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George Passantino

George Passantino is Director of Government Affairs for the Reason Foundation and coauthor of "Roadmap to Reform" and "The Citizens' Budget"

Reviving the Reform
The California Performance Review still packs a punch...
[George Passantino] 8/31/05

Billions Of Reasons To Reform
State tab for pensions is up 1,500% in five years...
[George Passantino] 4/20/05

Our Unfocused Legislature
Why pay a full-time $99,000 salary for part-time results?...

[George Passantino] 8/27/04

Lighting a Fuse to Blow Up the Boxes
Terminating the budget crisis...
[George Passantino] 8/23/04

Remembering Arnold’s Mandate
Change the fundamentals...
[George Passantino] 1/29/04

Arnold Targets the Budget Crisis
The Governor has a plan...
[George Passantino] 1/26/04

A Lean and Fit State Government
Sacramento gets a workout...
[George Passantino] 1/20/04

A Clear Agenda
But can the Governor change Sacramento's spending lust?
[George Passantino] 1/13/04

The Day of Reckoning Is Here
Sacramento is in need of a little friendly family budget advice
[George Passantino] 12/23/03


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