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America Alone
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Bruce S. Thornton - Contributor

Bruce Thornton is a professor of Classics at Cal State Fresno and co-author with Victor Davis Hanson of Bonfire of the Humanities: Rescuing the Classics in an Impoverished Age and author of Greek Ways: How the Greeks Created Western Civilization (Encounter Books). His most recent book is Searching for Joaquin: Myth, Murieta, and History in California (Encounter Books).

Searching for Joaquin
by Bruce S. Thornton

Greek Ways
by Bruce S. Thornton

Bonfire of the Humanities
by Victor Davis Hanson, John Heath, Bruce S. Thornton

Plagues of the Mind
by Bruce S. Thornton

Eros: The Myth of Ancient Greek Sexuality

by Bruce S. Thornton


Withdrawal From The World Bank
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 5/21/07

Suffering Mascots Of Western Sensitivity
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 4/26/07

Guns Gone Wild…
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 4/19/07

Self-loathing For Africa
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 3/28/07

Legislating Language For Liberals
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 3/6/07

Deluded Appeasement
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 2/20/07

Jihad, Hypocrisy and Double-Standards
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 2/9/07

Weeping For Saddam
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 1/9/07

Hanging, Handwringing And Our Failure Of Nerve
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 1/1/07

Suicidal Tendencies Of The West
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 12/20/06

The West's Groveling Capitulation To Militant Islam
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 12/7/06

West Kowtows To Jihad…
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 11/13/06

The Truth About Muhammad
a review of the book by Robert Spencer
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 10/27/06

Islamic Jihad, The Evil Empire And The Appeasers
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 10/4/06

Dearest Illusions
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 9/18/06

Whining on the “Path”
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 9/13/06

Suicide By Appeasement
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 8/22/06

Diplomatic Dance Of The Seven Veils
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 8/14/06

“Diplomacy” No Silver Bullet For The Middle East
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 7/24/06

Alumni Beware
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 5/24/06

Hamas Vs. The West
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 5/18/06

The Sword Awaits Those Who Refuse The Call
by Bruce S. Thornton
[author, academic] 5/11/06

The Hate Israel Intelligentsia
Keeping Jews in their place…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 4/24/06

The Perfumed Princes’ Assault On The Sec Def
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld under seige
[by Bruce S. Thornton] 4/18/06

Do as I Say (Not as I Do)
A review of the book by Peter Schweitzer...
[by Bruce S. Thornton] 3/31/06

The Altar Of “Sensitivity To Diversity”
Liberal double standard alive and well on college campuses...

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 3/15/06

Fanatically Certain
Ignoring the spiritual clash…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 2/27/06

Harassment For All…
From protecting the vulnerable to blanketing all anti-discrimination…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 2/15/06

Taping Liberal-Left Academia
The Bruin Alumni Association takes on UCLA’s liberal professors…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 1/23/06

1862 and 2006: Carping, Posturing and Betrayal
Undermining national resolve in the face of a fanatical enemy…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 1/19/06

What Iraqi Election?
Mainstream media’s negligence and fraud

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 12/19/05

Black Rednecks and White Liberals
A review of the book by Thomas Sowell…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 12/7/05

A Thanksgiving Revision
The transformation of the Noble Savage…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 11/23/05

Opinion Masquerading As News
Bias and prejudice drive the media’s liberal-left agenda…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 11/11/05

Tolerance Toward the Intolerant
The danger of a self-loathing media…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 11/2/05

Apologizing For Being Infidels
Tolerance doesn’t cut both ways...

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 10/26/05

Jihad For America’s Psyche
Zawahiri’s letter…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 10/14/05

The Legacy of Jihad
A review of the book edited by Andrew G. Bostom

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 9/9/05

Cindy Sheehan, Liberal Media Delight
Activist grief… news at eleven…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 8/11/05

The Myth of Islamic Tolerance
A review of the book edited by Robert Spencer…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 8/5/05

Moderate Jihad?
Bush Administration doesn't get the religious roots of fanatical Islamists…

[by Bruce S. Thornton] 7/26/05

What Happened to Assimilation?
Overrun by “multiculturalism”…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 7/19/05

Relentless Jihad
The roots of London’s attack are fourteen centuries old…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 7/11/05

South Park Conservatives
Review of Brian Anderson's book on liberal media bias

[Bruce S. Thornton] 6/28/05

Tower of Babble
Review of Dore Gold's expose of the UN's failure…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 6/20/05

Why The UN?
American interests are ill-serviced by the failed institution…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 6/10/05

Shrinking From The War Against Jihad?
The West is headed for abject submission
[Bruce S. Thornton] 5/31/05

We The Moral Dwarves
Western civilization capitulates to jihad
[Bruce S. Thornton] 5/18/05

A review of Os Guinness' Unspeakable. Facing Up to Evil in an Age of Genocide and Terror
[Bruce S. Thornton] 5/4/05

Shrugging Off Anti-Israel Academic Bias
Blaming the symptoms and not the cause...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 4/6/05

Denying Evil
Blaming the symptoms and not the cause...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 3/29/05

Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis
A review of Bat Ye'or's book on the jihad against Western culture
[Bruce S. Thornton] 3/29/05

The Winds of Freedom
And the battle against Islamist terrorism…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 3/10/05

