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Stefan Sharkansky- Contributor
Commentator, Premier Blogger, and Software Consultant. A former San Francisican now relocated to Seattle. Mr. Sharkansky keeps a watchful eye on Robert Scheer and Nancy Pelosi. He has created a very useful tool for dissecting Robert (former Black Panther and apologist for North Korea and Cuba) Scheer – it’s called the Canard-o-Matic and is very useful in understanding the dark mind of this Los Angeles Times communist columnist.

Scheer Recall
Stickin' with Gray

[Stefan Sharkansky] 8/13/03 (Editor's Note: Stefan Sharkansky provides a valuable ongoing service deconstructing LA Times "columnist" Robert Scheer.)

Robert Scheer devotes this week's column to the California recall election.

"Take him, he's yours."

That was my initial response to the California recall, aimed at a conservative Democratic governor who often has betrayed the state's large progressive base of voters -- the same folks who held their noses to elect and then reelect him.

Gray Davis was endorsed in his first gubernatorial primary (1998) by the ultra liberal Americans for Democratic Action. Those "progressives" for whom Gray Davis is too "conservative" consist mainly of Robert Scheer and a handful of other geriatric hippies from the Kim Il-Sung fan club.

Scheer goes on to blame George W Bush and the Republicans for the California energy crisis, which, as we discovered a few weeks ago, took place while Gray Davis was governor and Bill Clinton was president.

He also blames California's budget woes on Republican tax cuts. On the other hand, while Robert Scheer earns a fine income by writing that other people should pay more than their fair share of taxes, Robert Scheer doesn't always pay his own taxes. (Go to Sharkansky's blog to access the Los Angeles County Tax Collector Delinquent Tax Roll page.)

Next, the not very Christian Robert Scheer gives us some surprising reasons why he is supporting Gray Davis over Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ironically, Schwarzenegger is as "liberal" as Davis on the hot-button issues of abortion, gun control and gay rights. And can anyone suggest that Hollywood bon vivant Schwarzenegger better typifies Christian values than squeaky-clean Davis -

The fact that many California Republicans support Schwarzenegger is consistent with the observations that (a) not all California Republicans are Christian conservatives, and (b) not all Christian conservatives vote solely for other Christian conservatives. This demonstrates that the openminded diversity of the California Republicans is exceeded only by the shrill hypocrisy of Robert Scheer, who also reminds us that Gray Davis was

a decorated officer in Vietnam when his peers were demonstrating in the streets

along with Robert Scheer.



copyright 2003 Stefan Sharkansky



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