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Shawn Steel

Shawn Steel is the immediate past president of the California Republican Party, activist, commentator, conservative stalwart and a co-founder of the Davis Recall. Mr. Steel is an attorney practicing in Palos Verdes, California.

Review: The People’s Machine
by Shawn Steel
[attorney, activist] 9/19/06

Schwarzenegger's Back
Taking the unions on in an all-out war for the special election...
[Shawn Steel] 10/7/05

Will Arnold Jump The Shark?
A political cliffhanger...

[Shawn Steel] 5/17/05

The Governor’s Initiatives
Voters have the opportunity to sidestep the liberal Legislature...

[Tony Strickland & Shawn Steel] 3/10/05

Initiatives At Home And Abroad
Challenging the status quo…

[Tony Strickland & Shawn Steel] 2/14/05

Not Just Bush Scored A Victory On Nov. 2
Schwarzenegger, businesses and parties walked away winners.
[Shawn Steel] 11/11/04   

Against Prop 62
Who gets the credit?..
[Shawn Steel] 11/4/04 

Vote No on 62
Or the Party's Over...
[Shawn Steel] 10/30/04   

Play The Initiative Card
It's time for Arnold to to make a move...
[Jon Coupal and Shawn Steel] 9/9/04

'Voter Choice': Reform-free Reform
Importing failed ideas from Louisiana and France...
[Shawn Steel] 7/8/04 

Don't Take the Bayou State Cure
California 'open primary' would slam door on representative government

[Shawn Steel] 4/26/04 

Dem Dominance of State is Dead
Election message is clear: Don't raise our taxes and stop rewarding unions

[Shawn Steel] 3/11/04   

A Downright Reaganesque Speech
Governor balanced sunny optimism with candor about state's many woes

[Shawn Steel] 1/9/04 

"Arnold's Army"
Does the recall represent a seismic shift in state politics?

[Shawn Steel] 10/27/03

Winners and Losers
Arnold ascends, Cruz collapses and the casino tribes forfeit vast good will

[Shawn Steel] 10/09/03

The Conservative Question
Arnold or Tom?
[Shawn Steel] 9/20/03

Governor Croupier
Bustamante: putting a casino pit boss in the Governorship
[Shawn Steel] 9/12/03

Recall Choice Really Between Tom, Bill, Arnold
[Shawn Steel] 8/15/03

People Must Demand Recall
After the Damage Davis Has Caused In One Term, Can State Afford to Go Through Another?
by Shawn Steel 6/2/03




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