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An unethical move by SF DA?
Adults needed in SF
Job killing, SFPD political intrigue and Le Boxer.
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The Shadow Controller
...blogging mcclintock
“The policies that turned a $9 billion surplus to a $24 billion deficit in just 18 months are continued and expanded in a state budget which, though just three weeks old, is already unraveling before our eyes."
-Tom McClintock 2/23/02
A history lesson: raise the sales tax and watch retail sales plunge.
How to Solve the Budget Crisis in Three Easy Steps
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...a continuing crisis
Lies about the energy crisis.
Well, maybe we might borrow, uh, $11 billion.

A coming flood of initiatives.
Lord Gray says he was duped. Also, the GOP budget can kill.
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The actors union is worried that people might get mad at outspoken stars. 68% of America says our glitterati should shut up. Also, a vitriolic backlash? Good. And, Chrissie Hynde wants Saddam to win.
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All we are saying is give looting a chance.
Sacramento Eurocrats. Also, get ‘em young.
Robert Schreer reveals the Bush lie – is the Times nuts to keep this guy around? Also, the Bay Area is not America.
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Rough waters ahead.
Recall? Let’s Roll!
Camejo kinda likes the idea.
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Volokh on Megan’s Law
9th Circuit now has its own special view of parole.
9th cold feet - 90 day stay on the Pledge. 3 Strikes OK.
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The Week: 3/2/03 – 3/8/03

OC Register Budget Index
Today's deficit index: $65.1 million
The amount needed per day through June 30, 2004, to balance budget. Fluctuates with changes in economy, taxes, state service levels and the time the state has left to correct the problem.
Budget Update at OC Register

The Unpatriotic University: Berkeley
By Erick Stakelbeck

The Anti-American left is so ingrained in every fiber of UC Berkeley’s being that any student whose political beliefs fall somewhere to the right of Martin Sheen faces an uphill battle when it comes time to roster. A recent opinion piece in the Daily Californian decried this fact, criticizing anthropology professor Laura Nader (Ralph’s big sister) for "taking on authority for the students" and creating an environment where "a large number of students take her class as an opportunity to have their liberal opinions validated or created by a tenured professor." Unfortunately, the author almost reflexively falls back into standard UC Berkeley mode, stating "Bush is throwing us into a war his daddy couldn’t finish…to so many students at UC Berkeley, myself included, he represents nothing other than pure evil." Forget Sadaam Hussein: it’s this Bush cowboy who we really have to worry about. More at Front Page Magazine

from UCLA’s Daily Bruin
Councils Rob Public with Anti-war Ads

by Joel Schwartz

When USAC used our student funds to print a full page advertisement in the Daily Bruin stating their disapproval of the way the United States has handled Iraq and the imminent war and when the Los Angeles City Council spent hours discussing a similar action, students at UCLA and citizens of the city of Los Angeles were robbed.
Column at Daily Bruin

Disney Remembers a Different 'Alamo'
by Hugh Hewitt, Principal Contributor

Given Hollywood's current anti-war, anti-military, anti-thinking stances, I suppose it was only a matter of time before it came for Davey Crockett.

But who would have imagined it was Disney that would lead the charge against the legend?

What would Walt say?
whole column

We Must Always Remain Critical
by William E. Hudson

I'm drowning in bias. When I came to Stanford, I was hoping to find an intellectually stimulating and diverse body of students and faculty that would challenge me to present my take on the world and then respect that opinion insofar as it would make sense. My first two years have found a diverse and brilliant student and faculty population, but one dominated by the Left. This should come as a surprise to no one -- as Dan Flynn, author of Why the Left Hates America, presented at a talk on the Stanford campus earlier this year, liberals far outnumber conservatives in nearly every discipline of academia. Here at Stanford, the liberal-to-conservative faculty ratio is greater than 9 to 1, and we should consider ourselves lucky in that regard when compared to institutions such as Dartmouth and Columbia.
more at Stanford Review

Betting the House on Matsui
By The Prowler
Published 2/24/2003

Moderate House Democrats continue to voice concerns and doubts about leader Nancy Pelosi's selection of Rep. Robert Matsui to run the party's Congressional Campaign Committee. The worry is that Matsui is not up to leading the Herculean fundraising effort facing Democrats in 2004.

"With McCain-Feingold setting in, we really could have used someone who knows the ropes a bit better than Bob appears to," says a former DCCC staffer let go after the last election. "From the outside looking in, it's not clear we're doing anything different from last time, and that was a disaster."
more at American Prowler


And some
Lingering Observations

From the Washington Times
As Pesky as France, But with Better Wine

By Wesley Pruden

SANTA MONICA, Calif. Not so long ago California was the mother lode of American politics, the place where both parties came to find issues, candidates and luck. Think Earl Warren, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan. Even, for one brief shining five minutes, Jerry Brown.

The only California pol with pizzazz now is Martin Sheen, the ersatz president of television's "West Wing," and his pizzazz is ersatz, too. But he's a celebrity, and celebrity is about all California has left from the glory days.
more at the Washington Times

From The Weekly Standard
The Boxer Rebellion

by Hugh Hewitt

CRO Contributor Hugh Hewitt previews the political climate facing the reelection of the Senate's most liberal member - our very own Barbara Boxer.

