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Charles Kopp - Contributor

Charles Kopp is a graduate of the New School for Social Research. He is a composer and musician, and an ardent lover of poetry. He has been a teacher and a systems analyst. In Lafayette, California, he now designs websites and works on creative projects. He can be contacted at

Reality Check On Judicial Nominations
It is imperative we do NOT preserve the balance of the court...
[Charles Kopp] 7/14/05

The Truth About Tomorrow
Everything is different...

[Charles Kopp] 10/15/04

Terrible Swift Sword of Truth
Vets deserve answers, not attacks...

[Charles Kopp] 9/8/04

The Decline and Fall of the Democratic Party
Lesser sons of greater fathers ...
[Charles Kopp] 8/9/04

The Real Lies Are From the Left
The Dangerous Pleasures of Delusion...
[Charles Kopp] 7/22/04

Between Con and NeoCon
Into the Breach ...
[Charles Kopp] 7/9/04

California Roots
America is strong in the heartland...
[Charles Kopp] 6/14/04

The Government We Deserve
When Will We Have Good Governance?
[Charles Kopp] 4/20/04

Slander as Politics
The Democrats' Poisonous New Approach...
[Charles Kopp] 3/25/04

Beneath Kerry’s Faux Indignation
Strategic distraction is core to the campaign...
[Charles Kopp] 3/4/04

Appeasement In Our Time
Would John Kerry be America's Neville Chamberlain?
[Charles Kopp] 2/19/04

Mistakes in Wartime
A war we must fight, like it or not...
[Charles Kopp] 2/5/04

Uncivil Campaign
Whatever happened to principles?
[Charles Kopp] 2/4/04

CRO Blog [1/19/04 Monday]
[Charles Kopp] 5:09 am [link]

Honoring Dr. King



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