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Daniel Pipes- Contributor

Daniel Pipes is director of the Middle East Forum, a member of the presidentially-appointed board of the U.S. Institute of Peace, and a prize-winning columnist for the New York Sun and The Jerusalem Post. His most recent book, Miniatures: Views of Islamic and Middle Eastern Politics (Transaction Publishers) appeared in late 2003. His website, DanielPipes.org, the single most accessed source of information specifically on the Middle East and Islam, offers an archive and a chance to sign-up to receive his new materials as they appear.

Europe is Finished, Predicts Mark Steyn
[by Daniel Pipes] 11/20/06

Op Eds Now More Central in War than Bullets
[by Daniel Pipes] 10/20/06

Intimidating the West, from Rushdie to Benedict
[by Daniel Pipes] 9/27/06

Nike, CAIR and 9/11
[by Daniel Pipes] 9/15/06

About Those Iraqi WMD...
Deception on top of deception.

[by Daniel Pipes] 4/26/06

Telephoning the Enemy
CAIR's phone tag connections to terrorists...

[by Daniel Pipes] 4/20/06

Bad News from Slippery Rock
Institutions for the elite Left's true believers...

[by Daniel Pipes] 4/14/06

How Israel Can Win
...and give Palestinian Arabs a chance...

[by Daniel Pipes] 4/7/06

White House Nonchalance
A too narrow focus on the Middle East?

[by Daniel Pipes] 3/22/06

Sudden Jihad Syndrome (in North Carolina)
Disturbing pattern of "normal" Muslims turninng to terror...

[by Daniel Pipes] 3/16/06

CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment
A free pass...
[by Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha] 3/10/06

If the King of Pop Converts to Islam
U.S. has highest Muslim conversion rates...

[by Daniel Pipes] 3/9/06

Civil War In Iraq?
If it comes, it’s not a strategic catastrophe…

[by Daniel Pipes] 3/1/06

Cartoons and Islamic Imperialism
Stand with Denmark?...

[by Daniel Pipes] 2/8/06

William Blum and Al-Qaeda's Leftist Brigade
Newest member of Osama's Book Club...

[by Daniel Pipes] 1/27/06

Israeli Politics Will Revert to Its Past
Will realism set in after Sharon?

[by Daniel Pipes] 1/9/06

Two Germans vs. Islamism
Bold tactics for the defense of the West...
[by Daniel Pipes] 1/6/06

Winning the Propaganda War
Finally Karen Hughes has a new strategy…

[by Daniel Pipes] 12/29/05

Back To September 10
My gloom...
[by Daniel Pipes] 12/22/05

Eliminating Israel Politely
The Kofi Annan way...

[by Daniel Pipes] 12/14/05

Converts to Terrorism
New Jihadist replacements...

[by Daniel Pipes] 12/12/05

Muhammad Ali v. George W. Bush
A misplaced honor?...

[by Daniel Pipes] 11/30/05

Palestinians Taste a Dose of Their Own Medicine
Bombings in Jordan...

[by Daniel Pipes] 11/16/05

Iran's Final Solution Plan
Wipe Israel off the face of the earth...

[by Daniel Pipes] 11/2/05

Bring the world under Islamic law...

[by Daniel Pipes] 10/27/05

Bush Declares War on Radical Islam
Finally defining the enemy...

[by Daniel Pipes] 10/13/05

Stupid Terrorists
The war on terror could use more of them...
[by Daniel Pipes] 10/7/05

Enforce Islamic Law in Canada?
PC retreat...

[by Daniel Pipes] 9/30/05

Musharraf's Historic Speech
Reaching out to Jews...

[by Daniel Pipes] 9/26/05

Christianity Dying in Its Birthplace
Pogrom against Christians...
[by Daniel Pipes] 9/15/05

L.A.'s Thwarted Terror Spree
Coming for American Jews...

[by Daniel Pipes] 9/9/05

Why Corporations Fund Radical Islam
Islamic shakedown?...
[by Daniel Pipes] 9/8/05

Islamists, Get Out
The British have a new message...

[by Daniel Pipes] 8/31/05

How Terrorism Obstructs Radical Islam
Galvanizing the West...

[by Daniel Pipes] 8/26/05

The End of Treason
Collapse of the meaning of loyalty...

[by Daniel Pipes] 8/24/05

A Democracy Killing Itself
Sharon deaf to his own words; Withdrawal 'is a recipe for war'

[by Daniel Pipes] 8/17/05

Today Gaza, Tomorrow Jerusalem
Are Israel's critics correct?
[by Daniel Pipes] 8/11/05

Television in Time of War
Media irresponsibility...

[by Daniel Pipes] 8/5/05

CAIR Founded by "Islamic Terrorists"?
Why does the organization back down in its lawsuit...

