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San Diego

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's 'Infidel' & San Diego Unified
by Larry Stirling 8/2/07

I have sent a copy of the book "Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali to each San Diego Unified School Board Trustee.

A self-proclaimed "Child of Islam," Ms. Ali escaped her native Somalia to the Netherlands, educated herself, and was later elected to the Dutch parliament. She is now, however, under constant guard to protect her life from her former Islamic co-religionists.

I sent the books because while researching for a column concerning a questionable "Arabic" program the district was reported to be operating, I became dismayed with the answers I received.

I know it is politically incorrect to discuss the issue of Islam. After all, we have been constantly fed the line that it is a "religion of peace."

Therefore it would be "discrimination" not to treat Islam just as any other religion in America.

Islam is not like any other religion in America.


Larry Stirling
Larry Stirling is a retired judge who authored the book "Leading at a Higher Level." He is a former Army officer, member of the San Diego City Council, the California State Assembly and the State Senate. [go to Stirling index]

Much about Islam can be learned by the treatment of recently knighted British citizen Salmon Rushdie who is, as is Ms. Ali, under a death "fatwa" for telling the truth about Islam.

What gives Islam the right to issue "death fatwas" against innocent citizens?

Or one can read in Ms. Ali's book about the character and fate of Dutch movie producer Theo van Gogh who was ritually slaughtered by a Muslim in broad daylight.

Mr. van Gogh's capital offense was producing a 10-minute movie based on the life experiences of Ms. Ali as a Muslim girl, then woman.

He was shot repeatedly. Then his Muslim murderer slit his throat open, stabbed him several times, and finished by impaling a written bill of Islamic religious particulars into his chest in front of 50 witnesses.

The Muslim propaganda machine did not just want to kill van Gogh; they wanted to shut up Ms. Ali and terrorize people like the San Diego School Board.

Muslim killers thrive on theatrical terror. The world's press, willing dupes, magnify their work much as the wizard did in the Land of Oz.

Ms. Ali recounts her life as a Somali youth subjected to blatant discrimination and beatings because she is a female.

And while not all Islamic girls suffer having their clitoris and labia "carved out" followed by ritual sewing, Ms. Ali and millions like her were and are.

Islamic women are required to be covered, require permission from custodial males for many actions normal to us, and must endure not only corporal punishment but even being killed for an endless list of "affairs of honor."

No American women, and certainly no school-board members who swear they are concerned about the future of our young women, can read Ms. Ali's accounts of the treatment of Muslim girls and countenance anything that promotes such un-American conduct.

No less a Muslim country than Turkey, the leaders of which know all there is to know about Islam, bans the wearing of Islamic garb in the public square.

There is no greater pushover nation than France when it comes to being multi-culturists. But even the French worked up the courage to ban Islamic headscarves in public schools in an attempt to force reflection among Islamists about how they treat women.

Why then does the San Diego Unified School District allow the wearing of religious garb?

And why, under the rubric of an "Arab-language program" countenance the segregation and isolation of Islamic girls into prayer sessions thereby adding the schools imprimatur to these unconscionable policies?

Ms. Ali was involuntarily wed at a young age, a common practice among Muslims throughout the world.

Her future husband returned from Canada to his homeland to find a "good" wife, one that kept her place in Islam unlike those awful Canadian women who knew their rights.

It was on a layover during her trip to Canada that Ms. Ali absconded to the Netherlands where she was granted asylum and eventually citizenship.

Unlike many of her fellow immigrants who whined that they were not given more by their Dutch hosts, Ms. Ali supported herself, earned a degree from a top-notch university, and landed a place in a political think tank.

Later, as a legislator, she took up the cause of Muslim women who were still being disfigured on dining room tables and murdered for honor reasons right in the Netherlands.

Ms. Ali says the Dutch made the same mistake as our school district. They should not have allowed the Muslims to demand their own schools to maintain a way of life that was inimical to the very foundation of western enlightenment values.

In Ms. Ali's words: "In Islam, you are Allah's slave. You submit and thus you are devoid of personal will. You are not a free individual. You have no personal ethic."

Is that what San Diego Unified wants to teach?

I think not. CRO

copyright 2007 Larry Stirling


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