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Patrick Mallon - Columnist

Patrick Mallon is a freelance journalist and author of California Dictatorship: How Liberal Extremism Destroyed Gray Davis [read an excerpt]. His website is at and he can be contacted at [go to Mallon index]

California Dictatorship:
How Liberal Extremism Destroyed Gray Davis

by Patrick Mallon

The inside story of the people´s revolt against an unresponsive and unpopular chief executive.
[Order it at Amazon.] Read an excerpt

The Trojan Horses of Sacramento
Sacramento Dems and the status quo..
[Patrick Mallon]

They keep mercilessly coming, impervious to preventive measures, thriving in a distinctly separate existence: Mixing within a tolerant environment, but still restless, ready to do damage on instruction.

Those darn computer intruders, destructive programs that masquerade as a benign application. Unlike viruses, Trojan horses do not reproduce themselves but they can be just as injurious. One of the most sinister types of Trojan horse is a program that claims to do one thing, while instead doing another.

The characterization is from the Greek story of the Trojan War, in which the Greeks present a gargantuan wooden horse to their foes, the Trojans, purportedly as a sign of goodwill. We all know the story, where the Greek soldiers tiptoe out of the horse's vacant belly and unlock the city gates, permitting their cohorts to capture Troy.

I'm using a metaphor here, but if some far-Left legislators, and California Democrats in general, continue to conduct themselves as traitors to the mainstream, we may have to dramatically alter how we look at them: not as elected officials we disagree with, but as revolutionary enemies within. Not only haven't they learned a single lesson from the party-wide condemnation of the 2003 recall, but they clearly see the removal of Gray Davis as an aberrant historical myth and urban legend.

How else to explain it? According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel (December 3, 2004):

"California still suffers from the financial problems [of the Davis administration], and it still suffers from an inability by the Democratic majority in the legislature to see beyond their own interests.

"We expect for the next two years to see only roadblocks to anything Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger tries to achieve. Legislative Democrats perceive that they can win big at the polls in 2006, and we don't see any effort on their part to make the government work in concert with the Republican governor."

Mr. Leno and Mr. Cedillo and Mr. Nuñez

While California borrows to keep up with exploding debt, businesses continue their exodus to avoid onerous taxation, and Gov. Schwarzenegger attempts to reconcile with mulish hordes of liberal legislators who snort at the priorities of state, two schemers stand out for their distinctive passion for self-centered indulgence.

Assemblyman Mark Leno vows to legalize same-sex marriage, in spite of the law. And Senator Gill Cedillo, come hell or high water, pledges to bring his highly unpopular illegal immigrant driver's license bill back from the dead in 2005.

Mr. Leno knows that the legal term for marriage in California was established in 1977, when the legislature defined it as a civil contract between a man and a woman. The definition was fortified in 2000, when 61 percent of voters adopted Proposition 22, which restates the same basic rule.

Yet, instead of respecting the will of the people, more than 20 Democrats endorsed Leno's 2004 bill that would legalize same-sex marriage. Though the measure failed in committee, what are the plans for 2005? More of the same, despite the fact that we already have a law granting same-sex partners nearly all the benefits of marriage.

Mr. Leno had this to say after voters in 11 states issued an unqualified rebuke to the concept of gay marriage: "We did not see a backlash in those 11 states so much as revealed in vote form an existing prejudice which was used in an inflammatory fashion for political gain."

Leno cut a deal with Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez in 2004, agreeing to curtail aggressive efforts to get Schwarzenegger to meet with the Assembly's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender caucus. In exchange, Nuñez said he would add political muscle to help pass gay marriage legislation in 2005 by becoming a co-sponsor. Look for the fight to re-commence in January.

Senator Gil Cedillo, the man who may have pushed Gray Davis out the door when he pressured the former governor to sign a bill granting immigrant driver's licenses in 2003, has made a promise to his dying wife that he would one day see the measure signed into law.

The following quote should make it clear where Cedillo stands in working with the new administration and the voters. "We can be thoughtful and methodical like last year in meeting with the governor 'the Michael Corleone style' or we can do the Sonny Corleone style and go to the mattresses and make it a big public fight for nine months," said a Cedillo spokesman last week.