[by Daniel Pipes] 8/2/05

What Do The Terrorists Want?
Ignoring the truth about jihad...
[by Daniel Pipes] 7/29/05

British Opinion Surveys from an Islamist Hell
Home grown terrorists...
[by Daniel Pipes] 7/26/05

An Islamist Apology
Standing up to the new totalitarianism
[by Daniel Pipes] 7/22/05

The Next London Bombing
Waffling on intelligence...
[Daniel Pipes] 7/18/05

Weak Brits, Tough French
A PC home for terrorists...

[Daniel Pipes] 7/15/05

British "Covenant of Security" with Islamists Ends
London bombings...

[Daniel Pipes] 7/12/05

A Madrassah in Bridgeview, Illinois
Radicalizing Islamic America...
[Daniel Pipes] 7/8/05

Is Allah God?
...the children of Abraham...

[Daniel Pipes] 7/1/05

Radical Islam as Its Own Antidote
Are moderates the solution?...

[Daniel Pipes] 6/29/05

Saudis Import Slaves to America
And the State Department turns a blind eye...

[Daniel Pipes] 6/22/05

Is Turkey Going Islamist?
The struggle to come...

[Daniel Pipes] 6/10/05

Jihad through History
Islamic extremism...
[Daniel Pipes] 6/6/05

A Conspiracy Theory Spreads Polio
Of course it's America's fault...
[Daniel Pipes] 6/2/05

Amazon.com's Koran Desecration Problem
Giving in to pressure...
[Daniel Pipes] 5/26/05

CAIR's Hate Crimes Nonsense
Undermining the war on terror...
[Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha] 5/24/05

Business as Usual in the Palestinian Authority
The song remains the same...
[Daniel Pipes] 5/23/05

Pro-Israel Palestinians
Keeping low...
[Daniel Pipes] 5/19/05

A Saudi Poison Pill?
Would they Blow Up Their Oil Infrastructure?
[Daniel Pipes] 5/17/05

Hamas vs. America
Whitewashing terrorists...

[Daniel Pipes] 5/11/05

Convicting the "Paintball Sheikh"
Media turns a blind eye...
[Daniel Pipes] 5/5/05

Zacarias Moussaoui: One Question Too Many...
Can an Airplane Pilot Shut off Oxygen to Passengers?

[Daniel Pipes] 5/3/05

American Border Secrets
Keep the gate closed...

[Daniel Pipes] 5/2/05

Washington Finally Gets It on Radical Islam
The ideology front...

[Daniel Pipes] 4/27/05

Sharing Jokes with Hamas
Please Don't Call It Terrorism...

[Daniel Pipes] 4/26/05

"The Hell of Israel Is Better than the Paradise of Arafat"
Palestinian paradox...
[Daniel Pipes] 4/22/05

The Forcible Removal of Israelis from Gaza
No precedent...

[Daniel Pipes] 4/20/05

Conservative Professors, an Endangered Species
Try finding one...
[Daniel Pipes] 4/19/05

Ariel Sharon's Folly
Betraying Israel's voters...

[Daniel Pipes] 4/14/05

The California Suicide Bomber
The jihadists amongst us
[Daniel Pipes] 4/6/05

A Prof Tangles the Truth
Columbia University's Hamid Dabashi
[Daniel Pipes] 4/5/05

What Are Islamic Schools Teaching?
Anti-Semitism in Muslim Schools
[Daniel Pipes] 4/1/05

Can Hezbollah and Hamas Be Democratic?
Not acceptable...

[Daniel Pipes] 3/24/05

Which Privileges for Islam?
Demanding special privileges...

[Daniel Pipes] 3/17/05

A Neo-Conservative's Caution
Things look good in the Middle East - for now...

[Daniel Pipes] 3/16/05

Balancing Liberties, Security
The Abu Ali Case
[Daniel Pipes] 3/3/05

Lebanon's Liberation Approaches
Change sweeps the Middle East?...

[Daniel Pipes] 2/24/05

Anti-Semitism Evolves
Worldwide animus...
[Daniel Pipes] 2/18/05

Denying Terrorism
Law enforcement turning a PC blind eye...

[Daniel Pipes] 2/9/05

Saudi Venom in U.S. Mosques
Insidious Saudi Assault On America
[Daniel Pipes] 2/3/05

The Future of Judaism
The Orthodox resurgence...
[Daniel Pipes] 1/27/05

Radical Islam's Hypocrisy
The Ehrgott & Okashah cases...
[Daniel Pipes] 1/21/05

Which Way Will Abbas Go?
His mindset toward Israel...
[Daniel Pipes] 1/14/05

Hollywood Discovers Radical Islam
Fox, 24 and Islamists...
[Daniel Pipes] 1/10/05

Palestinian Word Games
Middle East spin...
[Daniel Pipes] 1/6/05

Another "Moderate" Muslim Group
Who's for real?...
[Daniel Pipes] 12/3104

Why the Japanese Internment Still Matters
Profile the threat...

[Daniel Pipes] 12/2904

Palestinians Don't Deserve Additional Aid
Fueling the problem...

