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Tim Leslie - Contributor

Tim Leslie represents California’s 4th Assembly District.

Concerned About The Culture?
The Legislature's liberal Democrats are destroying the state...

[Tim Leslie] 6/29/05

A friend recently asked my "In what ways are you concerned about our culture". This got me thinking, and I have come up with the following answer...

You asked me, "In what ways are you concerned about our culture".

Primarily my concern has to do with the rock solid control of the liberal Democrats in control our state legislature. They are, I believe, far different than the state's main stream Democrat. They have truly become the Socialist party, flying under false colors. They stand for such things as:

In disregard to parental wishes they are forcing a homosexual agenda upon our school children, with the premise that it is an acceptable alternative life style,

They continue to propose legislation to make marriage a union of any two people, regardless of gender and regardless of the vote of the people in Prop. 22,

Forcing hospitals to perform abortions, even when their moral stand forbids it (i.e. Catholic hospitals),

Forcing pharmacists to dispense drugs that are against their moral convictions

Placing displays in public areas at the Capitol that celebrate the homosexual members of our legislature. Hundreds of children see these displays daily.

Requiring employees to pay union dues (automatic deduction) for political campaigns that they do not support,

Covering up scandals in government if committed by Democrats, while Republicans join with them in routing out any Republican misdeeds,

Supporting Trial Lawyers and Union bosses to increase salaries, benefits and retirement to levels that are beyond sustainability, threatening the bankruptcy of our state and local governments,

Denying any discussion, whatsoever, regarding abortion - even partial birth abortion and parental consent for a school to send your child out for an abortion without the parents knowledge,

Weakening election laws so that people who are ineligible to vote are nearly impossible to deter,

Prohibiting workers who are not part of a union from doing business with the State,

Forcing Bay Area wage scales to be paid to workers in rural areas on any public project, substantially driving up the cost of facilities in rural areas,

Continually passing laws that put financial stress on small businesses (and large ones) for increases in salaries, benefits and regulations,

Yielding to trial lawyers and unions to establish untenable workers compensation rates for small business,

Allowing homosexuals to adopt children from the states foster care system,

Opposing reforms for failing schools at the insistence of the school union bosses,

Dealing more of the legislature's responsibility away to bureaucracies that do not have to be accountable to the electorate,

Refusing to take common sense concerns into account when passing environmental legislation,

Attacking the Boy Scouts of America because they do not homosexual scout leaders,

Fining small business up to $50,000 for dismissing cross dressers from employment, regardless of personal moral beliefs of the owner,

Trying to keep minorities addicted to the welfare system to promote their power base,

Putting criminal rights above victim rights when enacting so called "pubic safety" legislation,

And, opposing any judicial candidate who expresses moral or religions beliefs.

Well, I think you get the idea of where I am coming from. My concern with the national level parallels this to a tee. These items, (and the list could be much longer), is the reason I have such a passion for our up coming generation of leaders. They are being bombarded with anti-family, anti-faith relativity that seems to deny the existence of right and wrong. I think much of this comes from a lack of faith in the word of God. If you don't have that for a standard, then anything goes - and that is the way they like it. I worry when so many of our young people are being brain-washed into this way of thinking. It puts a big responsibility on parents and those who love the Lord. Unfortunately parents seem to be relegating their responsibility to the schools, and those who love the Lord, for the most part, don't even participate in the election process.

So, yes, I am concerned. I am praying that activities such as the "Generation neXt" retreat at Lake Tahoe providing a voice that will assure future leaders that "Yes, Virginia, there is a right and wrong." CRO




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