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  Mexico’s Trucks, America’s Silence Part II
by Patrick Mallon [writer] 3/22/07

Note: KFWB News 980 (Los Angeles) has requested that Patrick participate in a six-part investigative series on Mexican trucking issues. James Hoffa of the Teamsters is included in the radio segments that began taping on March 14.

The first column in this series was published on March 2. It prompted feedback from a number of American truckers. For example:

Patrick Mallon - Columnist

Patrick Mallon is a freelance journalist and author of California Dictatorship: How Liberal Extremism Destroyed Gray Davis [read an excerpt]. His website is at PatrickMallon.com and he can be contacted at patrick@patrickmallon.com [go to Mallon index]

California Dictatorship:
How Liberal Extremism Destroyed Gray Davis

by Patrick Mallon

The inside story of the people´s revolt against an unresponsive and unpopular chief executive.
[Order it at Amazon.] Read an excerpt

  • "The number of 100 carriers (to be permitted to truck throughout the U.S. under the Bush plan) is a distraction from the real fact that there is no limit on the number of Mexican trucks that will be allowed in."
  • "A Mexican truck driver is not paid as much as an American driver. Sometimes as little as $0.10/mile. An experienced American driver makes an average of $0.34/mile."
  • "The big push is to get the guest worker bill enacted. The trucking industry is a major player in this game, funding lobbyists by as much as $50 million."
  • "The Kennedy/McCain bill eliminates the English language requirement to obtain an American commercial drivers license (CDL)."
  • "Can you imagine, Mexican trucks being allowed to enter the USA with an international shipment, then spending months running domestically. Check-mate. Game over for the American driver. Trucking becomes just another industry that moved south for cheaper labor."
  • "Is there any assurance that the driver is not a witting or unwitting instrument of a terrorist organization?"
  • "They can fuel (up to 300 gallons) in Mexico at low fuel prices and pay their drivers a whole lot less than American drivers."
  • "I know for a fact that there are thousands of Mexican truckers operating throughout Fort-Worth Dallas who have entered the U.S. illegally, have falsified social security numbers, and who have not been subjected to criminal background checks. As long as they keep their noses clean, they have jobs."
  • "The fact is there is no real driver shortage, just a shortage of drivers willing to work for diminishing wages and no benefits while being forced to stay out on the road for weeks at a time."

The Kennedy/McCain Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act imposes no limit on the number of people who can enter the U.S., which makes the issue of Mexican trucking only a slice of the broader picture. The bigger goal is effectuating the Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP), a working international plan to functionally eliminate the sovereign borders to America's north and south.

It is unquestioned that the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are being envisaged as the North American Union (NAU). This working terminology has been established in high-level meetings that have included Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. A simple Google search will produce authoritative confirmation.

In fact, the U.S. Commerce Department, in their first formal SPP fact sheet release of June 27, 2005, explicitly defined two key objectives:

• "Making North America the best place to do business"

• "Making North America the best place to live"

The NAU is not a futuristic fiction because you didn't read about in the local rag. It exists right here, right now. You are living in it. Three million people enter the United States without authorization annually. This is confirmed in Time Magazine's 2004 report "Who Left the Door Open". The number of people in the U.S. illegally is 20 million, and not the 12 million used by the mainstream establishment media, according to Wall Street financial firm Bear Stearns.

At least when the European Union was created, the public knew about it, and participated in its formation. Our stealthy American elite will have none of that.

Fundamentally, to make this socialistic nirvana happen requires a massive influx of a servant population, a reduction in the standard of living for the struggling middle class, and elimination of blue-collar American jobs. For the beneficiaries, the global elite Americans, the advantages are manifold and astounding. From this segment come the millions that flow to our traitorous national politicians who have been bought off to keep their careers going and their mouths shut.

Today, the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), a multilane super toll road network for the transit of goods from China through Mexican sea ports, and on into the U.S. and Canada, is being built. From the official TTC website: "TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) will oversee planning, construction and ongoing maintenance, although private vendors will be responsible for much of the daily operations."

That private vendor is Spain's Cintra Zachry.

The system will utilize transponders, e-manifest systems, expedited passage, and internationalized customs inspection. It will eliminate many existing highway exits in the Texas interstate grid. Entire rural towns will die on the vine because they will be bypassed by the "corridor." Those that survive and thrive will be handpicked by an elite group of decision makers.

