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Contributor -
Tom McClintock

Mr. McClintock is an expert on matters of the State budget and fiscal discipline. He is a Senator in the California State Legislature and ran for Governor in the 2003 recall election. His valuable website is found at http://www.carepublic.com/blog.html

21/24/40 California has a spending problem. As State Senator Tom McClintock likes to point out, population and inflation combined have grown at a rate of 21% the past four years; revenue has grown 25%. Yet California government spending has grown 40%. The result is an unprecedented state budget deficit expected to exceed $35 billion. - Thomas Krannawitter 5/2/03

The Perils of Perfection...
by Tom McClintock [politician] 10/25/07

The True Cost Of The Global Warming Farce
by Tom McClintock [politician] 10/22/07

Budget Comes Home to Roost…
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We've Heard this Song Before...
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Failure To Launch...
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Return To Our Principles
by Tom McClintock [politician] 9/11/07

We Don’t Need No Secret Ballots…
by Tom McClintock [politician] 8/29/07

A Small Victory And A Big Risk
by Tom McClintock [politician] 8/22/07

Floor Speech: McClintock v. Budget
by Tom McClintock [politician] 8/22/07

Cooking The State's Books
by Tom McClintock [politician] 8/20/07

How Can GOP Work Alone On Budget?
by Tom McClintock [politician] 8/17/07

Budget Stalemate
by Tom McClintock [politician] 8/3/07

The McClintock Budget
by Tom McClintock [politician] 7/26/07

Fool Me Twice…
by Tom McClintock [politician] 7/20/07

When Science Becomes "Treason"
by Tom McClintock [politician] 7/17/07

Now Substituting for Mom and Dad…
by Tom McClintock [politician] 7/9/07

The Man Behind the Curtain…
by Tom McClintock [politician] 7/5/07

Fred Thompson The One?
by Tom McClintock [politician] 6/4/07

Arnold Can't Give Us 'Green' Cement
by Tom McClintock [politician] 6/4/07

A “Fantastic” Budget
by Tom McClintock [politician] 1/22/07

Screwing the Poor in One Easy Step
More hurtful help from government…
[Tom McClintock] 4/27/06

California Is Worth Fighting For
Speech to the California Republican Party Convention...
[Tom McClintock] 2/8/06

"...all I can do is protest..."
Remarks before the Senate Transportation Committee
[Tom McClintock] 2/3/06

Bond Bombshell
Amassing pointless debt…
[Tom McClintock] 12/21/05

Stay The Course
Speech to the Los Angeles Republican Party...
[Tom McClintock] 11/23/05

Tuesday's Defeat
The Senator's thoughts on the special election...
[Tom McClintock] 11/14/05

Eminent Despotism
Kelo decision...
[Tom McClintock] 8/5/05

Another Failed Budget
Compromise didn't deliver - again...
[Tom McClintock] 7/8/05

A Gray Davis Kind of Budget
Democrats act as if spending $5 billion more than you take in is responsible
[Tom McClintock] 6/27/05

Another "Balanced" Budget
Remarks prior to Wednesday's Senate vote..
[Tom McClintock] 6/20/05

The Debate for California’s Soul
Remarks at the California Club for Growth PAC Annual Conference...
[Tom McClintock] 6/8/05

Teacher Union's Funny Numbers
To understand education budget, start with math...
[Tom McClintock] 5/18/05

What Ails California: Spending Havoc
Voracious state agencies do less with much more
[Tom McClintock] 2/23/05

Big Five, Big Mistake
Power play trumps state's constitution...

[Tom McClintock] 2/15/05

McClintock on the Propositions
What the Senator thinks...
[Tom McClintock] 10/30//04

Subsidizing Illegal Immigration
Why does the state pay to send illegals to college?...
[Tom McClintock] 5/7/04

Workers Comp: A Step Forward
Floor remarks on bill passage...
[Tom McClintock] 4/19/04

Stand By Our Promises
Address to California Republican Assembly
[Tom McClintock] 4/8/04

Why the Pledge of Allegiance Matters
Simple words that are at the heart of our country...
[Tom McClintock] 3/26/04

A Party of Freedom
A Lincoln Day speech to the Alaska Republican Party
[Tom McClintock] 3/12/04

Piling on More Debt
The state is $6.5 billion more in the red...
[Tom McClintock] 3/10/04

Setting California's Finances in Order
Fixing the damage done...
[Tom McClintock] 2/13/04

Should Schwarzenegger 'blow up boxes'?
Yes, contract out and overhaul bureaucracy...
[Tom McClintock] 1/23/04

Uncompromising Gubernatorial Leadership
Advice for the Governor's State of the State...
[Tom McClintock] 1/6/04

