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Michael New - Contributor
Michael J. New received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Stanford University and is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama. Michael's research interests include tax limitations, campaign finance reform, and welfare reform. Michael's writings have appeared in a number of publications including Investor's Business Daily, National Review Online, and the Orange Country Register.

A Pro-Life Opportunity in California
by Michael J. New
[academic] 11/7/06

A Governor Who Changed America
Laying the groundwork for a Presidency...
[Michael J. New] 6/11/04

Lessons Learned from California
Colorado taxpayers beware...
[Michael J. New] 5/7/04

California Failing
Spending — same as it ever was.
[Michael J. New] 12/24/03

The Legend of Proposition 13
A timely book review: The Legend of Proposition 13 by Joel Fox
[Michael J. New] 9/13/03

California Learning
Recall has its first victory.
[Michael J. New] 8/22/03

The Reagan Effect
[Michael J. New] 8/9/03
Book Review: How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life by Peter Robinson



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