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Shawn Steel

Shawn Steel is Director California Club for Growth, the immediate past president of the California Republican Party, activist, commentator, conservative stalwart and a co-founder of the Davis Recall. He is an attorney practicing in Palos Verdes, California.

Against Prop 62

Who gets the credit?..
[Shawn Steel] 11/4/04   

We were always the underdogs. The smart money, augmented by literally 10 billionaires, suggested this prop would coast to victory. When the Governor endorsed prop 62 it was assumed by the newspapers and pundits would bury any opposition. Of course, we knew when voters understood the background and implications of the radical Louisiana plan, they would reject it.

By killing this prop in California the disease will not spread.

There are many to thank for this victory.

  • Leadership from all six political parties worked together for the first time in California political history against a common foe;
  • Rather than give the lip service that the dems and reps offered against the 1996 Open Primary, both parties took real actions this time;
  • The California Republican Party, through its Board of Directors unanimously passed a specific action plan resolution in March drafted by Ron Nehring and promoted by Jim Hartman;
  • CRP Chairman Duf Sundheim cubically opposed this prop despite warnings he received from a few establishment reps;
  • CRP COO Mike Vallante and staff explicitly followed the will and intent of the party by planning, initiating, following up and getting the money to spend the $1,000,000 needed to defeat the prop;
  • Bob Mulholland [I almost hate to say this] cooperated with the self preservation effort and help direct a statewide slate mailing to over 5,000,000 dems against the prop;
  • Chris Wysocki and David Gillard for the excellent work or organizing the campaign and the brilliant written pieces which were sent to millions of reps;
  • Roy Ulrich is almost as energetic as me. He may be a commie but what a wonderful ally and one tough adversary. Roy moved mountains and was probably one of our most effective public representatives.
  • John Fund of the Wall Street Journal for exposing this crass attempt to remove ideas from politics to the national political community;
  • Sen. Ross Johnson for adding Prop 60 as our insurance in case the billionaires prevailed and Tony Strickland for radio ads via Ca Club for Growth;
  • To the conservative/libertarian media [and liberal?] California Republic, Political Vanguard, Orange County Register, Steve Greenhut, John Kurzweil, Bill Saracino, Aaron Starr, Steve Frank, Jon Fleischman, Melanie Morgan, Mark Larson, Inga Barks, Rick Roberts, Larry Elder and John & Ken.


Shawn Steel is Director California Club for Growth, a co-founder of the Davis recall campaign and immediate past chairman of the California Republican Party.

copyright 2004 Shawn Steel



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