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Cliff Kincaid

Cliff Kincaid, serves as editor of the Accuracy in Media (AIM) Report. A veteran journalist and media critic, Cliff has appeared on the Fox News programs Hannity & Colmes and The O'Reilly Factor, where he debated O'Reilly on global warming, the death penalty, and the homosexual agenda. He was a guest co-host on CNN's Crossfire (filling in for Pat Buchanan) in the 1980s, where he confronted the then-Libyan Ambassador to the U.N. with evidence of Libyan involvement in international terrorism. Through his America's Survival, Inc., organization (www.usasurvival.org), he has been an advocate on behalf of the families of victims of terrorism and has published reports and held conferences critical of the United Nations. His articles have appeared in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Chronicles, Human Events, Insight, and other publications. He served on the staff of Human Events for several years and was an editorial writer and newsletter editor for former National Security Council staffer Oliver North at his Freedom Alliance educational foundation. He has written or co-authored nine books on media and cultural affairs and foreign policy issues. Cliff is married and has three sons.

How Hillary's Hit Man Got Imus
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator] 4/18//07

Send the Media to Rehab
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator] 2/14/07

Media Promote Global Warming Fraud
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator] 2/6/07

Jack Bauer's Real Enemies
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator]1/12/07

Drive-By Media Wins Big
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator] 11/9/06

Who Protected the Pervert Congressman?
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator] 10/2/06

The Bankruptcy of the Republican Party
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator] 10/2/06

"V" For Vicious Lie
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator] 9/26/06

Targeting the Fox News Journalists
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator] 8/28/06 

Superman for Secretary of State
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator] 8/2/06 

Who Lost Kosovo?
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator] 6/16/06 

Times Publisher Copies Michael Moore
by Cliff Kincaid [commentator] 6/1/06 

A No-Comment On Kofi's Cash
Reform, the U.N. style...
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Hollywood Surrenders to Terrorists
Lliberal Hollywood propagandaists deny terrorists are threat... America is...

[by Cliff Kincaid and Roger Aronoff]

Real Corruption In Washington
Media gives a pass to Senatorial moral dwarves attacking Alito...

[by Cliff Kincaid]

The Return Of George Soros
The watchdogs in his deep back pocketů

[by Cliff Kincaid]

Spy On The Enemy
Not on the innocent…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

The Cronkite Crack-Up
The most [not to be] trusted man in America…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Bill O’Reilly And The Decline Of Cable News
Factor that…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Saddam’s Links to Al Qaeda
Media in liberal denial…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Losing White House Strategy On Iraq
The Cost of Avoiding the PR & ßMedia Fight…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Dan Rather’s Disgraced Cohort On Book Tour
Mary Mapes makes the rounds…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Lawsuit Threatened Over Wilson Affair
More fun in the Plame Game…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Russert Leads Meadia Lynch Mob
The insiders war against the Administration…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Joseph Wilson, Judith Miller and the CIA
The Untold Story...
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Was the Wilson Affair a CIA Plot?
Undermining Bush…...
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Judith Miller Exonerates Bush Officials
Suprise, the CIA was undermining the Administration...

[by Cliff Kincaid]

Dick Morris’s Hillary Book
But what does Condi say?

[by Cliff Kincaid]

Bush’s Pro-U.N. Foreign Policy
Playing defense...

[by Cliff Kincaid]

Conservative Media Distort Mier’s Record
Rushing to judgement…

[by Cliff Kincaid]

Will Conservatives Derail Miers
Separating Conservatives from Republicans…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

U.S. Loses Big At U.N.
No joke, out of scandal the world body is stronger and more anti-American…

[by Cliff Kincaid] 9/28/05

Reds And Cindy Sheehan Come To Town
Media circus arrives in D.C.

[by Cliff Kincaid]

Putting A Pretty Face On Global Taxes
Soft selling the UN…

[by Cliff Kincaid]

How the Media Kill
None dare call it irresponsibility…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Legitimate Questions for Judge Roberts
Foreign law or the Consitution?…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Iraq Policy Is Real Target Of Bush Bashing Media
Katrina is the liberal media’s perfect storm…
[by Cliff Kincaid]

U.N. Wants $845 Billion From U.S.
Finally a global tax!...
[by Cliff Kincaid]

Bolton Resists U.N. Push For Global Taxes
Get ready for liberal propaganda blitz undermining America’s ambassador...

[by Cliff Kincaid]

Media For Marijuana
Crackpot potheads deal dope on TV

[by Cliff Kincaid]

Al Qaeda Loves Our Unpatriotic Media
Our very own fifth column…

[by Cliff Kincaid]

Who’s Behind Cindy Sheehan?
The fame of being a grieving activist…
[by Cliff Kincaid and Roger Aronoff]

The Decline Of Cable TV News
And now from Aruba...

[by Cliff Kincaid]

What If Karl Rover Were A Democrat?
Media would ignore the story...

[by Cliff Kincaid]

MSNBC’s Poor Treatment Of Conservatives
Missed opportunity…

[by Cliff Kincaid] 8/4/05

CBS News Targets Rove
By the liberal playbook…

[by Cliff Kincaid] 7/25/05

Why Did Joseph Wilson Lie?
What blown cover?…

[by Cliff Kincaid] 7/22/05

Reporters Are Not Above The Law
Rampant hypocrisy…

[Cliff Kincaid] 7/20/05

Media Shoot Blanks at Rove
A phony controversy…

[Cliff Kincaid] 7/15/05

Why Judith Miller Should Stay In Jail
Who is she protecting?…

[Cliff Kincaid] 7/14/05

Hollywood and the Iraq War
Hating America…

[Cliff Kincaid] 7/8/05

The Medical Marijuana Hoax
A video exposes the truth…

[Cliff Kincaid] 7/6/05

The Press And Scientology
Religion Hollywood style…

[Cliff Kincaid] 6/24/05

The Other Watergate Conspiracy
The Deep Throat story doesn't add up...

