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Lance Izumi- Contributor
[Courtesty of Pacific Research Institute]

Lance Izumi is Director of Education Studies for the Pacific Research Institute and Senior Fellow in California Studies. He is a leading expert in education policy and the author of several major PRI studies, including Facing the Classroom Challenge: Teacher Quality and Teacher Training in California’s Schools of Education (2001), California Index of Leading Education Indicators (1997 and 2000 editions), and Developing and Implementing Academic Standards (1999). | Mr. Izumi currently serves as a member of the California Postsecondary Education Commission, and the Professional Development Working Group of the California Legislature's Joint Committee to Develop a Master Plan for K-12 Education. Prior to entering the think tank world, Mr. Izumi served as chief speechwriter for California Governor George Deukmejian and in the Reagan Administration as speechwriter to U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III. | Mr. Izumi holds a J.D. from the University of Southern California Law Center, a M.A. in political science from the University of California at Davis, and a B.A. from the University of California at Los Angeles.

10 Years After Prop. 227:
Bilingual Education Still Hanging On

by Lance T. Izumi 5/30/08

Need Deficit Solutions? Think School Choice
by Lance T. Izumi 1/18/08

School Quality, Not Race
by Lance T. Izumi 6/28/07

Pelosi’s Preschool Amnesia
by Lance T. Izumi 6/28/07

Fighting California’s Middle-Grade Blues
KIPP Charter Schools...
[Lance T. Izumi] 4/20/06

Less Expensive Alternatives to Reiner Preschool Plan
Unproven, ill-conceived…
[Lance T. Izumi] 3/9/06

Wrong and Defeatable
Reiner Preschool Initiative...
[Lance T. Izumi] 2/17/06

Reiner's Critics Sound Off
Government Universal Preschool…
[Lance T. Izumi] 2/16/06

Miracle in South Central
The Watts Learning Center…
[Lance T. Izumi] 12/30/05

Breaking the Rules for Their Paymasters
Prop 75...
[Lance T. Izumi and Xiaochin Claire Yan] 10/27/05

Teaching without Tenure
CTA protecting incompetence...
[Lance T. Izumi] 9/21/05

Nursing Student Dissects Admissions
The system doesn't work...

[Lance T. Izumi] 8/17/05

Villaraigosa Should Worry About the Border
An open door policy for crime and gang violence...

[Lance T. Izumi] 6/23/05

What Rob Reiner’s Not Telling Us About Universal Preschool
Another bad idea...

[Lance T. Izumi] 6/20/05

California Teachers Association Members Should Join Minutemen
The union could follow the money…
[Lance T. Izumi] 5/19/05

How California Can Help Students Choose their Career...

[Lance T. Izumi] 5/4/05

The Black and Hispanic Graduation Problem
Misleading state education data...
[Lance T. Izumi] 3/31/05

How Important Are Education Funding Comparisons?
Selective statistics…
[Lance T. Izumi] 2/24/05

Is Judicial Budgeting in California’s Education Future?
Undermining the will of the people...

[Lance T. Izumi] 2/3/05

Arnold Drops a Nuke on Teacher Unions
Radical reforms for education...

[Lance T. Izumi] 1/7/05

An Irrelevant Penalty
Scott Peterson needn’t fear the death sentence...

[Lance T. Izumi] 11/18/04

A Statewide Cal-PASS?
Problems and solutions in California's higher education...
[Lance T. Izumi] 11/12/04

Value-Added Assessment
More Reasons Why We Need Education Testing…

[Lance T. Izumi] 8/30/04

A New Tax on Business
The proposed minimum wage hike is a bad idea…
[Lance T. Izumi] 8/3/04

Ronald Reagan’s Education Legacy
The education President…
[Lance T. Izumi] 6/24/04

On Remembering Ronald Reagan
The Great Idealist…
[Lance T. Izumi] 6/18/04

Blue Helmets vs. Prop. 209
a California Judge Uses a U.N. Treaty to Discriminate...
[Sharon Browne and Lance T. Izumi] 6/15/04

California's Teacher-Quality Masquerade
An education crisis courtesy of the state...

[Lance T. Izumi] 4/29/04

Lawsuit Abuse Choking California Economy
Legislating business out of the state...

[Lance T. Izumi] 4/9/04

The Scary Future
Who needs math to compete in a global economy? Not progressive California...

[Lance T. Izumi] 3/23/04

Do We Value Self-Esteem Or Learning?
Push to drop state testing would hurt, not help, struggling second-graders

[Lance T. Izumi] 3/2/04

Thoughts on the Proposed State School Bond
Is Prop 55 a good idea?
[Lance T. Izumi] 2/27/04

Listen to Friedman
Advice for Mr. Bush...
[Lance T. Izumi] 2/10/04

Bush Disappoints, Arnold Impresses GOP, Part II
Don't forget core principles...
[Lance T. Izumi] 1/19/04

Will The Real Republican Party Please Stand Up?
Does the GOP remember "smaller government?"...Schwarzenegger does...
[Lance T. Izumi] 12/19/03

An Idea Worth Considering
A simple notion to maximize education funds...
[Lance T. Izumi] 11/7/03

Davis Was Carter But Is Arnold Another Reagan?
Davis was doomed from the beginning...
[Lance T. Izumi] 10/16/03

Remember the Big Picture on California Education
It's the standards...
[Lance T. Izumi] 8/16/03

A Lesson For School Accountability
[Lance T. Izumi] 7/26/03



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