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Michael Nevin Jr. - Contributor

Michael Nevin Jr. is a 3rd generation California law enforcement officer and freelance writer. Mike's writing explores many topics ranging from the War on Terror to issues facing America's police officers. Mike is a contributing writer for several Internet websites including ChronWatch, American Daily, Renew, and Men's News Daily. He can be contacted at [go to Nevin index]

M.O.M.S. Helping Our Troops Abroad
From the homefront.
[Michael Nevin Jr.] 12/13/04

Constance Newton, founder of Mothers of Military Service Members (M.O.M.S), has found her calling. With a son attached to the Army’s 173rd Airborne Division, Newton decided that organizing families of service members on the home front would feed her need to do something positive. “M.O.M.S. is the best nonpaying job that I have ever had. It’s contagious, and it keeps spreading. Our group allows others to help in what may seem like a helpless situation. We get to send comforts from home and let our troops know that there is plenty of support back home. We are no longer the silent majority,” notes Newton.

Like many groups nationwide, this Northern California-based organization ships much requested personal items to the worthy men and women serving abroad. Deanna Giomi, who describes herself as a proud mom of an Army Soldier, explained the importance of the M.O.M.S. group: “When my son was deployed to Iraq, even though I couldn’t be a prouder mom, I was a nervous wreck. The M.O.M.S. group was exactly what I needed. We are able to send our troops boxes upon boxes of items that they have asked for. The most important thing that we do for our troops is to remind them that we support them as we thank them for their heroism by putting their lives on the line for this great country of ours. They have sent us letters of gratitude telling us how our packages lift up their morale.”

In an ongoing effort, M.O.M.S. sends items throughout the year to Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard personnel. For the year, over 13,000 lbs. of valuable supplies has been shipped abroad. During this holiday season, please consider helping out this worthy cause. Your generous gifts will bring well deserved comfort and joy to “America’s Finest” serving in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and proud M.O.M.S. would be grateful.

Shopping List for our Troops

· Sunscreen and Hand Lotion (small 2-4 oz)

· Insect Repellant (non aerosol)

· Anti-Itch Cream

· Toothpaste & Tooth Brushes (4-6 oz size)

· Deodorant (not gel, it melts)

· Top Ramen, Cup of Noodles, any Chips

· Tuna in pouch, Peanut butter in squeeze tube

· Small cans of fruit with pull tops

· Plastic Cutlery & Paper Bowls

· Small Sponges, Small Garbage Bags

· AT&T Phone Cards, Disposable Cameras

· AA & AAA Batteries

· Stationary & Pens, Christmas Cards

· Thumb Tacks & Scotch Tape

· Odor Eaters & Gold Bond Foot Powder (small)

· Cotton Socks (black & white) NO logos

· Scrunches for females (black, brown and tan)

· Female Hygiene, Mini & Maxi Pads, Tampons

· Powdered Drink Mixes (Gatorade 18 oz, Crystal Lite,) No large containers

· Ground Coffee, Tea Bags, Coffee Filters

· Hard Candy, Breath Mints

· Granola Bars, Power Bars or Snack Bars

· Can of Nuts (small), lunch box snacks

· Beef Jerky, Slim Jims 8 oz, Wheat Thins

· Recent Magazines & Paperback Books

· DVDs & CDs, Board Games (travel size)

· Frisbee, Nerf Football

· Baby Wipes or Wet Ones, Toilet Paper & Q-Tips

· Boot Brushes (hard bristle), Pipe Cleaners

· Seasonings (exp. Mrs. Dash, garlic)

· Tubes of lip balm with screw caps

· Letters and Cards (unsealed envelopes)


All above “shopping list” donations can be mailed to:

The Santa Rosa Veterans Hall
1351 Maple Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(Note: M.O.M.S. on package)

· Financial donations for postage and other expenses can be made by check payable to:

“American Legion Post 21” (note in memo: M.O.M.S.)
P.O. Box 281 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 ·

M.O.M.S. can be contacted at tOR

copyright 2004 Michael Nevin Jr.




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