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Matthew N. Klink - Contributor

Matthew N. Klink is a writer and political consultant who works for Republican candidates at the federal, state and local level. He can be reached at

Schwarzenegger's Right
Legislature’s Democrats are “Girlie Men.”
[Matthew N. Klink] 7/20/04

Stay Strong
Don’t Raise Taxes
[Matthew N. Klink] 1/15/04

Lurching Left
Howard Dean & The Democratic Party's Leftward Swing...
[Matthew N. Klink] 12/18/03

Shining A Light on the State Legislature
Liberals are addicted to spending...
[Matthew N. Klink] 12/11/03

A Quick End To The Era of Good Feelings
The same old tune replays in the Legislature
[Matthew N. Klink] 11/20/03

The Fight to Remain Relevant
There Goes Al Gore…Again
[Matthew N. Klink] 11/13/03





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