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Patrick Mallon - Columnist

Patrick Mallon is a freelance journalist and author of California Dictatorship: How Liberal Extremism Destroyed Gray Davis [read an excerpt]. His website is at and he can be contacted at [go to Mallon index]

California Dictatorship:
How Liberal Extremism Destroyed Gray Davis

by Patrick Mallon

The inside story of the people´s revolt against an unresponsive and unpopular chief executive.
[Order it at Amazon.] Read an excerpt

Best Nanny in a Supporting Role
Hollywood wants drivers licenses for illegal aliens...
[Patrick Mallon]

Fact: In 1993, California Assemblyman Alfred Alquist, a Democrat from San Jose, authored the bill that eliminated the right of illegal immigrants to obtain a drivers license without proof of legal residency or citizenship. Up to that point, the right existed.

Yes, a Democrat, 12 years ago, sensed the pulse of voters, read the polls, and fashioned a law in response to public sentiment and common sense, a mindset sorely lacking with today’s liberal leftists in Sacramento.

The bill passed with the support of both Republicans and Democrats. Gov. Pete Wilson signed the measure into law.

But you wouldn’t know any of this today with the volumes of false impressions being created by the state’s Latino Caucus, cleverly adept at characterizing opposition to driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants as right-wing "racism," "xenophobia," and good old anti-Mexican bigotry brought on by white guys from the Republican Party.

Perhaps they are softening the tone. California Sen. Gil Cedillo, he of the life quest to grant the licenses, come hell or high water, has devised a new tactic.

According to an AP article in the Fresno Bee ("Actors, writers and musicians push for immigrant drivers licenses," January 25, 2005):

"On the eve of this year's Oscar nominations, one group of celebrities has come up with a new category – ‘Best Nanny in a Supporting Role.’

"The mock award was featured Monday in an ad signed by more than 30 actors, writers and musicians in a Hollywood trade paper, urging Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to approve a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses."

The ad, posted in the movie trade publication Variety, is the brainstorm of Paul Haggis, the writer of the film "Million Dollar Baby."

The article further states:

"The ad features a picture of a Hispanic woman and two young children with the caption, ‘Nominated: Best Nanny in a Supporting Role.’

“It reads: ‘I am trusted everyday to use my hands and my heart to nurture and care for children who are not my own ... I am welcomed into the most personal parts of people's lives, but I'm not trusted with a license to drive a car.’ The ad was orchestrated in part by Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, who has led the licensing effort and is hoping a little Hollywood influence will give the campaign a boost.”

So, the overwhelming majority of California voters who oppose issuing immigrant drivers licenses, the same people who removed Gray Davis for his last desperate act of endorsing Cedillo’s bill, should instead listen to ad signatories such as Danny Glover, Martin Sheen (formerly Ramon Estevez), Emilio Estevez, Diane Keaton and Carlos Santana.

The argument they make is that the issue is about "fairness." "A lot of us in the entertainment business are terribly spoiled, and we live in a world where we are overprotected and overpaid," said Haggis.

One wonders whether Haggis was not only describing his pampered little world, but that of the lot of California’s elite liberal Democrats in Sacramento.

In 2004, the 13-member Senate Transportation Committee voted 7-4 for SB 1160, another in an endless stream of concoctions drafted by Mr. Cedillo. The vote was split along party lines, with Democrats in support and Republicans opposed.

Such is the self-defeating irony of California Democrats, for it was former Gov. Gray Davis who said in 2002, after rejecting another irresponsible driver's license bill:

"… The tragedy of September 11, made it abundantly clear that the driver’s license is more than just a license to drive; it is one of the primary documents we use to identify ourselves. Unfortunately, a driver’s license was in the hands of terrorists who attacked America on that fateful day."

Democrats who push their narrow anti-voter agendas are now shocked to discover that they may have the numbers to dominate the legislature, but lack even a sliver of credibility to convince the public that their policies are anything short of laughable.

No number of party retreats, Hollywood twaddle, or PR spin will correct what has become a sorry excuse for a once representative party: a party that cannot even admit its own recent history or the honorable works of its own members.

Such is the paradox when in November of 2003; immigrant advocates marched in downtown San Jose, ending their rally to demand driver's licenses in front of the Alfred E. Alquist state building.

Will we ever see anything different from our out-of-touch legislators? Not likely. Still intent on repackaging the pig, they’ll let the nanny and the kids, the wealthy actors, and a guy known affectionately as "One-Bill Gil" do their bidding for them.

And as soon as any of this funny business prevents two million illegal immigrants from driving to work every day, please let me know, because I’m stuck in traffic. CRO

Patrick Mallon is a political journalist and author of California Dictatorship: How Liberal Extremism Destroyed Gray Davis. [read an excerpt]. Patrick is a regular guest on talk radio programs throughout the state and nationally. His website is at and can be contacted at

copyright 2005 Patrick Mallon



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