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While Europe Slept
by Larry Stirling 8/14/07

Bruce Bawer is a gay American author who decamped the United States and moved to Europe so that he could marry his partner where gay rights were established.

Subsequent experience with European Muslims changed his view.

He was shocked at Europe's spineless response to the mass of Islamofacists that have immigrated there with the announced purpose of suborning all European democracies and substituting therefore "Sharia" the Islamic dictatorship.

He and his partner first took up residency in The Netherlands and were there when movie producer Theo van Gogh was ritualistically murdered in broad daylight.


Larry Stirling
Larry Stirling is a retired judge who authored the book "Leading at a Higher Level." He is a former Army officer, member of the San Diego City Council, the California State Assembly and the State Senate. [go to Stirling index]

The Dutch press, masters of political correctness, attributed the murder to the poverty and discrimination that Muslims suffered after being admitted to the Netherlands and given nearly unlimited welfare.

What no one in the European press wanted to publish was the actual message that was stabbed into Mr. van Gogh's chest.

That message read: "I know definitely that you O America will go down. I know definitely that you O Europe will go down. I know definitely that you O Netherlands will go down. I know definitely that you O Hirsi Ali will go down."

This poetic threat was not the work of an impoverished underclass.

At his trial, Muslim murderer Mohammed Bouyeri stated his motivation for the homicide. "I acted purely in the name of my religion. Someday, if I should be set free, I would do exactly the same thing." Addressing Mr. van Gogh's mother, he stated: "I cannot feel for you because you are an infidel."

Hirsi Ali was then a member of the Dutch legislature. The Dutch government, press, and intelligentsia blamed Mr. van Gogh for his own murder and demanded that Ms. Ali resign for causing all the problems with the Muslims.

Mr. Bawer's book "While Europe Slept" documents why the European admission of massive numbers of Muslims hoping they would assimilate has not worked.

Mr. Bawer posits that Europeans never expected immigrants to assimilate as Americans expects of its immigrants.

Whatever they say, Europeans are actually overt racists.

Europeans expected immigrants to confirm their inferiority by hanging on to quaint customs such as residential and educational apartheid, child marriages and mutilation, and honor killings.

The historic process of assimilation occurs through intermarriage. Islamic communities forbid their children to intermarry on pain of death.

Instead the notion of "fetch marriages" is adopted. Such is when a young girl is "fetched" from a Muslim nation, married involuntarily to the Islamic male, then returned to her native country to finish Islamic schooling to make sure that she does not learn anything in her new home.

He also recorded that Islamists were masters at manipulating the welfare systems of host nations. Once welfare benefits were accrued, thousands simply move back to their original country and live like kings.

He visited a neighborhood in Afghanistan known as Little Norway because people lived there in relative luxury relying on the social security payments from clueless Oslo.

The European welfare agencies were set up to hand out assistance. However no one was apparently assigned the task of ferreting out welfare fraud.

Even if the national welfare workers were punctilious about welfare fraud, identifying such would be a difficult task as the Muslims segregate themselves and routinely misrepresent identities and relationships so that tracing wrong doers is improbable.

Imams preach that bilking the welfare systems is every Muslim's right because they were in effect collecting the Muslim infidel "jizya" tax imposed under Sharia on non-Muslims.

Mr. Bawer and his partner resided in Europe during the execution of Pym Fortuyn, a Dutch legislator who was murdered for telling the truth about Muslim immigrants; the bombing of the Twin Towers in New York, which European Muslims celebrated by dancing in the streets of every European city; the bombing the of several Spanish Railway stations, which was also celebrated in the same streets; and the bombings of the London underground and bus, similarly celebrated.

In every case, the European press blamed the awful Americans or the poverty and discrimination suffered by Muslims. The press said these things in spite of the clear statements by the proponents that they carried out the killings to spread their religion.

There were no demonstrations by the apparitional "moderate Muslims" decrying murder and violence by their co-religionists.

The book finishes citing that one-third of Dutchmen now want to emigrate to get away from the violence and intimidation that Islamic communities have imposed on their cities.

Mr. Bawer concludes, "(the Dutch) brought Western Civilization to its pinnacle in terms of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The road ahead, just like their actual roads, seemed to stretch to the horizon, straight, flat, smooth, with nary a bump. And yet they had turned a blind eye to the very peril that would destroy them."

Don't let it happen here. CRO



copyright 2007 Larry Stirling


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