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Folie à Deux
by Julian Krasta 6/3/08

Translated to English, folie à deux means shared madness. The definition, as presented in Wikipedia and elsewhere, is:

“…a rare psychiatric syndrome in which a symptom of psychosis (particularly a paranoid or delusional belief) is transmitted from one individual to others.”

My lead-in model for the ‘individual’ of the definition is Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2003, he announced on Leno that he would run for governor at the recall election. The ‘others’ were the starry-eyed Californians who went idiotically bonkers with glee. Core conservatives, on the other hand, upon hearing the news tore through their earthquake emergency supplies for oxygen tanks and Valium.

Arnold’s campaign was brutally simple: He ran solely on his larger-than-life movie image and his pumped up celebrity. Stargazers were bedazzled. He won by a vast margin. He ran for re-election, spouted more fairy dust, and won again.

Julian Krasta

Julian Krasta is a native of Southern California. He is a writer of action novels and a core conservative.
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Five years later, and as a direct result of “Mr. Olympia’s” narcissism and gross inexperience, the State of California is circling the drain, being dragged down by a $20 billions budget deficit ($4 billions more than when former Governor Gray Davis deservedly was given the boot).

The subject ‘individual’ of this commentary is – you guessed it – Barack Hussein Obama. The ‘others’ are his all-embracing followers who swarm around him like ants on a Snickers bar, and on whom his paranoia and delusions have been transmitted.

Obama & Co.’s folie à deux has flourished to extremism, maintained only by spectral evidence. It began with his grand entrance onto the presidential racetrack:

Straight out of the starting gate, the senator alleged he possesses a mountain range of unique capabilities, and that he, and no one else, is emotionally equipped to run the White House. The Cherries Jubilee to this smorgasbord of self-declared exceptionality is his claim that he, unaided, commands the global insight of the wants and needs of America and all nations of the world.

That would be a neat trick if the senator were, in fact, a 21st Century phenomenon (e.g., a Teddy Roosevelt-Albert Einstein-“Doogie Howser”), which would validate his march towards being the Democrats’ presumptive nominee. But possessing only the sound of an enfant terrible when, in reality, he is not overrules the full list of his allegations.

Obama’s expanding list of misstatements, his political rawness, his misanthrope analyses of America, his aloofness towards our military, his hypocritical stance on the American dream, and his mirage that he can single-handedly summit with and sway blood tyrants (though that fantasy seems to be going up in smoke) are testimonies to the fact that his clippers are nowhere big enough or sharp enough to ‘cut the cloth’ and succeed to the inhospitable post of President of the United States.

Obama (like Schwarzenegger) has manipulated thousands of Americans into believing only he can make things right – and those he conned stand ready to open their veins for him.

This mixture – this folie à deux – of Obama’s delusional beliefs and his flocks’ fanatic devotion is a point of distress for the other nine-tenths of Americans who are wondering – and praying – when this engine of lunacy will run out of steam.

The lion’s share of the credit for Obama’s unobstructed pace goes to the mainstream media for their saturation campaigns in his favor. Just like with Schwarzenegger, the MSM sank their canines onto Obama’s bubble and squeak then ignited a publicity spectacle worthy of C.B. DeMille to boost his candidature. They hacked into and squatted on all the mediums granting Obama carte blanche, nonstop exposure. They also burn the midnight oil in an effort to cloak his out-and-out lack of leadership skills (a few of them; certainly not all).

The MSM’s barefaced partiality paid off for Obama: His likeness is seen in every newscast. It is plastered across the worldwide web. His voice (bound with fugues of gaffes and pointless blasts against President Bush) is heard every minute of every hour nationwide and worldwide; and his name is in print and spoken more frequently than syndicated reruns of Law & Order. We are snowed under by the look, sound and leger de main of Barack Hussein Obama and the hordes he has brought to heel.

A best comparison to such over-the-top promotion is when a movie studio spends millions of dollars on splashy digital billboards, commercials and merchandise for what they have convinced themselves – and are trying to convince ticket buyers – is going to be a mega blockbuster:

An enormous budget! A gigantic cast of A-List stars! Powerful! Compelling! Yada, yada, yada.

That, alone, should raise suspicions of its worthiness.

Then, after all the fuss and hard sell, the blockbuster turns out to be a mega stinker and sinks like a bucket of nails on opening weekend (which cancels the studio’s celebratory sushi & sake banquet – and everybody goes home hungry and, in all respects, sober).

Just like a movie with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line, Barack is (as Arnold was) an untested, colossal gamble. The obvious difference is big box office is not the measuring stick for a successful president. Our country’s freedoms and survival should in no way depend upon the aural or physical magnetism of a particular candidate.

A movie is a commodity. Obama also is a commodity – a jejune commodity, which is anathema for the White House. His overtures are merely guesses, and guesses are neither facts nor solutions. Worse, there is a growing danger of the drilled-in-stone obedience sworn to him by his followers who, without reservation, accept his speculations as realities.

To my jaundiced eye, those mosh pit images of Obama supporters resemble too closely other disturbing dominant-submissive profiles:

- The masses that ‘heiled’ Hitler.

- Those who, at this moment, are vowing to Allah to decapitate America.

- The glut of illegal aliens who audaciously wave their home countries’ flags in our faces and demand immediate amnesty.

- The dim-wit voters who overdosed on star glitter and seated Schwarzenegger in the state capital.

Virtually everyone who voted for Arnold mimics Peter the Fisherman: they ‘deny, deny, deny’ they had anything to do with the state’s financial catastrophe. Those with common sense and dignity, however, admit complicity and wish they had never heard of Schwarzenegger. In any event, the damage is done.

President Ronald Reagan said: “You don’t become President. The Presidency is an institution and you have temporary custody of it.”

Obama has ignored – or is ignorant of – this principle. He seems to consider the Presidency as a tinker toy. His dumbstruck devotees – his life stupport – are his play pals. He has hoodwinked himself into believing that the hearts and minds of all Americans, as well as those of our allies and enemies, are silly putty for him to mold to his outlandish way of thinking.

Investing even bare minimum faith in a man with such arrogance would be the same as sinking all your money into a non-FDIC bank with a flashy name that caters exclusivly to elitist glitterati but deals junk bonds to the middle class – or expecting a garage mechanic to perform brain surgery.

Pay close attention to the next Obama rally. Watch and listen to him spout his hollow oratory to the bug-eyed thousands he has bent to his will (“…a rare psychiatric syndrome in which a symptom of psychosis (particularly a paranoid or delusional belief) is transmitted from one individual to others”) and you will fully appreciate the meaning of shared madness. CRO


copyright 2008 Julian Krasta





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