America's highways aren't just being handed over to foreign and global interests. They already have, because the rights have been sold. And this is admitted.
The move now, especially in the legacy years of a lame duck president, is to husband millions of people, an infinite number of trucks, fill so many homes, process so many loans, and grant so many credit cards that by sheer numbers, it will be impossible to turn the double standard back, or stop the further momentum of, this unbelievable movement to break down America so that it is unrecognizable to future generations.

The level of condoning lawlessness and exceptions in favor of foreigners is breathtaking. While we are anesthetized by TV programs about hardened criminals and drug dealers getting busted, and missions by bounty hunters and skip tracers, one has to wonder what those guys have on the American government.

The debates in Congress about controlling the border are staged. The approved border fence is not being built. The hyped reports about periodic apprehensions and raids at worksites are timed and thespian for media affect. The U.S. government has no intention of securing the southern border as demanded by 80 percent of the American public. We are being softened up for a border-opening bill that the president will sign, the same president who will benefit by the theatrical loss of the House and Senate by the compromised Republican leadership. And I apologize for using the term leadership.

Here's how one trucking disaster went in Texas as reported by the Dallas Morning News in "18 wheels and countless dangers," on September 17, 2006.

On a sunny December afternoon, Kim Hughes turned onto State Highway 114 in Wise County and headed west toward home in Paradise. Christmas was eight days away. Four generations were crammed into her GMC Yukon after a morning of holiday shopping.

In the cab of an 18-wheeler leased to TXI Transportation Co., Ricardo Rodriguez drove east on Highway 114, riding herd on 73,000 pounds of truck and a trailer load of sand. An illegal immigrant from Mexico, Mr. Rodriguez had used a fake Social Security number to get a Texas commercial driver's license six years earlier. He had found steady work around North Texas driving rock trucks and other 18-wheelers, his history of immigration arrests and truck safety violations ignored or overlooked.

Mr. Rodriguez crossed the center line of the two-lane road and barreled head-on toward Ms. Hughes at 60 to 65 mph, a civil jury later concluded. With trees and a creek bed blocking her escape to the right, Ms. Hughes turned left, into the oncoming eastbound lane.

Just then, Mr. Rodriguez turned back toward his lane. Too late, Ms. Hughes swerved right. The Yukon struck the big rig on the driver's side, scraped along the trailer and spun off the back. A Ford pickup behind the truck smashed into the Yukon, injuring the pickup's occupants and nearly tearing apart the SUV.
Ms. Hughes' 14-year-old son, Shiloh, and 70-year-old mother, Joyce Watkins, died almost instantly. Ms. Hughes, 38, and her 17-year-old daughter, Afton Hughes Royse, pregnant with twins, died later in a Fort Worth hospital, without regaining consciousness.

The Department of Safety (DPS) never took action against TXI for its role in putting Mr. Rodriguez on the road that day and continuing to employ him, even after he admitted under oath that he entered the U.S. illegally, exaggerated his truck-driving experience on his job application and had a fake Social Security number. Mr. Rodriguez continued driving for TXI for at least another six months after he made those disclosures in front of a company lawyer.

It does not take a high degree of education to understand why the government is going ahead with their plans to disregard the American public on such a volatile and important subject. But, as always, there is hope, and more people are catching on.

According to Mary Benoit, a Research Associate for the John Birch Society, Idaho represents the 14th state to introduce anti-NAU and SPP resolutions. The other states include Arizona (S.C.M. 1002), Illinois (H.J.R. 29), Georgia (S.R. 124), Missouri (S.C.R. 15 and H.C.R. 33), Montana (H.J.R. 25), Oklahoma (S.C.R. 10), Oregon (S.J.M. 5), South Carolina (S. 416 and H. 3185), South Dakota (S.C.R. 7), Tennessee (S.J.R. 88), Utah (H.J.R. 7), Virginia (S.J.R. 442 and S.J.R. 387), and Washington (H.J.M. 4018 and S.J.M. 8004).

In the meantime, I would suggest sending at least one e-mail to a local government representative, and one to the local newspaper, and ask them this:

Have you heard about the creation of the North American Union, and the selling of American sovereignty to foreign interests? And did you know that an infinite number of sub-standard Mexican trucks have been given permission to drive with you and your family on every American freeway? I am interested in your answer, as are a growing number of people who have become accustomed to the failures of compromised politicians and the corporate media. CRO

Patrick Mallon is a political journalist and author of California Dictatorship: How Liberal Extremism Destroyed Gray Davis. [read an excerpt]. Patrick is a regular guest on talk radio programs throughout the state and nationally. His website is at PatrickMallon.com and can be contacted at patrick@patrickmallon.com

copyright 2007 Patrick Mallon




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