better Wine | The Boxer Rebellion | Gray Davis and the Bare Cupboard | Have You Hugged Your Tree Today? | California Taxpayers Continue to be Ripped Off by Fraud and Reckless Government Spending | California Pensions Threatened by Left-Coast Liberalism | Saving Democracy in California


The Unpatriotic University: Berkeley | Councils Rob Public with Anti-war Ads | Film = Life [Disney Remembers a Different 'Alamo'] | Anti-Conservative Bias at Stanford | Betting the House on Matsui Lingering Observations: As Pesky as France, But with Better Wine | The Boxer Rebellion | Gray Davis and the Bare Cupboard | Have You Hugged Your Tree Today? | California Taxpayers Continue to be Ripped Off by Fraud and Reckless Government Spending | California Pensions Threatened by Left-Coast Liberalism | Saving Democracy in California

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The final edition of CRO's 2002 election coverage.

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