Free Speech for Me, Not for Thee
The limits of liberal love for freewheeling debate...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 2/25/05

Covering the Intifada
A review of Joshua Muravchik's book on the media and the Palestinian Uprising
[Bruce S. Thornton] 2/4/05

The Anti-Arafat?
Is Abbas really the pragmatist for peace?
[Bruce S. Thornton] 1/18/05

The Campus PC Muzzle
FIREing back at college speech codes…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 1/13/05

Yearning For A Multicultural Utopia
Intellectual elites dismiss Western culture
[Bruce S. Thornton] 1/7/05

Transformation of Freedom
A review of The Case for Democracy by Natan Sharansky
[Bruce S. Thornton] 12/24/04

Frank Rich In Kinsey-land
Drinking the "progressive" koolaid…
[Bruce S. Thornton] 12/17/04

Secularist Bigotry
The elightened are desperate

[Bruce S. Thornton] 12/10/04

Not So Great An Alexander
Oliver Stone's pathological ideology…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 12/6/04

After Arafat
Will Arabs demand freedom?

[Bruce S. Thornton] 11/23/04

The Howling Descent Of Liberalism
How will they live through it?
[Bruce S. Thornton] 11/10/04

The Center Has Held
Liberal elites don’t understand the real stakes…
[Bruce S. Thornton] 11/5/04

Deconstructing Kerry's Case: Part Two
Do the challenger's charges hold up?…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 10/25/04

Deconstructing Kerry's Case: Part One
Do the challenger's charges hold up?…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 10/15/04

How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth by Ben Shapiro
[Bruce S. Thornton] 10/8/04

Call The Enemy By Its Name
“Allahu akhbar!” the disease of radical Islam speads…

[Bruce S. Thornton] 9/10/04

A Campaign of Misdirection
John Kerry and the Swift Boat Vets
[Bruce S. Thornton] 8/26/04

Uncommon Dissent
...Intellectuals Who Find Darwinism Unconvincing edited by William A. Dembski
[Bruce S. Thornton] 8/13/04

The Left-Leaning Ivory Tower
The Unchallenged Assumptions of Orville Schell...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 7/30/04

The Ayatollah of Anti-Americanism
The Anti-Chomsky Reader, ed. by Peter Collier and David Horowitz
[Bruce S. Thornton] 7/16/04

An Un-"Friend"ly Ruling
How A "Hostile Environment" Shreds the First Amendment

[Bruce S. Thornton] 6/30/04

The Return of Anti-Semitism
A Right Books Review:
The Return of Anti-Semitism by Gabriel Schoenfeld
[Bruce S. Thornton] 6/11/04

A Right Books Review:
Miniatures. Views of Islamic and Middle Eastern Politics by Daniel Pipes
[Bruce S. Thornton] 5/28/04

When "the News" ISN'T News
Telling the Whole Story about the War in Iraq
[Bruce S. Thornton] 5/21/04

A Former Ally
A Right Books Review:
The French Betrayal of America by Kenneth R. Timmerman
[Bruce S. Thornton] 4/30/04

Restraint of the Strong?
In the battle of perception, do we look determined in Iraq?
[Bruce S. Thornton] 4/16/04

Getting Off the Fence For Iraq
It's Time to Choose...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 4/6/04

In Denial
A Right Books Review:
In Denial - Historians, Communism, and Espionage by John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr
[Bruce S. Thornton] 3/30/04

Unintentionally Revealing
Polls of International Opinion Unveil Harsh Truths...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 3/24/04

At The Precipice
Same-sex marriage is the tipping factor for the culture...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 3/2/04

A Right Books Review: Anti-Americanism by Jean-François Revel

[Bruce S. Thornton] 2/16/04

Selective "Passionate" Outrage
Anti-Semitism is rampant - but not in Mel Gibson's film...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 2/4/04

A Game of Cat and Mouse
Demagoguery in the Age of Terror
[Bruce S. Thornton] 1/22/04

New Realities - New Year
The world has changed...lessons learned
[Bruce S. Thornton] 12/29/03

The Case For Israel
A Right Books Review: The Case For Israel by Alan Dershowitz

[Bruce S. Thornton] 12/23/03

Global Judicial Tyranny
A Right Books Review: Coercing Virtue. The Worldwide Rule of Judges by Robert H. Bork

[Bruce S. Thornton] 12/8/03

Imagining Diversity
A Right Books Review: Diversity. The Invention of a Concept by Peter Wood
[Bruce S. Thornton] 11/21/03

Race Preferences Thrive On California Campuses
Voters wrongly believe voted race-basing away in '96...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 11/17/03

The Conservatives' Pyrrhic Victory?
On Cancelling "The Reagans"
[Bruce S. Thornton] 11/8/03

Poverty Pollutes
A Right Books Review:The Real Environmental Crisis by Jack M. Hollander
[Bruce S. Thornton] 11/1/03

Nobel Lies
Truth doesn't matter: a California campus spreads open arms for leftist mythmaking...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 10/18/03

Revolt in the Nanny State
The elites get roughed up..
[Bruce S. Thornton] 10/10/03

MEChA Neverland
The Mythical History of the Southwest
It's the standards...
[Bruce S. Thornton] 10/3/03



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