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Los Angeles
Rantish: Why the World Hates America
by Bethanie Morrissey 6/25/08

The Democrats have been saying for some time that Barack Obama will restore our reputation in the eyes of the world, and I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what went wrong in the first place.

The world hates us. We know this, because our own media inform us of it regularly through polls, editorials, and documentaries. Because of our actions, our policies, over the years, we have built up a reservoir of resentment worldwide that only Obama can sooth.

You know, I think they are right. Let's look at the sins we've committed with an eye toward helping our next president, whoever it may be, to regain our popularity in the world.

Most of the complaints have to do with the American reaction to problems overseas. Should America get involved, and in what capacity? From my observations, we have clearly blundered many times, causing them to hate us.

Guest Contributor
Bethanie Morrissey

Bethanie Morrissey is an English teacher in Los Angeles and a veteran of the US Navy. She loves writing, cats, and her Mac. [go to Morrissey index]

For instance, sometimes we simply stay out of it (Rwanda). We don't help anyone, saying it's none of our business, and many die. So the world hates us for our apathy and selfishness.

Other times we try to get involved in things that are clearly none of our business, being the "policemen of the world" (Somalia), so they hate us.

Sometimes we do get involved and help fight off a foreign enemy, but then we withdraw quickly, leaving a void that might be filled by God-knows-what kind of psychotic regime (Afghanistan). We fail to fulfill our responsibility to finish what we started and help repair the mess. So they hate us.

Other times we DO stay to help repair the mess (Iraq) and are then seen as occupiers. So they hate us.

They hate us if we embargo our enemies (Cuba) and they hate us if we send financial aid (North Korea.)

They hate us if we try to broker peace (Palestinians) and they hate us if we stay out of it (Darfur).

They hate us if we go to the U.N. (Iraq) and they hate us if we don't. (Bosnia).

They hate us when we win (Japan) and they hate us when we lose (Vietnam).

They hate us if we stand up to them (Iran) and they hate us if we mostly ignore them (Venezuela).

They hate us if we trade with them (Mexico), they hate us if we save them (Kuwait, France), they hate us if we rebuild them (Germany), they hate us if we give them special favors (China), and they hate us when we protect them (Canada).

Clearly, those who hate us,  hate us no matter what we do. They hate us simply for existing. This suggests that the only way to make them happy is to destroy ourselves. Or elect Obama.  But I repeat myself. CRO


copyright 2008 Bethanie Morrissey





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