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Melanie Morgan- Contributor

Every weekday from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., Melanie Morgan's San Francisco street savvy and conversational camaraderie with KSFO morning personality Lee Rodgers, lightens and brightens the airwaves for tens of thousands of Bay Area commuters. Her exuberance and passion for the news belie her years of experience. | Ms. Morgan started her broadcasting career at the age of 16, working at her college radio station, KCLC FM, in St. Charles, Missouri. Shortly thereafter, she began an internship at KUDL AM/FM in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. After working at several radio stations in Kansas City, Melanie began her television career as a researcher, for ABC TV's Howard K. Smith, during the 1976 Republican Convention. In 1980, Melanie went to work for KMBC, Channel 9 in Kansas City as a television reporter and anchor.

The Lying Liars of the Left
Blame George Bush for California’s Recall (and why that makes Californians Laugh)
[Melanie Morgan ] 09/09/03



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