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Liberty or Despotism: Which One Will Be Victorious?
by Julian Krasta 5/27/08

The line separating decency and iniquity can be arbitrary. That line vanishes upon close inspection of the wreckage of war and those who offensively wage it.

At this moment, beneath politicians’ self-serving platitudes about tax increases and troop withdrawals, exists an indissoluble fact:

There are regions today where dictatorships are driven by a primordial antipathy for every soul who is not aligned with their suffocating religious beliefs; where human beings – who were formed and birthed in the same way as you and I – fall in line with those dictators in the direction of industrial genocide.

In view of this disturbing data, my personal free will has become more sacred to me every day, because each day I grow a little more scared I might lose it.

Julian Krasta

Julian Krasta is a native of Southern California. He is a writer of action novels and a core conservative.
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It was not always like this. My generation has known tantalizingly brief moments of harmony, when the day-to-day felt as relaxing as a pair of cushy house slippers: A drive to the shore was pleasurable and trouble-free. A stroll to the grocery store after dark for milk and Oreos was never dangerous, because that imperceptible protective dome of liberty always kept us safe.

Those memories now seem like illusions, and not just to me. Happiness and peace of mind are proving harder to come by because at-hand threats are growing louder and in greater numbers from gangs of despots and Islamic clerics who are determined to raze our temple of independence.

Worst-case scenario: What do we lose if they instigate war against us – and we are beaten? Our first loss would be freedom; next would be our livelihoods, our homes, and our families.

If you are thinking this is not possible, be reminded of the Holocaust:

The Nazi regime overran and crushed the lives of millions of defenseless civilians. Their first loss was freedom. Next, their personal possessions were appropriated. Their businesses and properties were destroyed or taken over by the state. Finally, upwards of six millions were bureaucratically exterminated, of which were whole families.

In the 1940s, fascism was gutting Europe. The Nazis demanded Jews for their death factories. Included was everyone SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich listed as not “pure” according to Aryan canon.

Comparison: In 2008 Islamic extremists are infesting worldwide. Their selection process is a Nazi blueprint: demanding the death of Jews, including America and all other nations who say no to the dubious “purity” of their ideology.

Do you still think of war and terrorism as just sentimental self-destruction? Think again.

There is no bluff or bargaining with fanatics. No matter the flights of imagination of ultra-left leaning liberals, Osama bin Ladin and Mahmoud Admadinejad will not fall spellbound under the rhythmic effect of orchestrated grandiloquence. They will not race to the table and engage in amusing repartee about peace initiatives or unification, or the kilo price of Euro-sausages.

They wait with serpent sleuth for the best opportunity when they can begin to dominate all men, depose all women, and deploy weapons of mass destruction.

Here in the United States it is common knowledge that there is a conspiracy of silence within the vacuum of the liberal mainstream media. They accumulate mountains of information which are vital for the People’s heightened awareness of the Jihad aimed at us, as well as aid our decision-making for the upcoming Presidential election. Yet those media salons persistently dole out prefabricated, biased bits and half-fact bytes, or nothing at all.

This past April, for example, a report went wide regarding one million voters signing on with the Democratic Party. Yet, the mainstream media totally ignored the fact that one million votes cast in the California Primary remain uncounted to this day.

One cannot speculate how those million votes might have helped sustain certain infinitely-more qualified candidates (none of whom suffer from self-image issues) who were forced to drop out of the race.

The MSM also keep the curtains drawn on the forward progress and successes of our military and other nations’ armed forces against our Islamic enemies. A perfect instance: In April, kidnapped British journalist Richard Butler was rescued by Iraqi troops during a raid in Basra. This should have made the headlines but it never saw the light of primetime news.

Conversely, had Mr. Butler not been found alive, his demise would have been rung through the news for weeks giving liberals, Congressional Democrats and other anti-establishment burn-outs the fuel to screech “End the war!” Instead, the rescue of Mr. Butler was effectively down-played.

Do you still think you are receiving accurate and essential information, or reading all the news that is fit to print? Think again.

The MSM smother truth. Congressional committees and the liberal presidential candidates – all of whose obsessions have clearly defined their weaknessess – continue on their path to thwart victory against our sworn enemies.

Thankfully, and despite these negative influences, the defense against despots, driven by our President’s tireless efforts, has thus far been extremely effective since that terrible Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001.

My gratitude goes out to Mr. Bush and to the valorous men and women of every branch of our indomitable military. I feel equally indebted to our nation’s friends and allies, such as Azerbaijan, who are as determined to impede Iran’s nuclear capabilities (yet another key account the MSM kept well off the pitch).

Humanity as a whole is under threat by Islamic extremists. At the same time, we are ill-informed because of the liberal media’s stagnant scruples. It is therefore urgent we become cruelly selective of the news and information pouring from the MSM’s tubes and follow a dedicated line of investigation above and beyond what they decide on to report.

It is ultimately in our hands – in the unified and powerful hands of “We, the People of the United States” – that liberty and truth must be kept safe in order for America to be victorious.CRO


copyright 2008 Julian Krasta





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