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Julia Gorin

by Julia Gorin


Wounded Warrior
Please Help Those
Who Protect Us

Burt Prelutsky

The Secret of Their

by Burt Prelutsky

Conservatives Are From Mars, Liberals Are From San Francisco
by Burt Prelutsky

America Alone
by Mark Steyn

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Wayne Lusvardi

Wayne Lusvardi, is a former social worker and low income housing development analyst. He is a real estate appraiser in Pasadena, California and blogs at http://www.pasadenapundit.com

Moth-like Agencies Morph
Into “New Deal” Economic Pollinators

by Wayne Lusvardi 8/5/08

Who is Lord of the Marriage Rings?
Middle Ground Needed in Kalifornia Same Sex Marriage Issue to Preserve Democracy

by Wayne Lusvardi 7/10/08

Utility Tax Is For Those Who Did Not Flunk Math
Why global warming is a movie extravaganza in California
by Wayne Lusvardi 10/11/07

Emergency Med Care Geo-Equity? 
Impossible in Socialized System
by Wayne Lusvardi 9/21/07

Pasadena "Puttin' on the Ritz"  
Theatric Hotel Discrimination Lawsuit in Pasadena
by Wayne Lusvardi 9/18/07

Bargaining With the Open Space Devil
Makes Us All Greenies Now

by Wayne Lusvardi 9/12/07

Inclusionary Housing is Sociological Suicide
by Wayne Lusvardi 8/15/07

The Mayor and the Small Landowner
A Parable about Inclusionary housing in Pasadena...
[Wayne Lusvardi] 3/20/06

Smoke-Free Buildings as Poison Incubators
There are two kinds of states - Those that are like California and those that are like it and don't know it yet.

[Wayne Lusvardi] 10/26/05

Prop 80 and T.U.R.N.'s "Enron" Cliche
Who is behind the cliche "No More Enrons?"

[Wayne Lusvardi] 1020/05

A Pea Shell Game
Inclusionary housing laws
[Wayne Lusvardi] 7/6/05



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