Seduced By Borrowing
Rein in the spending...
[Tom McClintock] 12/18/03

Conservatism Triumphant
A speech delivered to Young America's Foundation...
[Tom McClintock] 12/16/03

The 13-Percent Solution
The state's financial health means tightening the belt...
[Tom McClintock] 12/5/03

The (Very) Last Refuge of a Scoundrel
Hiding behind tragedy to make a tax grab...
[Tom McClintock] 11/6/03 [CaliforniaRepublic.org]


Tom McClintockThe Candidate Who Won't Back Down
[Steve Lawrence] @SD Union Tribune


Why Not McClintock?
Recall facts.
[the Editors] @National Review


Who Speaks for the People?
In California it's a question Republicans about to gather for their weekend convention will ignore at their peril.
[John Kurzweil] @American Spectator


McClintock and the Absentee Voter
Why time is running out for Schwarzenegger.
[Andrew Peyton Thomas] @National Review


McClintock has no gray areas
For this Republican recall candidate, sometimes his own party is too far to the left. State Sen. Tom McClintock
Martin Wiskol @OC Register


McClintock for Governor
[Jospeh Farah] @WorldNetDaily


Conservatives Shouldn't Shy Away From Core Values
California conservatives are being advised to muzzle our core beliefs in order to elect a Republican to statewide office again.
[Jim Patterson] @Fresno Bee

Peaking Tom
A conservative tries to become California's next governor.
[John J. Miller] @National Review

McClintock Lays Out His Plans For California
[David Freddoso] @Human Events


The Conservative Who Would Be Governor
Tom McClintock is running third in California, but he may be the one who determines the outcome of the race.
[Bill Whalen] @Weekly Standard


McClintock Sees Recall Election as Historic Moment
[Daniel Weintraub] @Sacramento Bee


the Shadow Governor
The Hour Has Come
McClintock Speech to Recall Rally July 26
[Tom McClintock] 7/31/03 |
I want to salute Ted Costa—whose foresight and courage began this effort while the pundits laughed. Howard Kaloogian and Sal Russo who instantly stood up to join the effort. Darryl Issa whose devotion and generosity accelerated the drive and who has borne the attacks of Davis and his henchman. And all of the radio hosts across California who have sounded the call to action. | You have brought us to this moment in history. | Ladies and Gentlemen, the hour of California's redemption has arrived—IF we are ready to fight for it. | I believe this is the historic turning point that can restore our state's public works, bring its bureaucracies back under control, and roll back the regulations and taxes that are choking our economy. To do so, we must have a Governor who knows every crevice of this government and is willing to challenge, to confront and to defeat the spending lobby that controls it. | Let me tell you what I will do in the first hour of this new administration.[more inside CaliforniaRepublic.org]


Unwind the Bureaucracy : See, this guy’s always got a plan…[ Senate Bill 9 by State Senator Tom McClintock (R-Thousand Oaks) was approved yesterday by the California State Senate by a vote of 36 to 0. The bill sets up a Bureaucracy Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) to identify, downsize or eliminate obsolete state government bureaucracies. | The legislation is modeled after the federal military base realignment and closure commission which successfully closed 90 obsolete military bases, saving $20 billion per year. Senator McClintock's legislation, SB 9, applies the same mechanism to a similar problem: how to identify, downsize or eliminate obsolete bureaucracies in state government. | The difficulty in conducting such a review - and acting upon it - is that every program has a highly motivated constituency that jealously and expertly guards its budget. | Faced with the long overdue need to close obsolete military bases, the federal government confronted the same paralysis caused by interest group pressure. Ultimately, Congress broke the gridlock when it took the task of reviewing bases out of the political arena and gave it to an independent panel of management experts that returned a comprehensive recommendation for a single up-or-down vote. | SB 9 will empanel an independent commission of management experts to examine state bureaucracies to determine which ones perform obsolete or duplicate services. The plan will then be presented to the Legislature for a single yes or no vote. |"I think we all agree that this government could operate a lot more efficiently," said Senator McClintock. | The bill next moves to the California State Assembly.]

