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Stefan Sharkansky- Contributor
Commentator, Premier Blogger, and Software Consultant. A former San Francisican now relocated to Seattle. Mr. Sharkansky keeps a watchful eye on Robert Scheer and Nancy Pelosi. He has created a very useful tool for dissecting Robert (former Black Panther and apologist for North Korea and Cuba) Scheer – it’s called the Canard-o-Matic and is very useful in understanding the dark mind of this Los Angeles Times communist columnist.

Who Lied?
Bob uses slieght of hand for a cover up of his own...
[Stefan Sharkansky] 0905/03

What are the Differences Between MEChA and Nazism?
[Stefan Sharkansky] 9/3/03

Scheer Cruz
Bob's pulling for Bustamante and more taxes...
[Stefan Sharkansky] 8/27/03

Scheering Prop 13
The rich get richer
[Stefan Sharkansky] 8/20/03

Scheer Recall
Stickin' with Gray
[Stefan Sharkansky] 8/13/03

28 Missing Pages
Scheer's Canards played out on Bush and the House of Saud
[Stefan Sharkansky] 7/30/03



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