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  Mau Mauing The Flack Catcher
Larry Stirling [writer] 12/1/06

It is a standard tactic of the hard left to execute public theater performances known as "Mau mauing the flack catchers."

The purpose of these productions is first to attract the attention of and then honeyfuggle the gullible and superficial American press into distributing completely one-sided stories.

Liberal reporters fall for entertainment every time.


Larry Stirling
Larry Stirling is a former California State Senator and Retired Superior Court Judge [go to Stirling index]

An example of such theater is the simple demonstration in which a few motivated people can, with antics and signs, occupy the confines of television cameras' lenses or liberal reporters' intellects.

Having to meet deadlines and sell Ivory Snow means American "journalists" are easily and regularly fooled. By mau mauing the flack catchers of the world, those who hate America, freedom and the free-enterprise system manipulate the simpleton press to sew discord and deceit throughout the population.

But the American hard left has not been at the business of subverting nations as long as Muslim shock troops now try to control the world for their Saudi desert god.

Long practitioners of the Muslim policy of taqiya (authorized deceit), the cutting edge of the Muslim expansionist movement has been manipulating the public theater of target nations for more 1500 years. The expansion of Islam, commencing with the exertions of its nominal founder Muhammad in Saudi Arabia to its present billion-plus membership and dysfunctional control of oil resources, did not happen by accident.

A perfect example of the radical Muslim manipulation of the public dialogue was recently acted out at the expense of the passengers, flight crew and management of US Airways flight 300, originating in Minneapolis and scheduled to fly to Phoenix.

A brood of six "imams" -- those are Muslim activists and thought leaders -- were supposedly innocently returning from a recent meeting in Minneapolis and were unfairly "profiled" and otherwise misunderstood by a bunch of redneck Americans who are completely "Islamaphobic" -- oh, and anti-black to boot.

What was really going on was a complete theatrical setup.

These imams had just returned from a meeting that included newly elected Black Muslim congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota's fifth Congressional district. Ellison and his co-religionist have apparently wasted no time putting together the agenda for his first two years in Congress. That agenda is to promote the narrow interest of the Muslim advance over the safety and well being of the rest of the American nation.

Contrary to the impression that these six imams have so far successfully created, there was plenty of reason for the passengers and crew to be worried about their conduct.

According to Audrey Hudson of the Washington Times, they were acting out loudly in front of the other passengers before boarding, thus intentionally drawing attention to themselves and their religious affiliation. Nothing in the Qu'ran instructs them to do so.

Secondly, while two asked for seats in first class, they were told none were available. Upon boarding the plane, two of the imams simply took seats in first class near the cockpit door. The other imams abandoned their assigned seats and took up locations adjacent to the other two exits, conduct similar to that of the Sept. 11 hijackers.

Departure of the plane was delayed because these imams left their seats to talk to each other after they were supposed to remain seated for takeoff. Passengers heard them criticizing George Bush, the war in Iraq and praising Osama bin Laden.

They also demanded and got seatbelt extensors, though such are for plump people who need them. The imams didn't. They placed the extensions on the floor in front of them. Adeptly employed, such extensions could easily be used as weapons such as a garrote.

Every bit of this was conscious theater designed to draw precise reactions, which it did.

When the flight crew and U.S. Air management took the appropriate action based on reasonable suspicion to protect the rest of their passengers, the Muslims, right on cue, cried "Islamaphobia" and racism.

If Americans do fear Muslims, it is because of Sept. 11 and that every day Muslims throughout the world threaten to and do kill Americans.

Already primed and ready to go were the propaganda arms of the Muslim advance, the Muslim American Freedom Foundation. Mahdi Bray, spokesman for the Muslim front group intoned: "It's a shame that as an African American and a Muslim that I have the double whammy of driving while black and flying while Muslim." Really? When was Mr. Bray's religion a problem except when he made it a problem as these imams did?

Aviation security officials pointed out the irrefutable fact: "Thousands of Muslims fly every day and conduct prayers in airports in a quiet and private manner without creating incidents."

Ah, but those thousands had not been recruited to mau mau the US Air flack catchers. CRO

copyright 2006 Larry Stirling


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