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Guest Contributor
Xiaochin Claire Yan

Xiaochin Claire Yan is a Policy Fellow in Education Studies at the Pacific Research Institute in San Francisco.[Yan index]

The Wrong Protest
Try marching against a failed education establishment...

[Xiaochin Claire Yan] 3/30/06

It’s Never Enough
How’s Prop 98 education money being spent?…

[Xiaochin Claire Yan] 12/27/05

Missed Opportunities of the Year
Declining student achievement...

[Xiaochin Claire Yan] 12/16/05

Accountability shouldn't change…

[Xiaochin Claire Yan] 9/15/05

A Small Step in the Right Direction
Accountability in public education…

[Xiaochin Claire Yan] 7/29/05

Gifted-Student Deficit Disorder
Lowering GATE...

[Xiaochin Claire Yan] 6/9/05

Assault on Merit in the University of California
More PC illogic for racial preferences...

[Xiaochin Claire Yan] 5/10/05

The CTA Goes Radioactive
The unrelenting campaign to clinch unchecked spending…

[Xiaochin Claire Yan] 3/14/05

Same as the Old Boss
State's education head plunges headlong into mediocrity...

[Xiaochin Claire Yan] 1/28/05

The Whole Title IX Yards
Reform the remedy...

[Xiaochin Claire Yan]12/21/04

Still Not Safe in California
Protecting the borders?...

[Xiaochin Claire Yan]12/13/04

Report Card
Progress for No Child Left Behind Act...

[Xiaochin Claire Yan]11/19/04

California Needs a New Model
Measuring student achievement...

[Xiaochin Claire Yan]7/22/04






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