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Los Angeles
Will It Be Conscience or Compromise for Black Americans?
by Rose Pedenko and Tanya Simon 5/16/08

In a parade in Germany recently, the worldwide audience was treated to effigies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, where Obama was biting the New York senator on, shall we say, her derriere.

This was proof that the graphic and embarrassing divisiveness roiling within the Democratic Party is being mocked internationally through a prism the Democrats themselves have cut with very precise angles.

Case in Point: The capricious statement by someone in the Clinton camp that white people support her was altogether unnecessary and far more revealing than intended. Equally uncalled for was a parry from Obama’s camp, that Obama gained more than 90% of the black vote in the Indiana Primary.

Rose Pedenko

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It is Barack Obama who has enslaved himself to the party that never had his best interests at heart. The elitism displayed by Senator Obama before a group of wealthy San Francisco donors begs the question, is he really an elitist, or a wannabe? Neither is desirable for national leadership.

Recently, in an exchange between Donna (party of the white boys) Brazile and influential Democratic consultant, Paul Begala, Mr. Begala stated that “…the only way to win this in my party (we’re not the monochromatic Republican Party)…is to stitch together white folks, and African-Americans and Latinos and Asians....”

Was Mr. Begala suggesting that a stitch in time saves nine black votes? And wasn’t it the party of the Thought Police that initially created this horrid division between Americans in the first place when they insisted on thrusting a hyphen (-) between our past and our present?

No longer are we simply and proudly Americans; we are hyphenated racial designations.

But we digress.

For both candidates’ representatives to make such statements reveals they have a Toulouse Lautrec outlook of the intelligence of the American voters. Each camp has sunk to a “coloring” contest: Whose black or white voter count is bigger?

Black Democrats, whether inside or outside the political bullring (and we do mean bull), do not take into account that the majority of modern-day defining moments for black American men and women were the result of the numerous appointments to high office made by George W. Bush. But the response by Democrats to those appointments was, and continues to be, mean-spirited and a slur to those Americans, as well as to our blind-to-color President.

Dr. Condoleeza Rice, the most powerful female in the political arena today, has been smeared a servile black Aunt Jemima.

Also, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer referred to former Maryland Attorney General Michael Steele as slavishly supporting the Republican Party. And lest anyone forget, has-been celebrity Harry Belafonte called General, and then Secretary of State, Colin Powell George Bush’s house slave.

Democrats’ defense of their own bigotry has been open-ended and shameless. At the same time, the liberal mainstream media have aided them by diverting attention away from their chauvinism with hyped propaganda against the Republican Party. This collusion has been going on for no less than three decades, and with such intensity that black children and young black adults, then and today, accepted these cants as truth and fact.

This narrow-mindedness has grown out of control from grade school all the way up to university. It has been aided through persistent inculcation by liberal pedagogues teaching that Democrats are the party of the disadvantaged. Children have been fed falsehoods for so long they only see hopelessness in their future. This surely has contributed to the unstoppable rise in the number of high school drop-outs.

Young persons’ sense of pride through achievement has been shifted and stifled so that their heroes are rap artists and athletes aided by the liberal media heaping praise on them with kudos and awards. This is what they now aspire to become.

Conversely, we watch silently while many young black Americans, as well as ill-informed young white liberals, sing the praises of black heroes such as Booker T. Washington, Harriet Tubman, and George Washington Carver, either not realizing or acknowledging that they were Republicans.

How many of these kids know it was a black Republican that conceived the idea of Black History Month?

Now would be a good moment to remind Michelle Obama that it was a Republican woman, Ida B. Wells, who helped found the National Association of Colored Women, and who worked with her white Republican counterparts to establish the NAACP in 1909. Mrs. Obama should be further reminded that it was Democrats that blocked the Welfare Reform Bill which has since served to reduce the welfare rolls by 60 percent next time she goes on an empathetic tirade about her working class roots.

Were all Republicans steadfast and uncompromising with respect to civil rights? The short answer is no. There are bad apples in every cart, barrel, and Congressional district. It is the job of the People to root them out and cast them aside with the power of our vote. The foundation and ideals of true Republicanism has never changed; it has been misrepresented to suit the agenda of the left.

 We bring these points up now – again – because it is time black Americans (specifically those who make an effort to vote their conscience, who care about the future of their children and the country where we all live in uninterrupted freedom) to take a very long hard look at the Democratic party they have chosen to be associated with for the last 30+ years.

The father of Black History, Carter G. Woodson, said, “Switch parties if you are not being represented.”

That said, it is time black Americans invested serious consideration towards re-registering with the Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln and of Dr. Martin Luther King, which has sacrificed so many and so much to ensure their freedom and our country’s ongoing security. CRO


copyright 2008 Rose Pedenko





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