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Pacific Legal Foundation

Pacific Legal Foundation is a Sacramento-based public-interest law firm, PLF has a long history of litigating for tax restraint, including in support of Proposition 13 following its enactment in 1978.

Harold Johnson | M. David Stirling | Steven Geoffrey Gieseler

Keep Title IX Quotas Out of High Schools
by Steven Geoffrey Gieseler 7/13/07
Pacific Legal Foundation

A Tough Act To Follow
Janice Rogers Brown's appointment to a federal court is California's loss......
[Harold Johnson] 8/2/05

A Reason To Go Nuclear
Judge Doesn’t Deserve the Dixiecrat Treatment...
[Harold Johnson and ] 5/5/05

She's Worth Going Nuclear Over
California State Justice Brown would be a champion of freedom on the federal bench...
[Harold Johnson] 2/24/05

ACLU's Anti-Scouting Witch Hunt
Accept political-correctness or else...
[Harold Johnson] 1/31/05

State Credit Card Torn Up -- Finally
An end to illegal bonds?...
[Harold Johnson] 1/19/05

The Heavy Hand of Redevelopment
[M. David Stirling] 12/1/04

Clinton’s Legacy of Multilingualism
Accomodating immigrants over reason....
[M. David Stirling] 10/4/0

‘Wetlands’ Bureaucrats
Crushing property rights......
[M. David Stirling] 8/26/0

Flouting Prop. 209
So What If It’s in the Constitution-San Francisco Officials Won’t Enforce It
[Harold Johnson] 8/6/04

More Than The Pledge
The 9th Circuit tried to take over state law in their attempt to abolish the Pledge...
[Harold Johnson] 6/17/04

Defending The Spirit Of Brown In Berkeley
Categorizing by color...
[Harold Johnson] 5/19/04

Scoutophobic San Diego
Abandoned by the city...
[Harold Johnson and Mark S. Pulliam] 4/5/04

Father Doesn’t Know Best
The Pledge case goes to SCOTUS...
[Harold Johnson] 3/24/04

Wal-Mart Getting Boost From Lockyer
State officials intimidating the free market...
[M. David Stirling] 2/25/0

No Hollywood Ending
California’s Not Shining Fiscally Yet...
[M. David Stirling] 1/26/0

Dishonoring the Boy Scouts
And dishonoring the taxpayers...
[Harold Johnson] 1/16/04

Driver’s License Law Sideswipes the Constitution
Pacific Legal Foundation takes on licenses for illegals...
[Harold Johnson and William Mount] 11/14/03

It's Time To Snuff Out The 'Let It Burn' Idea
Anti-people environmentalism fuels the flames...
[M. David Stirling] 11/11/0

Dealing With Loan Sharks
Legislature’s Budget Bonds Financing Scheme Violates the Constitution, Not to Mention Common Sense
[M. David Stirling] 10/24/03

Mugging California Taxpayers
Assault on Prop 13
[M. David Stirling] 09/10/03

Politicians In Bond-Age
If bonds are part of the budget, voters must have a say
[Harold Johnson] 6/27/03





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