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A Day Without Illegal Aliens? It's a Start!
Punishing America...
[by Mac Johnson] 4/28/06

May 1 is going to be “A Day Without Illegal Aliens.”

This is supposed to frighten you.

Why? Because you are an American -- weak, pampered, spoiled and allegedly incapable of taking care of yourself. You need the illegal alien servant class just to survive.

Those who want amnesty for immigration criminals -- illegal aliens, pandering politicians, ethnic grievance agitators and the politically correct media -- have swallowed their own propaganda and believe that the American economy is totally dependent for its greatness on unskilled illegal labor and the corrupt underground economy it fosters.

Mac Johnson

Mac Johnson is a freelance writer and biologist in Cambridge, Mass. Mr. Johnson holds a Doctorate in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Baylor College of Medicine. He is a frequent opinion contributor to Human Events Online. His website can be found at [go to Johnson index]

So on May 1, the ridiculous, old socialist “workers’ holiday” known overseas as “May Day,” they intend to punish the American people, and intimidate Congress into passing a “guest worker” amnesty, by marching in the streets, boycotting American stores, and shutting down the corrupt businesses that have illegally employed them.


[click to download]

What a mistake. This will not paralyze the American economy -- but it will paralyze the underground economy and the greedy businesses that profit from it.

If you have ever wondered which local businesses hire illegal aliens and which ones hire legal residents and play by the rules, then on Monday, May 1, you will finally know.

Those businesses still functioning on May 1, dubbed “A Day Without Illegal Aliens” by the scheme’s organizers, will be the honest ones. They’ll be the ones who hire only legal immigrants and American citizens, obey our labor laws, collect their employee’s taxes, and pay their workers a fair legal wage.

The ones without employees will be the crooks, the corrupt schemers that have fueled the chaos on our insecure borders by providing no-questions-asked jobs to anyone willing to sneak into our country, work off the books and in the shadows, and accept substandard pay and conditions that no American could be legally made to tolerate.

That’s why movements have popped up all over the country to use this fabulous opportunity to fight illegal labor and the crooked system of human smuggling, document forgery, tax evasion, and sweat shop wages that have grown up around it.

I originally proposed calling May 1 “Conservative Shopping Day,” since so many of my fellow grassroots conservatives were disgusted with our open borders, illegal labor, and the march towards amnesty in Congress. But this goes well beyond one political movement.

Almost everyone I have spoken with -- conservatives, liberals, moderates, independents, Democrats, Republicans, legal immigrants, and native-born citizens alike -- are disgusted with the current widespread corruption of our economy and laws by illegal labor. They are disgusted in no small part because illegal labor is a national corruption that is openly condoned by the leadership of both political parties, who are much more eager to harvest campaign contributions from crooked business interests and votes from amnestied immigration criminals than they are to enforce our laws, secure our borders and protect the wages of working Americans.

In the spirit of putting aside partisan politics and joining together with all Americans that are opposed to illegal labor and demand that our laws be enforced by government, I encourage you to consider Monday, May 1 -- the threatened “Day Without Illegal Aliens”_ -- to be a day of action for all Americans. Conservative Shopping Day is for everyone opposed to illegal immigration and out of control borders.

It is a day to fight for the rule of law, without having to beg our elected “leaders” to listen to their own voters. The strategy is simple and direct:


This will not only reward the law-abiding and allow one to avoid the corrupt, but it will also send a powerful message.

The planned boycott of American stores and businesses by illegal aliens and their enablers is designed to demonstrate the “purchasing power” of illegal workers and to cause a frightening one-day shock to American retail sales. It is being adopted and echoed by foreign supporters of illegal immigration as well. In Mexico, a nation that has become dependent upon the billions of dollars that illegal workers inside the United States send home each year, it is being called “Nothing Gringo Day.”

Through this contrivance, the illegal labor lobby hopes to appear more powerful and to frighten retailers into supporting amnesty, which is being dishonestly called a “temporary guest worker program” in Washington.

By making a point to do as much shopping as possible on May 1, Conservative Shopping Day, Americans can stop this scam in its tracks. If the issue is to be decided by a demonstration of “purchasing power,” then let’s demonstrate the purchasing power of 300 million legal American residents. The purchasing power of 11 million illegal workers and their bosses and sympathizers will pale in comparison.

Conservative Shopping Day: Five Things You Can Do to Fight Back

1. Buy, buy, buy. Make your regular purchases for the week or month, but make them all on May 1. Nobody needs to go broke, just to buy on one particular day. If you’ve been putting off a purchase, put it off no more. Besides, you know the clerks will all speak English if you shop on May 1. No more painful pantomime just to find out where the paper towels are.

2. Eat out. Contrary to pro-amnesty propaganda, most food service workers are American citizens -- but these workers do suffer much more from illegal labor wage competition than most. Get out and treat yourself to a nice meal -- one that serves up a big steamy bowl of justice for a change.

3. Take notice of which businesses can still function. These are the ones playing by the rules and deserve long-term support. Come back again and again. Avoid those that mysteriously close or are obviously understaffed.

4. Tell your friends. Send them this message or make up you own. Call it whatever you want and credit whomever you wish. All that matters is that people get out and shop.

5. Tell your congressman how much you enjoyed a day without illegal aliens. Write or call; it is one of the greatest powers you have. Elected officials figure that if you care enough to call on an issue, you care enough to vote on it. You can e-mail your senators and your congressman. And you can also call your senators and your congressman.

Conservative Shopping Day -- Monday, May 1.
A unique opportunity to do something good by doing something fun. ONE

First appeared at Human Events Online

copyright 2006 Mac Johnson



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