[Daniel Pipes] 12/23/04

Exploiting the Koran to Terrorize
The Boim Trial ...

[Daniel Pipes] 12/16/04

My Day In Court
Censorship by litigation...
[Daniel Pipes] 12/10/04

Columbia University's Hysterical Professor
The indignant Hamid Dabashi...

[Daniel Pipes] 12/7/04

U.S. Needs To Learn Patience
Democracy is a slow process...
[Daniel Pipes] 12/3/04

Identifying Moderate Muslims
But who's who?...
[Daniel Pipes] 12/1/04

Spreading Islam in American Public Schools
"Islam can be victorious..."

[Daniel Pipes] 11/29/04

"Education By Murder" in Holland
Jihad in Europe...

[Daniel Pipes] 11/17/04

Arafat's Bedroom Farce
Deathwatch follies
[Daniel Pipes] 11/11/04

Arafat's Last Threat To Israel?
A booby trapped legacy...

[Daniel Pipes] 11/11/04

Has America Learned from 9/11?
Will we have what it will take?…

[Daniel Pipes] 11/3/04

9/10 vs. 9/12 on 11/2
Clear choices…

[Daniel Pipes] 10/29/04

Bush Dared To Be Different
The President and the Mideast…

[Daniel Pipes] 10/27/04

Hating America's Success
Resenting our accomplishments…
[Daniel Pipes] 10/13/04

What Kind of Airport Profiling?
How to identify beliefs…

[Daniel Pipes] 10/6/04

Islam is What Its Followers Make of It

[Daniel Pipes] 9/29/04

The Islamic States of America?
Erosion from within…

[Daniel Pipes] 9/24/04

Two Opposite Responses to Terrorism
Nepal and France.
[Daniel Pipes] 9/16/04

They're Terrorists - Not Activists
PC media
[Daniel Pipes] 9/9/04

Why Did American Airlines 587 Crash?
Is the truth finally emerging?
[Daniel Pipes] 9/7/04

Why Revoke Tariq Ramadan's U.S. Visa?
Scholarly Jihad
[Daniel Pipes] 9/2/04

"Islamophobic Prejudice" and CAIR
A civil rights group or a knee-jerk front?...
[Daniel Pipes] 8/30/04

Christians Disappearing From Iraq
[Daniel Pipes] 8/27/04

The Next Assault on American Sovereignty
Yield to the internationalists?...
[Daniel Pipes] 8/20/04

Naming the Enemy
Political correctness unravels...
[Daniel Pipes] 8/19/04

Al-Jazeera in Al-Canada?
PC airways for pro-terrorist Islamic antisemitism…
[Daniel Pipes and Charlotte West] 8/17/04

The Saudis' Covert P.R. Campaign
Spinning the media…
[Daniel Pipes] 8/16/04

Strange Twists in Syrian-Israeli Diplomacy
Working the back channel…
[Daniel Pipes] 8/11/04

A Slick Islamist Heads to Jail
And they seemed like such moderates…
[Daniel Pipes] 8/6/04

The Triumph Of the 9/11 Commission
Calling the enemy by its true name…

[Daniel Pipes] 7/29/04

Palestinian Descent into Chaos
Self-inflicted wounds.
[Daniel Pipes] 7/27/04

George Soros Teaches The FBI Tolerance
And gives terrorists cover.
[Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha] 7/22/04

CAIR's Phony Petition
Little more than PR.
[Daniel Pipes] 7/16/04

Israel's Wayward Prime Ministers
Who's to blame for the damage done?.
[Daniel Pipes] 6/30/04

'Walking Back the Cat' On Chalabi
Who's to blame for the damage done?.
[Daniel Pipes] 6/23/04

Reagan's Early Victory in the War on Terror
The embassy hostages
[Daniel Pipes] 6/18/04

"Don't Be Afraid, We Won't Kill Muslims"
The Khobar Rampage
[Daniel Pipes] 6/16/04

Qaddafi's American Hit Man?
Uncovering the plot to assassinate the Saudi Crown Prince

[Daniel Pipes] 6/11/04

Stealth Islamist Khaled Abou El Fadl
Which Muslims in the West support Islamism, which do not?

[Daniel Pipes] 6/4/04

Support The Lesser Evil...In Saudi Arabia
Sticking by the house of Saud...
[Daniel Pipes] 6/2/04

Female Desire and Islamic Trauma
The threat of the West...
[Daniel Pipes] 5/26/04

Europe's Threat to the West
Recruiting converts to Islam...
[Daniel Pipes] 5/20/04

Muslim Europe
A society verging on cultural collapse...
[Daniel Pipes] 5/13/04

Is an Iraqi Strongman Emerging?
Achieving a stable government...
[Daniel Pipes] 5/11/04

Moderate Muslims March in Phoenix
The reality of American Muslim opinion...
[Daniel Pipes] 5/5/04

American Purposes In Iraq
Defining priorities...
[Daniel Pipes] 5/3/04




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