...If there were intelligence, grace, or good humor behind this hard left record, Boxer might be a more formidable candidate, but she lacks any of the qualities that can soften a fanatic's edge. Weekly Standard


Gray Davis and the Bare Cupboard
By Peter Hannaford

MATTOLE VALLEY, Calif. -- From coast to coast state governors (including some Republicans) and state legislatures are wringing their hands over budget deficits, acting as if these had been caused by a sudden and random Act of God.

The cause of the deficits is more earthly: reckless spending of surpluses during the years when growth seemed unstoppable and endless. The best -- that is, most egregious -- example took place in California where Democrat Gray Davis inherited a surplus from his predecessor, Republican Pete Wilson in January 1999. Rather than return the surplus to the taxpayers or sock it away in a "rainy day" fund, Davis put the money into increased spending. At the time, he declared that this would involve only one-time expenditures, committing the state to no new and undue burdens. Sure.

Four years later, upon being reelected, the now-unpopular Davis solemnly declared that the surplus had mysteriously metamorphosed into a $35 billion deficit -- more than the combined annual budgets of several other states.
more at American Prowler

From The American Spectator
Have You Hugged Your Tree Today?

By George Neumayr
January/February 2003 issue

Environmental activist John Quigley spent November and December perched in an oak tree near Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles. Taking tree hugging to a new level, Quigley commandeered the old oak as a protest against John Laing Homes, a developer with plans to cut down the tree as part of county-ordered road widening for a new housing development.

Naturally, Quigley’s ludicrous stunt proved effective. Indulging such left-wing pranks is the media’s forte. Within days, the New York Times and other prominent media outlets had dispatched reporters to Santa Clarita to cover the fate of “Old Glory,” a sympathy-inducing name enviros quickly concocted for a tree few had ever visited before the controversy began. The Times discerned in Quigley’s tree sitting an important statement about “suburban sprawl.”
more at The American Spectator

From Cal Tax
California Taxpayers Continue to be Ripped Off by Fraud and Reckless Government Spending
article by Cal-Tax Staff

California’s budget is nearly $35 billion out of balance. The budget crisis debate rages over whether it is from bloated government programs or not enough tax dollars. Barely mentioned, if at all, by those wringing their hands over proposed spending cuts and calling for new taxes are billions of tax dollars that have been stolen or squandered.

Before seriously considering new taxes, there must be comprehensive, systematic review and greater accountability for the $100 billion that the state spends annually. Cal-Tax staff has compiled more than 100 reports, mostly from newspaper investigative reporting and official government auditing, that amount to billions of squandered or fraudulently spent public funds.
more at

posting on The Remedy blog
California Pensions Threatened by Left-Coast Liberalism

by Thomas Krannawitter

California is in deep political trouble. Liberal Democrats control the govenorship, both houses of the state legislature, and every statewide political office. Many of the problems that accompany liberal bureaucratic government are well known: California has some of the most embarassing public schools in the nation, disastrous welfare and immigration policies, and a state budget crisis that is out of control.

But other ill effects of California liberalism are obscured from the public eye. Consider the editorial in today's Wall Street Journal, "Cronyism at Calpers," documenting the ruin liberals are bringing to the largest state pension fund in the nation:

"For decades, Calpers, the giant California state pension fund, set a standard of excellence in investment performance and probity. Lately, however, Calpers has become the poster-plan for bad performance, cronyism and lousy corporate governance. And it's about to get worse...

"If Calpers were a private investment fund, this would all be hilariously high comedy. But Calpers is a public fund. Ultimately the buck stops with the taxpayers of California. For them, it might turn out to be pure tragedy."
The Remedy at

Saving Democracy in California
by Ken Masugi

The opening of the California State legislature should strike fear into friends of liberty. While it is true that this particular legislature will be more inclined than previous ones to regulate and tax, and encourage moral license, similar fears have moved Californians going back to the Gold Rush days. whole column at


Alistair Cook Letter from America
Mr. Cook on California water, Pat Brown and budgets.

Gray Davis and the Fleecing of California
by Lawrence J. McQuillan Pacific Research Institute

This Land is Costco’s Land
Cities steal property, and give it to Costco.
by Ramesh Ponnuru
National Review

A Boy Catches a Terroist Gang
SLA brought to justice
by Adam Sparks SF Gate

Deregulation: Lights Out
Why was there a shortage of power in California? Largely because there was a shortage of common sense.
by James L. Sweeney Hoover Institute

Eight Ways To Solve The Budget Crisis
by Adam Sparks SF Gate

Why Simon Lost
From the beginning, and in the end.
By Arnold Steinberg National Review

The Authoritative Guide to Why Bill Simon Lost
What Really Happened in California
By Arnold Steinberg Human Events

Simon Should Have Won
The state GOP has lost track of its responsibility to voters, letting extraneous concerns crowd out attending to political basics.
by John Kurzweil
California Political Review

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