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Fred Thompson The One?

by Tom McClintock [politician] 6/18/07
I haven’t been the least bit enthusiastic about a Republican presidential nominee since Ronald Reagan ran for re-election in 1984 – and that’s a long time to go without that lov’n feeling.  I’ve tried dating around the current crop of candidates, but it’s been one disappointing evening after another: the most articulate are the least principled, while the most principled have been the least articulate. 

But now comes news that Fred Thompson is more than musing about a presidential candidacy -- he’s now opened a campaign committee and all but certain to make an announcement by early July. 

Tom McClintock

Mr. McClintock is an expert on matters of the State budget and fiscal discipline. He is a Senator in the California State Legislature and ran for Governor in the 2003 recall election. His valuable website is found at www.tommclintock.com [McClintock index]

First, a couple of admissions here.  I’ve never watched “Law and Order,” and I don’t know where Thompson stands on every issue.  And I know, I know: he bombed in Orange County last month, supported McCain-Feingold and some people think he’s lazy.  (Of course, Reagan bombed in his first debate with Mondale and signed a couple of real stinkers – but he never made it a habit.  And some people said he was lazy too). 

Now here’s why I think I’m falling in love.  Reagan was great because he not only deeply believed in Republican principles of freedom, but he was able to carry that message to audiences that had never considered themselves as Republicans.  And I’m starting to see the same qualities in Fred Thompson.

His reply to Michael Moore has already become an Internet classic.   But what won my heart was his ABC podcast on “Plutonic Warming” that I ran across during my lonely, empty hours surfing various candidate dating sites.  Check this out: http://abcradio.com/Blog.asp?id=15663&m=5&y=2007

It struck me that like Reagan, Thompson is not only willing to challenge left-wing pap – he’s entirely capable of doing so.  That makes him a singular standout in the current field of presidential suitors, and I’m starting to think I wouldn’t mind spending the next four years with this guy. 

Any Citizens For the California Republic family members, please weigh in on this.  For a lot of us lonely conservatives, I think it could be the start of a beautiful friendship .

P.S. If you can’t access the podcast, here’s the text:

Plutonic Warming

“Some people think that our planet is suffering from a fever. Now scientists are telling us that Mars is experiencing its own planetary warming: Martian warming. It seems scientists have noticed recently that quite a few planets in our solar system seem to be heating up a bit, including Pluto.

“NASA says the Martian South Pole's ice cap has been shrinking for three summers in a row. Maybe Mars got its fever from earth. If so, I guess Jupiter's caught the same cold, because it's warming up too, like Pluto.

“This has led some people, not necessarily scientists, to wonder if Mars and Jupiter, non-signatories to the Kyoto Treaty, are actually inhabited by alien SUV-driving industrialists who run their air-conditioning at 60 degrees and refuse to recycle.

“Silly, I know, but I wonder what all those planets, dwarf planets and moons in our SOLAR system have in common. Hmmmm. SOLAR system. Hmmmm. Solar? I wonder. Nah, I guess we shouldn't even be talking about this. The science is absolutely decided. There's a consensus.

“Ask Galileo.” CRO





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