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It's The Quality Of Immigration That Counts
Victims of failed socialist policies…

[Larry Stirling] 4/13/06

The latest failure of Congress to rationalize our immigration policy is a victory of Democrat-party politics over the national interest and the individual concerns of millions of immigrants.

The Democrat Party's grand strategy has long been to "divide and conquer." They turn brown and black against white, old against young, women against men, and everyone against the few producers who create all the jobs.

Instead of complying with the cardinal admonition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to "judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin," Democrats frighten people into skin tribes and convince them that their salvation lays in the socialist policies that the Democrats promote.


Larry Stirling
Larry Stirling is a former California State Senator and Retired Superior Court Judge [go to Stirling index]

There is no doubt that Democrat National Chairman Howard Dean was salivating when he saw massive demonstrations in the streets of the United States for the first time since the Vietnam War.

The nutty Dean, seeing what he believes is an historic opportunity to realign American politics for the next hundred years, no doubt put in frantic calls to his minions in Congress ordering them to scuttle the immigration deal and regroup.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, the radical Marxist "student" organization "Movimiento Estudiantil De Atzlan" (MEChA "the fuse"), the Democrat Party has been working for years to frustrate and then mobilize the self described "bronze" population.

Liberal faculty members of high schools and colleges throughout the United States foster Marxist MEChA chapters.

In California, MEChA hate-America chapters flourish at San Jose State, UCSD, Sacramento State, Fullerton, SDSU, SFSU, Northridge, Stanford, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, San Marcos, Monterey Bay, Dominguez Hills, UCLA, USC, Cal Poly Pomona, and on and on.

The city of San Diego, which is in dire financial straits, continues to finance this hate-speech organization through its assistance to the San Diego Unifed School system after-school program.

It was no accident that San Diego City School students were among the earliest participants in these national demonstrations.

MEChA aggressively advocates the dismemberment of the United States along lines supposedly settled centuries ago among European powers.

This controversy antedates all of us by several hundred years and boils down to a dispute under Andrew Jackson as to the actual scope of the Louisiana Purchase.

No one knows the true boundaries of that agreement, especially the destructive racists of MEChA. So everything they say about the issue is calculated lying propaganda.

The MEChA influence on the demonstrators can be seen with the proliferation of Mexican flags concurrent with the vilification of the American flag.

It is illogical that a bunch of people who profess to want to be Americans would bring their Mexican flags and denigrate ours.

MEChA is not seeking immigration and assimilation; they are seeking invasion and separation, thus the illogical slurs on the stars and stripes.

Mexican immigrant demonstrators are losing a lot of political ground among friendly Americans by running down our flag. You don't like our flag, you can damn sure go home.

The question is not what happened 300 years ago, but what should happen in the future.

The immigration debate has been entirely miscast.

Right now the question is posed as "How many Mexicans should we let in and on what terms?"

The problem with that question is that it demands an argument on Mexicans as a group, which is exactly what the Democrats want.

If we do not open the borders, we are "anti-Mexican." That simply is not true.

The real question about immigration is not the quantity, but the quality.

There is plenty of room in the United States for many more people. The question is what kind of people?

We should welcome the assets, reject the liabilities, and know the difference irrespective of skin tone.

Our prisons house thousands of alien felons. We don't need them. Send them home. We don't need more welfare recipients.

But, anyone who presents themselves for service in our armed forces or who has a job in the United States should be allowed to immigrate and stay.

The two-year waiting time is a joke. All that requirement would do is create a booming business in fake backdated documents.

Without immigration, the United States would be a dieing nation. Mexican immigration has been especially salutary to our country.

Mexico is the cultural product of Spain and France, both thoroughly occidental and multi-racial countries. Mexicans share our values and our religion. My experience with the overwhelming majority of Mexican immigrants is that they share our dream of working hard and making successes of themselves and their families.

Mexicans are the victims of the failed socialist policies of Mexico, the exact policies the MEChA promotes.

As one pundit said, "We do need a fence to keep out the bad guys, but a wide gate to let in the good guys."

Immigration is a quality issue, not a quantity issue. CRO

copyright 2006 Larry Stirling


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