[Cliff Kincaid] 6/20/05

Is Bill Maher The Jane Fonda Of The Iraq War?
Looking for his own anti-aircraft gun…

[Cliff Kincaid] 6/13/05

Was Mark Felt Really Deep Throat?
Unanswered questions…

[Cliff Kincaid] 6/6/05

Captain Gives No Quarter
U.S. Blog Blows Open Canadian Corruption Scandal…
[Cliff Kincaid] 5/23/05

Bolton: Partisan-Pack Journalism
The media campagin against the nominee…
[Cliff Kincaid] 5/13/05

“Interpreting” The UN
Hollywood Promotes International Criminal Court

[Cliff Kincaid] 4/27/05

Silly Attacks On John Bolton
Another opportunity for the media to show its bias…

[Cliff Kincaid] 4/20/05

More On Memogate II
Making it up as they go along…

[Cliff Kincaid] 4/13/05

Media Bias on Schiavo Case
Agenda journalism…
[Cliff Kincaid] 4/6/05

The Pope As Media Critic
Witnesses to the truth?…
[Cliff Kincaid] 4/5/05

Memogate: Part Two
The GOP Schiavo memo scandal…

[Cliff Kincaid] 3/29/05

Another Memogate Scandal?
WaPo, Republicans & the Schiavo case…
[Cliff Kincaid] 3/23/05

WaPo Tortures Its Readers
Unaccountable media picks terrorists over the CIA…
[Cliff Kincaid] 3/21/05

Rather Departs on Rather Low Note
But the agenda is the same…

[Cliff Kincaid] 3/11/05

Media Watchdogs?
Ignoring the facts in "Gannongate"…

The Phony “Gannongate” Scandal
Media roulette…

[Cliff Kincaid] 3/1/05

The Destruction of Jeff Gannon
Progressive bloggers on the attack…

[Cliff Kincaid] 2/11/05

U.S. Media Lose Big In Iraq Vote
What do those illiterate Iraqis know?…
[Cliff Kincaid] 2/2/05

“Let Scott Peterson Live”
The campaign at CBS…

[Cliff Kincaid] 1/20/05

From Pot To Porn To AARP
A new social agenda for the liberal lobby group
[Cliff Kincaid] 12/30/04

Former Atheist Says God Exists
And the media pass
[Cliff Kincaid] 12/23/04

Hidden Secrets Of The U.N.
Just how anti-American is Kofi Annan?
[Cliff Kincaid] 12/21/04

Another U.N. Scandal
Phony figures on AIDS
[Cliff Kincaid] 12/2/04

The Legacy of Reed Irvine
Battling against Big Media...
[Cliff Kincaid] 11/18/04

Did "Values" Win It For Bush?
Media diffuses morality...
[Cliff Kincaid] 11/9/04

The Bush Landside That Wasn't
Culture matters...
[Cliff Kincaid] 11/5/04

Lou Dobbs and His Buddy George Soros
Financing defeat...

[Cliff Kincaid] 11/2/04

Protester mugged as Press Club honors nutty billionaire…
[Cliff Kincaid] 11/1/04

Exposing and Opposing George Soros
Hiding behind the media…
[Cliff Kincaid] 10/26/04

Heinz Kerry's "Real Job"
Media provides safe harbor for the would-be First Lady…
[Cliff Kincaid] 10/21/04

The O'Reilly Mess
How will the commentator spin himself out?…
[Cliff Kincaid] 10/19/04

The Liberal Censors
Wanting to hide the candidate's past…
[Cliff Kincaid] 10/15/04

The Media, George Soros and Needle Park
Why does Big Media abet the international man of mystery?…
[Cliff Kincaid] 10/13/04

Flip-Flopper Bill O’Reilly
What’s happened?

[Cliff Kincaid] 9/29/04

CBS Planning Another Anti-Bush Hit
Oops… bias showing…

[Cliff Kincaid] 9/24/04

Heads Should Roll At USA Today
CBS isn't by itself in agenda journalism.
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/23/04

CBS The Corrupt Broadcasting System
More than merely inept reporting...

[Cliff Kincaid] 9/22/04

Dan Rather's Last Stand
Stonewalling reality
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/17/04

CBS News Vs. The White House
The administration is not helping itself...
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/15/04

Al-Qaeda And Los Alamos
National security and a loosely guarded radioactive stockpile...
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/8/04

"Fascist" Protest Against Fox News
Progressive tolerance on display...
[Cliff Kincaid] 9/3/04

The FBI's Anthrax TV Show
Looking in all the wrong places?...
[Cliff Kincaid] 8/17/04

Using the Patriot Act to Target Patriots
What about the anthrax investigation?...
[Cliff Kincaid] 8/12/04

It’s Not A “War On Terror”
The enemy's name is not terror...
[Cliff Kincaid] 8/4/04

O'Reilly Versus Michael Moore
Bill misses his chance...
[Cliff Kincaid] 7/29/04

Will USA Today Apologize To Cheney?
Don't hold your breath...
[Cliff Kincaid] 7/21/04

Media Love GOP Sex Scandal
What double standard?...
[Cliff Kincaid] 7/15/04

The "Money Power" Behind Edwards
Will the media detail the running mate's past?...
[Cliff Kincaid] 7/9/04

Rebutting Media Misinformation
Finally, push back...
[Cliff Kincaid] 7/8/04

The Right Moves Left
Wither Buchanan?
[Cliff Kincaid] 6/29/04




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