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Shawn Steel

Shawn Steel is the immediate past president of the California Republican Party, activist, commentator, conservative stalwart and recall proponent. Mr. Steel is an attorney practicing in Palos Verdes, California.

The Conservative Question

Arnold or Tom?
[Shawn Steel] 9/20/03

Conservatives are in a quandary about who to support for the Recall replacement. When I helped initiate the Recall, my first priority then, in January and today, is the transfer of power from the failed leadership of liberal Democrats. Anything that interferes with that goal must be carefully examined. So, we are all faced with a critical question: Who? Yesterday, I answered that question in an email conversation with a young lady, Melody Holmberg – a college Republican leader and a movement conservative.

Dear Shawn,
As your political child, I have a quick question, why are you supporting Arnold over Tom? Besides the common answer of "Tom Can't win."

If everyone agrees that Tom is the right man for the job, then why doesn't everyone support him? I don't know, I guess I am too naive, idealistic, and believe that you should vote for who is qualified for the job not for who everyone thinks everyone else is going to vote for. I was just curious and would like you to clarify things for me.

Melody Holmberg



You ask The Important political question.

Having invested 7 months of my life for the Recall, I can tell you with certainty, it's not about Tom. The larger purpose is the change of governance. The objective is to remove Davis. I would have hoped that there would be more than one prominent Dem running to replace Davis. Fortune turns out to give voters only one major Democrat, Bustamante. And he leads. Not surprising given demographics and Dem registration. But the election outcome is of such severe consequences that all assumptions must be reexamined and tested.

In a final analysis, whichever leading Republican has the best chance to Prevent Bustamante from winning, requires a Grand Consolidation. I am joined by Dana Rohrabacher, Ray Haynes, Ed Royce, Chris Cox, John McGraw - all hard scrubbed conservatives. The Governorship is too powerful, too important to allow continued irresponsible Democrat control.

More. I do not call for Tom to drop out. We need him to campaign, stimulate voters, teach Arnold, and keep the debate on the economics. But as Tom himself said to the Washington Post this past Saturday if he is behind Arnold in the ‘teens, his "supporters will do the right thing.” For that 'release' Tom shows he shares the big picture. And Tom remains a true hero.

Shawn Steel
Co-Founder Davis Recall

copyright 2003 Shawn Steel

Shawn Steel is a co-founder of the Davis recall campaign and immediate
past chairman of the California Republican Party.



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