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Julia Gorin

by Julia Gorin


Wounded Warrior
Please Help Those
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Burt Prelutsky

The Secret of Their

by Burt Prelutsky

Conservatives Are From Mars, Liberals Are From San Francisco
by Burt Prelutsky

America Alone
by Mark Steyn

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Sally C. Pipes - Contributor
[Courtesy of Pacific Research Institute]

Sally C. Pipes is President and CEO, Pacific Research Institute [go to Pipes index]

The Case for Womanism
by Sally C. Pipes 8/8/08

Ban the Man?
by Sally C. Pipes 7/25/08

The Contrarian:
Actions Speak Louder than Words

by Sally C. Pipes 5/7/08

HillaryCare -- The Preview
by Sally C. Pipes 10/19/07

Our Porn, Ourselves
by Sally C. Pipes 9/27/07

Title IX: You've Come A Long Way, Baby
by Sally C. Pipes 8/8/07

More Lies From Moore
by Sally C. Pipes 7/9/07

Why The UN Is No Friend Of Women
Sally C. Pipes 5/3/07

The Long March Against Wal-Mart Continues
Sally C. Pipes 4/3/07

Carly's Choice
Sally C. Pipes 11/22/06

Fight the Feminist Occupation
Women Who Make the World Worse
[Sally C. Pipes] 4/6/06

A Woman's World?
Chile gets a new president…

[Sally C. Pipes] 3/13/06

Condoleezza Rice, Call Your Office
Betty Friedan’s unfortunate legacy…

[Sally C. Pipes] 3/11/06

Taking Stock in 2006
Prop 209 at 10...

[Sally C. Pipes] 1/19/06

Are Men Necessary?
Befuddled wisdom from Maureen Dowd…

[Sally C. Pipes] 12/12/05

The Nobel Prize for Literature Politics
An exploitation update...
[Sally C. Pipes] 11/22/05

Feminist Student Abuse

[Sally C. Pipes] 10/20/05

Glass Ceiling Anniversary
Barrier or choice?...

[Sally C. Pipes] 9/13/05

Smart Woman on Smart Women
Feminists deny the obvivous...

[Sally C. Pipes] 8/26/05

To Save the Earth, Plant a Tree
Arnold says “the debate is over…”

[Sally C. Pipes] 6/30/05

The “Khaki Ceiling?”
Women in the military...

[Sally C. Pipes] 6/30/05

The Old Feminist's Tale
Canada's Margaret Atwood vs. America…
[Sally C. Pipes] 6/9/05

The Contrarian: Theme from a Summers’s Place
Liberals academic apartheid…

[Sally C. Pipes] 5/5/05

There's No Glass Floor
HP's Carly Fiorina…

[Sally C. Pipes] 3/11/05

Engendered Strife at Harvard
Un-diverse diversity
[Sally C. Pipes] 2/8/05

Womanhoax Revisited
Perfecting victimhood
[Sally C. Pipes] 1/7/05

PC Protection Racket
The nanny state on the rise...
[Sally C. Pipes] 12/6/04

No Belle Prize, Continued
Politics of the elite...
[Sally C. Pipes] 10/27/04

Missing in Action: A Female Candidate
A PC world onto itself...
[Sally C. Pipes] 10/6/04

Where This Angell Should Have Feared to Tread
Drug reimportation is a bad idea...
[Sally C. Pipes and Benjamin Zycher] 10/4/04

Double Standards for Women
A PC pass for liberal women in power...
[Sally C. Pipes] 9/14/04

Why the Spin Sisters Swoon for the Federal Fabio
The ladies of the elite media...
[Sally C. Pipes] 8/9/04

Discrimination Suit Against Wal-Mart Obtains Class-Action Status
Payday for militant lawyers...
[Sally C. Pipes] 7/12/04

Prison Scandal Sparks Feminist Confession
The logical result of PC policy...
[Sally C. Pipes] 6/9/04

Still Bogus after all these Years
A statistical agenda...
[Sally C. Pipes] 5/25/04

Woman at Forefront of Hoax Industry
PC fraud...
[Sally C. Pipes] 5/14/04

Women's Business Month - Every Month
Liberal feminism ignores successful businesswomen...
[Sally C. Pipes] 4/21/04

Feminists Inflicting a False Environment
Professional victimhood...
[Sally C. Pipes] 4/7/04

Big Discrimination at the Small Business Administration
Political correctness running amok...
[Sally C. Pipes] 3/10/04

They Shall Overcome
African-American Women Tilt Toward Entrepreneurship...
[Sally C. Pipes] 2/11/04

No Belle Prize
Filling the shoes of Jimmy Carter...
[Sally C. Pipes] 1/14/04

The Stepford Feminists
Getting it wrong again...
[Sally C. Pipes] 12/11/03




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