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Los Angeles

Where Did The 15,345 Homeless Go? 
It's A Trick Question...
by Walter Moore[attorney, mayoral candidate]10/15/07

Friday the Daily News published a story entitled "Homeless count finds fewer in Los Angeles County." The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority issued a report stating that the number of homeless people in the county has dropped from 88,345 two years ago to 73,000 today -- a difference of 15,345 people.

So where did the 15,345 homeless people go?

Walter Moore

Walter Moore is an attorney and candidate for Mayor Of Los Angeles www.WalterMooreForMayor.com [go to Moore index]


It's a trick question.  The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority used bogus methodology for its estimate two years ago, and used it again for this year's report.

The two main flaws with the agency's reports are:  i) the agency uses homeless people to count the number of homeless people; and ii) the agency takes the count those people provide and extrapolates wildly.

So they hire the most unreliable people available to conduct a "census" on skid row, and then they extrapolate that number as if every neighborhood has as many homeless as skid row.

According to the agency's own figures, the actual number of homeless on the streets that its homeless "employees" spotted was 15,350 this year.  The rest of the 73,000 "homeless" figure comes from extrapolations, and from including people in jails, hospitals, hotels, and homeless shelters.

According to the agency's own figures, moreover, the actual number of homeless on the streets that its homeless "employees" spotted two years ago was 19,138.

And get this:  two years ago, when the homeless agency had homeless "employees" counting 19,000 homeless downtown, the LAPD had its officers count the homeless downtown.  They counted 1800 homeless before a crackdown on skid row, and 921 after a crackdown.

So you, because you are a smart, informed voter, now know the real reason behind the mysterious "disappearance" of 15,000 homeless people:  bogus methodology, today and two years ago. CRO

copyright 2007 Walter Moore




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