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J.F. Kelly, Jr. - Contributor

J.F. Kelly, Jr. is a retired Navy Captain and bank executive who writes on current events and military subjects. He is a resident of Coronado, California. [go to Kelly index]

Time Now for Action on Illegal Immigration
The border must be secured…

[J. F. Kelly, Jr.] 5/13/05

With George W. Bush safely into his final term as president, don’t look for any significant action by his administration to address what is rapidly becoming the hottest issue on the minds of Americans, namely, illegal immigration. Judging from the amount of space and time being devoted to this issue by columnists, editorialists, talk show hosts, bloggers and letter writers, the issue now concerns Americans as much or more than national security and the economy although the three areas are clearly interrelated.

Failure of the federal government to fulfill its responsibilities to control our international borders and prevent illegal entry has been Bush’s gravest failure as a president. He has shamefully capitulated to those sectors of the business community and to affluent householders who are addicted to cheap, exploitable labor. He has pandered to the Hispanic vote in his campaigns for governor of Texas and for president and has lacked the courage to protect a basic right of every sovereign state, to wit: the right to control its borders.

Because of his unwillingness to act, the congress now must. Illegal immigration is no longer the concern only of a few border states that have borne the brunt of the problem and expense for years. It has grown to a huge national problem that, if left unchecked, will have disastrous consequences for our children and grandchildren and hasten our decline to the status of a welfare state. And if congress won’t act, the people will, inevitably, be forced to. When their elected representatives continue to ignore a clear and imminent danger, the citizens also ignore it only at their peril.

The arguments of those sympathetic to illegal immigration and those opposed to it have been recited and debated ad nauseam. Apologists for illegal aliens resort to arguments that, in effect, say that it’s acceptable to break our laws and violate our sovereignty if you need work to feed your family. It is no great leap in logic, then, to say that it’s also okay to steal, lie and cheat to do so. Where do you draw the line? Answer: back at the point where the first law was broken. In a law-abiding society, one may not pick and choose which laws will be obeyed or enforced.

When their arguments collapse of their own flimsiness, they resort to the race card. Then come the slogans such as: “America is a nation of immigrants”. But America is not a nation of illegal immigrants. Lady Liberty’s torch was not intended to illuminate the way for those attempting to sneak across our border at night.

Efforts by the feds to deal with illegal immigration have been pathetically ineffective. Bush lacks the courage to confront the hopelessly corrupt Mexican government and demand that our border be respected. Mexico, of course, relies heavily on the dollars sent home by its human exports. We are thus flooded with growing millions of unskilled laborers who compete with those already here, depress wages, inundate our schools and emergency medical facilities and overburden our welfare and social services.

There is a prevailing myth to the effect that these hardworking people contribute much to the economy, pay their taxes and get little in return. The only part of that claim that is totally accurate is that they are, unquestionably, hardworking. A great number of them, however, are paid under the table and do not contribute to the cost of the public services they consume. Hardworking perhaps, but most have obtained this hard work by breaking the law, not once, but at least three times. First, by entering the country illegally. Second, by obtaining false documentation. Third, by failing to report income. Add to these crimes, such miscellaneous violations as evading apprehension, trespassing and endangering lives on the highway, trying to avoid the border patrol.

But you already know these arguments. Overwhelmingly, polls reveal, citizens want to end illegal immigration. It is their right to demand it. If their elected representatives and law enforcement agencies won’t act, then the people themselves must.

How? Take the time now to write and call your elected representatives starting with the president and continuing on down to your state representatives. Tell them that you want immediate action to enforce federal laws regarding illegal immigration, including sanctions on those who hire illegals and that you want inter-agency cooperation, not buck-passing. Tell them that you want the border secured against illegal entry by using the National Guard to augment the ineffective border patrol. Tell them that you want local and state law enforcement agencies involved, too. Again, no more buck-passing over whose job it is. All law enforcement agencies need to work together on this.

Tell them that their support of or involvement in any legislative attempt to authorize special privileges such as drivers’ permits, however limited, will cost them your political support forever. Ditto any guest worker program that even hints of amnesty. Tell them that you are willing to pay more for produce, hotel services, gardening services and other products and services provided by American citizens at fair wages.

Conclude your letter and call with a polite reminder that your future financial support and vote will be conditioned upon their specific, prompt and effective action toward halting—not merely debating—illegal immigration. Tell them, finally, that you appreciate that these things take time so you are prepared to wait for a couple of months before initiating recall petitions. Do it now, while you’re still worked up about it. tOR

copyright 2005 J. F. Kelly, Jr.



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