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Michael Nevin Jr. - Contributor

Michael Nevin Jr. is a 3rd generation California law enforcement officer and freelance writer. Mike's writing explores many topics ranging from the War on Terror to issues facing America's police officers. Mike is a contributing writer for several Internet websites including ChronWatch, American Daily, Renew, and Men's News Daily. He can be contacted at [go to Nevin index]

America Spoke—Who Will Listen?
The people choose and the hard work continues.
[Michael Nevin Jr.] 10/05/04

In perhaps the most heartfelt speech of his life, Senator John F. Kerry spoke to America and asked for unity and common cause.  He accepted the will of the American people and he accepted defeat.  “We must join in common effort without remorse or recrimination, without anger or rancor,” Kerry urged.

Along the same lines, President Bush remarked, “So today I want to speak to every person who voted for my opponent.  To make this nation stronger and better, I will need your support and I will work to earn it.”

It was a long and often bitter presidential campaign.  And it is over.  The roadmap for the next four years was not decided by phony exit polls, campaign surrogates, foreign capitals, or the old media.  This election was decided by the “Fly-Over” country, Middle America, and a host of other names attributed to places not often found in the New York Times travel section.  Surprising to some liberals, moral values may have trumped every other issue as the main factor in this election.  The heartland has spoken and folks in the Beltway better be listening.

Despite a mainstream media dedicated to his defeat, a tirade from the Hollywood left, over $50 million from three billionaires funding several infamous 527’s, and the ivory tower elitists, George W. Bush won re-election convincingly gathering both the Electoral College and the most popular votes in American history. 

High voter turnout proved that the President didn’t just solidify his base, he expanded it.  Capital Hill will look more Republican by late January, and mandate appears to be the watchword of the day.  A seismic shift on the political landscape is complete, and any political observer worth his or her weight would acknowledge this reality.

Conservatives have every right to toast a great victory, but glee will turn to earnestness in a matter of days.  When Americans are positioning themselves on a real battlefield, attention refocuses rather quickly.  Military commanders will replace political pundits on the evening newscasts.  The course has been set; victory will not come easy, and it will not come cheap.  Now that this tiresome presidential campaign has ended, Americans on both sides of the political spectrum should put their differences aside and do everything necessary to win this war.

America will learn if national Democrats choose to return to their proud roots or become the Opposition Party.  Expect behind-the-scenes infighting to determine their direction.  The Democratic majority supports our military, has strong family values, and loves the country.  Unfortunately, these Democrats were led by the leftist fringe in this past election cycle.  Unless the ultra-left wing of the party is jettisoned over the next few years, power in Washington will remain solidly in Republican hands.  Hope always trumps hate, and in a time of war, that message is especially critical.

As I watched the election results roll in on November 2nd, a moment struck me that I will never forget.  As news coverage showed Bush pulling ahead in the race, cameras captured Marines in Fallujah loudly cheering the results.  America had a chance to hear them speak, and it mattered.    

Not everyone in the military supported Bush in his campaign, but a 3-1 ratio is significant.  I thanked God that such brave men would put their lives on the line so that my child can live free.  I thanked God that these patriots seemed to have a moment of joy in a place that has lacked hope for decades.  And finally, I thanked God that I’m an American. tOR

copyright 2004 Michael Nevin Jr.




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