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Conservatives Are From Mars, Liberals Are From San Francisco
by Burt Prelutsky

America Alone
by Mark Steyn

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John Mark Reynolds- Contributor

John Mark Reynolds is the founder and director of the Torrey Honors Institute, and Associate Professor of Philosophy, at Biola University. His personal website can be found at www.johnmarkreynolds.com and his blog can be found at www.johnmarkreynolds.info.


I Still Support The War
by John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 5/28/07

I Probably Cannot Do It: Rudy 2008
by John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 2/8/07

Further Thoughts on “Lady in the Water”
by John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 2/8/07

Ivy Schools Cause Strange Ignorance
by John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 1/23/07

The Best Version Of Flawed Camelot Ever
by John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 1/19/07

Middle East Greater Cost: Winning Now or Later
by John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 1/16/07

Cheerful Persuasion
John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 11/10/06

Too Much Like Prejudice
A Warning Against a Dangerous Political Argument
John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 10/19/06

C.S. Lewis is Still Home
John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 9/29/06

We Will Not Censor Our Speech
John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 9/27/06

On Tyrants: Chavez, Castro, and Islamic Radicals
John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 9/25/06

No Education Without Books
John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 9/14/06

Ned Lamont: Not Just an Empty Suit,
But a Polyester Horror

John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 8/18/06

Evangelicals And The Republican Party
John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 8/10/06

Lady is a Lovely Mess
John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 7/27/06

An American in Paris...
The Only Pirate Story You Need!

John Mark Reynolds [author, academic] 7/21/06

Sad Mr. Stein
The LA Times pays people to say they do not support our troops...

[John Mark Reynolds] 1/26/05

Secularism - Our Legal Religion?
The Dover “monkey trial”…
[John Mark Reynolds] 1/6/06

Counting On Unhappiness
The leftist politics of bad news...

[John Mark Reynolds] 8/29/05

Hurrah for Israel!
The Necessary Country...

[John Mark Reynolds] 8/19/05

June Bug and L.A.'s Soft Bigotry
Elitism and stereotypes - review of a film by Phil Morrison…
[John Mark Reynolds] 8/8/05

Farewell Granny!
On the death of my grandmother
[John Mark Reynolds] 8/5/05

Perfection, Police, and WMD
Making best choices…
[John Mark Reynolds] 7/28/05

Clinton Cannot Be President
Hillary can't win…
[John Mark Reynolds] 5/11/05

Mistake of the Moderates
Nipping at the heels of history…
[John Mark Reynolds] 4/28/05

Holy Night
A meditation on Christmas Eve…
[John Mark Reynolds] 12/28/04

The Helen Crump Rules
Well-meaning social decay…
[John Mark Reynolds] 11/29/04

The Religious "Right"
The Compatibility of Christianity and Republicanism...

[John Mark Reynolds] 6/18/04

Peace in our Time
Wishing for peace won't make it so...
[John Mark Reynolds] 4/9/04

A Phone Call in the Night
A Platonist Warns of a Coming Tyranny
[John Mark Reynolds] 4/2/04

The Procedure Man
He Has His Place, But Not At the Front of the Pack
[John Mark Reynolds] 3/30/04

The Modern Man
Don Giovanni: hero for a decadent culture
[John Mark Reynolds] 3/22/04

The Right Stories
The Power of Myth in Modern Culture

[John Mark Reynolds] 3/18/04

Gibson’s Icon
On The Passion...
[John Mark Reynolds] 3/1/04

Plaids versus Woodstocks
The Last Battle for the Soul of the Sixties...
[John Mark Reynolds] 2/27/04

Homosexuality and the Corruption of a Culture
San Francisco is only the beginning...
[John Mark Reynolds] 2/24/04

The One Great Deed that Undid John F. Kerry
The forever hero...
[John Mark Reynolds] 2/12/04

They See Visions
The Religious Order of the LA Times
[John Mark Reynolds] 10/20/03

Love, Divorce, and Marriage: Bloodless Martyrdom or Intolerable Cruelty?
Reflections on marriage and the new Coen brothers' movie...
[John Mark Reynolds] 10/16/03

Beatrice Brigade
How California Will Be Saved One Kitchen Table a Time
[John Mark Reynolds] 10/7/03

Race, Rush, and Uncle Remus
Opinions and paternalism...
[John Mark Reynolds] 10/6/03

In Praise of Strip Malls
Or See You Saturday at the Interstate Theater
[John Mark Reynolds] 9/29/03

Finding the Good Men
The Courage of Our Regular Troops and the Challenge to the Rest of Us
[John Mark Reynolds] 9/26/03

Too Many Matchstick Men
Hollywood and the Anti-Hero
[John Mark Reynolds] 9/16/03

Mr. Disney’s Park
Or Why No Winner of a Major Event Will Ever Say, “I am Going to California Adventure!”
[John Mark Reynolds] 9/11/03



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