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Demands from Al Qaeda's Adam Gadahn
by Laura Mansfield [author, analyst] 5/31/07

A videotaped message from Adam Gaddahn has been released by As Sahab, the media production arm of Al Qaeda.

In the video, Gadahn, who adopted the Islamic name Azzam the American following his conversion to Islam, presented the United States with six demands.

He threatens that failing to comply with these demands will cause the American people to "- experience things which will make you forget all about the horrors of September 11th, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Virginia Tech".

Laura Mansfield

Laura Mansfield is a writer and commentator on issues regarding the Middle East, Islam, and Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Subscribers to her Strategic Translations and Analysis service include major libraries in the US, the UK, Germany, and Italy; various US and UK governmental and intelligence agencies; law enforcement agencies in the US, UK, Italy, and Germany; and many Fortune 500 companies.

She is a regular subject matter consultant for news agencies in the UK, the US, Germany, Italy, and Israel. [go to Mansfield index] [go to Mansfield website]

One Nation Under Allah

by Laura Mansfield


by Laura Mansfield

The demands include a complete pull-out of American interests from all Muslim countries, withdrawal of support for what Gadahn calls "apostate regimes" in the Muslim world, cessation of support for Israel and a travel ban for US citizens wishing to travel to "occupied Palestine", end any influence over Muslims in education, culture, values, etc. including a ban on media broadcasts, and a complete and total release of all Muslims in prisons, jails, etc.

A complete transcript of the 7 minute, 57 second long tape follows.

The video can be downloaded here.

Legitmate Demands
A message from the mujahid brother Adam Yehiye Gadahn (Azzam)

This is not a call for negotiations. We don't negotiate with baby killers and war criminals like you. No, these are legitimate demands which must be met

All praise is due to Allah creator of the heavens and the earth and prayers and peace be upon the messenger of Allah, and his companions, family, and followers until the day of judgement.

Bush. You thought you would be remembered by history as the President who waged a series of successful Crusades against the Muslims. Instead, you will go down in history not only as the president who embroiled his nation in a series of unwinnable and bloody conflicts in the Islamic world but as the President who sent the United States off on its death march towards breakdown and disintegration.

Oh, I'm sure there will be some partisans who believed your lies and some fanatics who shared your murderous Crusader ideology who
will remember you fondly and mourn for you when this world is at long last rid of you, just as there were those who heaped praise on your
fellow bloodthirsty nation destroying crusaders Milosovich and Yeltsin when they passed on to Allah's anger but such minority sentiments can
do nothing to cover up the ugliness of your crimes, the truth about your Empire of Evil, and the colossal failure of your Global Crusade.

You may or may not be aware of it but today, nearly four years
after you hastily declared victory in Iraq, and more than five and a
half years after you fell into the Afghanistan trap, things aren't
going too well for your Crusader Coalition. In fact, things are going
really bad.

From Kanduz to Diyala, you and your mercenary hirelings and
loyal but stupid allies are easy prey for our martyrdom-seekers. In
East Africa, where many of the wars opening battles were fought years
ago, the blood of your Ethiopian proxies is making the sand run red
from Mogadishu to Ogadeen, and from the Levant, Egypt, and the Sudan to
the Islamic Magrhib and Nigeria new fronts are being opened and old
fronts are being reinvigorated and you and your are feeling the heat.

And, as confirmed by a new poll of Muslims in four major
regional countries conducted by the Center for International Security
Studies at the University of Maryland, Muslims continue to support and
defend the goals, efforts, and sacrifices of their brothers and
sisters, the Mujahideen and continue to demonstrate broad awareness of
the evil nature of America and the threat posed by it.

This despite your worst efforts to distort out image in the eyes of Muslims and camoflauge your true intentions

In other words, you're losing on all fronts and losing big time.

Bush, the die has been cast and the blood has been spilled and there is no way to undo what you have done.

There are, however, some steps you can take to curtail your
losses and prevent the number of American casualties at home and abroad
from rising even higher.

The Champions of Islam, defending their faith and brethren
against your evil doing have repeatedly made clear these steps but
because I know you live in a cocoon of your own making, and prefer to
remain ignorant of what goes on in the world, I shall summarize them
here. I strongly suggest you heed and implement them for your own good
and the good of your people.

One, pull every last one of soldiers, spies, security advisors,
trainers, attaches, and so on out of every Muslim land from Afghanistan
to Zanzibar. Should so much as one single American soldier or spy
remain on Islamic soil, it shall be considered sufficient justification
for us to continue our defensive jihad against your nation and people.

Two, stop all support and aid - military, political, economic,
or otherwise - to the fifty-six plus apostate regimes of the Muslim
world and abandon them to their well-deserved fate at the hands of the
soldiers of Islam. Should you fail to comply in full we will deem it
sufficient justification to continue to fight and kill Americans.

Three, end all support, moral, military, economic, political,
or otherwise to the bastard state of Israel and ban your citizens,
Zionist Jews, Zionist Christians, and the rest from traveling to the
occupied Palestine or settling there. Even one penny of aid will be
considered sufficient justification to continue the fight .

Four, cease all interference in the religion, society,
politics, and governments of the Muslim world and leave us alone to
establish the Islamic Shura State which will unite the Muslims of earth
in truth and justice. A single word of American protest shall be
silenced by a thousand Islamic bombs.

Five, put an end to all forms of interference in the
educational curricula and information media in the Islamic world and
impose a blanket ban on all broadcasts to our region, especially those
designed to alter or destroy the faith, minds, morals, and values of
our people.

And six, free all Muslim captives from your prisons, detention
facilities, and concentration camps regardless of whether they have
been recipients of what you call a fair trial or not. Your refusal to
release them will mean the continuation of our just struggle against
your tyranny until the last kidnapped Muslim has been liberated.

This is not a call for negotiations. We don't negotiate with
baby killers and war criminals like you. No, these are legitimate
demands which must be met. And your failure to heed our demands and the
demands of reason means that you and your people will - Allah willing-
experience things which will make you forget all about the horrors of
September 11th, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Virginia Tech.

And let us be clear. A pull-out from Iraq alone in the absence
of compliance with the remainder of our legitimate demands will get you
nowhere and will not save you from our strikes.

SO stop wasting your time, and trying to save face with these
futile, farsical maneuvers on Capitol Hill and start making some
serious moves.

It's your choice, Bush, cutting your losses and saving some
face by getting out now with what you've still got, or continuing to
coun t your dead and pursue a bloody fight to the very end. Your end,
not ours.

By the grace of Allah, and with his help and power, we've
struck back hard these past several years and with Allah's permission
we shall continue to strike back hard.

This year, next year, the year after that, and so on, until the
last Crusader goes home whether waving a white flag or lying in a flag
covered casket.

And our final prayer is that all Praise is due to Allah, who gives victory to the believers. CRO


copyright 2006 Laura Mansfield




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