History buffs may recall that Mr. Nuñez, a former labor organizer, was a photogenic member at the signature table when Davis kissed away his career the day he approved Cedillo's doomed license bill.

While Nuñez has undoubtedly matured like all young men who grow up from a radical past to positions of influence, it's important nonetheless to know where he's been.

According to K. Lloyd Billingsley of the Pacific Research Institute ("The Radical Vanguard in the Los Angeles Labor Movement," August 2000), who wrote about, among other things, Nuñez and his extreme political speeches and positions:

"We don't have economic power because we don't own the means of production," Nuñez told a rally in January 1995, where he urged the crowd to "bring Washington to its knees." A year earlier, in October of 1994, Nuñez and his militant colleague Juan Jose Gutierrez of the group One Stop Immigration, coordinated a rally of 70,000 immigrants against Proposition 187. Protestors waved Mexican flags and displayed an American flag with only 13 stars. They called Governor Pete Wilson a pig, compared Prop. 187 to Hitler's laws against Jews and told "Anglos" to go back to Europe.

Who do these legislators really work for?

What oath did they take when they captured elective office?

What are their real objectives?

Every California voter should know don't you think?

The Wild Cards: Talk Radio and the Internet

In all fairness, the newspapers do a good job of starting a dialogue, but because of political correctness, can't finish (too many advertisers to worry about). Cedillo, Leno, and Nuñez know this. While the public has seen in-depth investigative reports from time to time, such as the periodic "five part" newspaper series on drug dealing, teen pregnancy, or educational chaos, the same will rarely happen on the topics of gay marriage and illegal immigration.

That's why "we the people" need to continue to question the status quo on both the radio and Internet, because Democrats have proven they will:

  • Make every possible effort to raise taxes.
  • Place social engineering over academics in failing K-12 schools.
  • Defy the voters on illegal immigrant driver's licenses.
  • Use ethnic politics as an effective shield from accountability and criticism.
  • Conceal nefarious tactics (see "quatro anos mas" and SB60).
  • Never admit a mistake.

These factors contribute to a stark reduction in quality of life in this wonderful state, not an improvement, but that's not much of an issue to a party willing to destroy one of its own to get what they want.

Mr. Cedillo is one of the most influential and visible members of the Latino Caucus, a powerful organization that constitutes more than one-fifth of the state Legislature. His singular devotion to a conflict-ridden cause on behalf of two million foreigners is a serious paradox to the legal residents who pay his six-figure salary. Meanwhile, Mr. Leno can count on a paycheck to support his addiction to legislative efforts defined only by his sexual orientation.

In September 2003, Davis had a Field Poll approval rating of 24 percent. The same poll revealed that the legislature was even less popular at 18 percent.

Nonetheless, there is hope on several fronts: Bombastic Senate Pro Tem John Burton has been termed out. Businesses can now breathe a sigh of relief that they won't have to pay for universal health care for employees and their dependents, a pet project Burton advocated on his way out. And Burton never did get to see his proposed Department of the Homeless become an executive office, though he tried. Some say his proclivity for spouting the f-word like a gangster will be missed.

"Mr. Self Esteem," Senator John Vasconcellos is gone as well. Considered such a flake in the 1980s that "Doonesbury" creator Gary Trudeau modeled a character after him, Vasconcellos appeared to endorse the reclamation of California by Mexico in 2003 when he said during immigration testimony: "Since we stole it from them, why do you say it's unfair to steal it back from us?"

Despite the amusing anecdotes and colorful personalities, these do not appear to be trustworthy people who can be counted on to promote the best interests of all Californians.

I'm still trying to understand the true intentions of our Democratic lawmakers up there in the statehouse, what with all their staff assistants, legislative aides, free cars, expense accounts and plum committee assignments.

So let's give credit to the lobbyists who write half the legislation, and the voters who pass the other half. As for the ambitions of our status quo Democrats, it's all Greek to me.CRO

Patrick Mallon is a political journalist and author of California Dictatorship: How Liberal Extremism Destroyed Gray Davis. [read an excerpt]. Patrick is a regular guest on talk radio programs throughout the state and nationally. He can be contacted at

copyright 2004 Patrick Mallon



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