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Stefan Sharkansky- Contributor
Commentator, Premier Blogger, and Software Consultant. A former San Francisican now relocated to Seattle. Mr. Sharkansky keeps a watchful eye on Robert Scheer and Nancy Pelosi. He has created a very useful tool for dissecting Robert (former Black Panther and apologist for North Korea and Cuba) Scheer – it’s called the Canard-o-Matic and is very useful in understanding the dark mind of this Los Angeles Times communist columnist.

Scheer Cruz
Bob's pulling for Bustamante and more taxes...

[Stefan Sharkansky] 8/27/03 (Editor's Note: Stefan Sharkansky provides a valuable ongoing service deconstructing LA Times "columnist" Robert Scheer.)

Robert Scheer, the L.A. Times' own tax-dodging Communist real-estate mogul, is using this week's column to campaign for Cruz Bustamante.

Bustamante has the training, experience and track record required to work with the Legislature to produce a budget come January.

What kind of training does Bustamante have that makes him uniquely capable to run the world's sixth largest economy? A report in today's Christian Science Monitor says Bustamante was

A C-average student in high school ... He once studied to become a butcher, and though he started college some 30 years ago, he didn't finish until this May.

Just what California needs -- a butcher school dropout. How will he cut spending if he can't even figure out how to cut meat?

Scheer thinks it is dishonest to say that California's taxes are too high:

Schwarzenegger is betraying the public trust -- and sounding like a typical I'll-do-anything-to-win politician -- when he insists that Californians are overtaxed and promises to alleviate that condition without cutting any programs.

I managed to lower my total tax (on the same pre-tax income) by several thousand dollars simply by moving from California to Washington. My quality of life here is at least as good as it was in California and unlike San Francisco there are public schools here that I can send my kids to. What did all that money I used to mail to Sacramento buy me? I have absolutely no idea.

But Scheer pretends that the State of California is run as efficiently as possible and asks sneeringly:

Where is the fat in K-12 education or emergency-room care that Schwarzenegger will terminate?

Some examples may be found here.

Bustamante, meanwhile, thinks he can restore California's greatness by giving its productive class another reason to flee:

He wants to repeal the tripling of the car tax signed by Davis - but only for cars valued under $20,000. Then, he plans to make up the difference by increasing taxes on the rich.


[copyright 2003 Stefan Sharkansky]



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