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Los Angeles

L.A. Now Stands For “Losing Americans”
by Walter Moore[attorney, L.A. mayoral candidate] 12/21/07

Statistics just released by the California Department of Finance, and reported in the L.A. Times, confirm what your eyes have been telling you:  middle-class Americans are fleeing Los Angeles, while impoverished Mexicans continue to pour in.

Try wrapping your head around these numbers:


From mid-2001 to mid-2007, if you add up all the Americans who moved into Los Angeles County, and subtract all the Americans who moved out, you get a disturbing net figure:  450,024 Americans left.

During that same period, if you add up all the foreigners who moved into the county, and subtract those who left, you get this net figure:  523,571 foreigners moved in.

Walter Moore

Walter Moore is an attorney and candidate for Mayor Of Los Angeles www.WalterMooreForMayor.com [go to Moore index]


Did you get that?  We lost nearly half a million Americans, and gained more than half a million foreigners.  The Department of Finance, by the way, did not report whether any of the 523,571 foreigners bothered to come here legally, since, well, only racists care about stuff like legality, right?


Here are two more numbers that will help you understand why, as long as we continue to import Mexico's impoverished, we will continue to fuel the so-called "affordable housing crisis" (the handy pretext for giving subsidies to millionaire developers):

According to the tax returns filed in 2005, the average income of the people leaving L.A county was $77,372 per year.

By contrast, the tax returns for those moving into L.A. county during the same period indicated that their average income was $51,206.  And bear in mind:  that figure is based on those people who filed tax returns, not those who live in the underground, all-cash, no-tax economy.  If we included those people, the figure would presumably drop even lower.

So the people moving out have incomes that are 51% higher than those moving in.  Repeat:  the people leaving have incomes that are 51% higher than the people moving here.  Our income, as a group, is moving in the wrong direction, and fast.


Why do these numbers matter?  They matter because they confirm what you realize any time to drive through our streets:  L.A. is turning into a third world country.  Density is increasing; fewer Americans live here, and more foreigners; and the population is increasingly low- income.

That means that, unless we take action, the tax burden on the few middle-class Americans will continue to rise, as the quality of life here continues to decline. CRO

copyright 2007 Walter Moore




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