RECALL FOLLIES/From American Spectator
Gray Coup On  

If California Republicans have any sense (always a long shot), they'll rally around Tom McClintock.
[George Neumayr] 7/25/03 | ...The recall law was written to clean up messes like this one. The Republicans, for the good of the state, must run a serious candidate to replace Davis. If they dribble the ball off their knee again, Californians will find it hard to forgive them. | One promising development is Tom McClintock's announcement to San Francisco broadcasters Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan that he will run in the recall election. He is the most credible and principled of the Republicans considered for the race. Known as a budget hawk -- precisely what the state needs at the moment -- state senator McClintock was the one bright spot in the Republicans' dismal showing last year. Though badly outspent by his multimillionaire opponent, McClintock came within a hair of becoming the state's controller. | What good would the recall do if it merely meant the replacement of a liberal Democrat with a liberal Republican, or one frivolous pol for another? McClintock's hardheadedness is the pledge of seriousness the Republicans need in order to show that the recall is not sour grapes, power politics, or an exercise in vanity. The recall is above all about a self-inflicted budget crisis, and McClintock is an authentic budget cutter. Many California Republicans are just tax-and-spend Democrats in slow motion. McClintock is not one of them. Long before it was fashionable to decry Davis's budget-busting, McClintock drew attention to the 37% spike in state spending. He was a champion of the discarded Gann amendment that restricted increases in state spending to increases in population and inflation. Had Davis heeded his calls, the state would be awash in surpluses not deficits. Having resisted tax-and-spend Democrat budgets of the past -- while many of his Republican colleagues caved to them -- McClintock has authority when he says that he would use his executive powers to reverse the car tax Davis has tripled and slash the mounds of fat in Sacramento. [more at American Spectator]

the Shadow Governor
Highway Robbery
[Tom McClintock] | Illegal taxes are what political revolutions are made of. Just ask King John, whose illegal taxes produced a taxpayer revolt that ended with the Magna Carta. Or George III whose illegal taxes provoked the American Revolution. California’s Royal Governor could profit from their example.

[Streetsweeper] 7:57 am
Shadow Governor vs. Car Tax: Tom McClintock leapt to action yesterday when the trigger was pulled on the Car Tax - which he called "absolute horse manure." In the Ventura Star [Within an hour after the decision was made, McClintock filed two proposed initiatives with the Attorney General's Office. One is a one-sentence initiative statute that would set the annual fee at $1. The other is a more complex constitutional amendment that would abolish the fee and at the same time guarantee that local governments would receive a like amount of revenue from the state General Fund. / It takes 373,000 signatures to qualify an initiative statute for the ballot. A constitutional amendment requires nearly 600,000 signatures. / McClintock said he is confident he can meet the lower threshold, but said he will strive to qualify the proposed constitutional amendment for the November 2004 ballot.]

Your Car Tax Estimate
posted at OC Register
Say you bought a new Toyota Camry in October 2000 for $20,360.
Here’s how the new vehicle license fee will affect you.

$ 105.87
You paid this in 2002

You’ll owe this in October


[Nicholas X. Winter] 7:03 am
On McClintock: Almost a hat tossed in the ring for the guy we call the “Shadow Governor.” From Daily Bulletin [State Sen. Tom McClintock, a Southern California Republican, said in an interview Wednesday he might run for governor if the effort to recall Gov. Gray Davis qualifies for the ballot. / McClintock lost the race for state controller by a razor-thin margin, and was arguably the most successful Republican candidate for statewide office in 2002. The winner, Democrat Steve Westly, outspent McClintock by more than five to one, but won by less than 1 percent of the vote. / "From what I've been told, the larger the field, the better I do," McClintock, of Thousand Oaks, said.]

In Search of the Enron Accountants
by Tom McClintock 6/10/03 | Gov. Gray Davis' May budget revision at least answers one question: Whatever happened to Enron's accountants? By every indication, they're alive and well and hard at work on the state budget crisis. [more inside CaliforniaRepublic.org]

Memo To My Wife

McClintock takes on duties of managing the family budget and decides to use the same budgeting principles as the Governor.

Reaction to Mr. Davis' "May Revise"
"The first installment is now due for the Governor's four year spending binge. He promises to triple the car tax - while calling it a spending cut. He unconstitutionally borrows nearly $11 billion, which will cost Californians twice as much to repay in principal and interest. He increases proposed spending by $2.2 billion beyond his January budget and calls it frugality. | "There are two ways to balance the budget. You either cut state spending, which has ballooned 40 percent in four years, or you cut family budgets by raising their taxes. Families have already cut their budgets - the state now spends a larger portion of their earnings than at any time in our history. | "I renew my pledge: within an hour of the Controller acting to increase the car tax, I will file the initiative to abolish that tax completely." -Tom McClintock

In Defense of Proposition 13

A Mount Vesuvius of Misinformation

Don't Repeat Wilson's Mistake

“The policies that turned a $9 billion surplus to a $24 billion deficit in just 18 months are continued and expanded in a state budget which, though just three weeks old, is already unraveling before our eyes." -Tom McClintock

So Go Ahead. Make My Day.

How to Solve the Budget Crisis in Three Easy Steps

Referendum on the Car Tax Increase

The Dimensions of the Disaster



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