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The Path to 9/11 Truth
by Sharon Hughes [talk show host] 9/9/06 

'Back to school' no longer stands out as September's main event to me ...ever since 9/11.

It's hard to believe that September 11, 2006 marks five years since the devastating terrorist attacks on America. I for one believe it is extremely important to remember and recount what happened that day, so that we don't lose sight of the nature and goals of the enemy we face in this war on terror.

I've heard some say we need to 'move on', that we've 'remembered' enough. Others question if it's too soon to remember through movie images such as Flight 93 and World Trade Center. Still others, such as Bill Clinton try to censor accounts such as "The Path to 9/11" which airs this September 9th and 10th on ABC.

Five years later there are still those who believe and promote 9/11 conspiracy theories, such as Kevin Barrett who will teach a class on Islam at the University of Wisconsin this fall, despite the protests over 60 state legislators. He is a hero to conspiracy theorists. 

Sharon Hughes

A researcher, writer and public speaker Sharon is the President and Executive Director of The Center for Changing Worldviews, a non-profit corporation founded for the purpose of increasing the conservative, pro-family voice in a predominantly liberal society. Sharon produces and hosts Changing Worldviews TALK Radio which is the media outreach of The Center, and is heard Monday, Wednesday and Friday on KDIA AM1640 San Francisco/Vallejo and online daily at Oneplace.com. Sharon has worked to promote civic responsibility on the grassroots level since 1992 through various organizations such as Eagle Forum, so that America will continue to be a land of liberty, respect for human dignity and family integrity, as well as public and private virtue. For further information on Sharon and The Center go to www.changingworldviews.com or contact her at sharon@changingworldviews.com. Hughes Blog [go to Hughes index]

The community of 'believers' who propagate their 9/11 conspiracy 'doctrine' over the internet and in articles and even books have even found their way to air their theories on C-SPAN. As WorldNetDaily reports: some of the conspiracy theories that began almost immediately after the attacks of 9/11 include: "4,000 Jews had supposedly been warned to stay home from the World Trade Center that day; Flight 93 had been shot down over Pennsylvania by the U.S. military; George W. Bush's delay in ending his visit with elementary school students when told of the World Trade Center attacks signaled that perhaps he had prior knowledge of the events" ....that 9/11 events were an 'inside job.' Time magazine talks about Why 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Won't Go Away this week.

But, even though I've had numerous readers send me articles and links and DVDs with these conspiracy accounts, I'm not a 'believer.' There are too many accounts to the contrary, and common sense realities that they fail to answer, such as (just to name a few): If it wasn't an airplane that hit the Pentagon, what happened to the pilots and passengers who were on board that flight, including Author and founder of the Independent Women's Forum, Barbara Olson? What do they say to all those at the Pentagon who saw the airplane fly into the building, and those who were witnesses who escaped to tell about it, such as Lt. Col. Linda Herbert in her book, The Pentagon Miracle? who we've had on the show which will re-air on September 7th and September 13th.

My purpose here is not to argue these or other conspiracy theory points. My purpose is to simply point out that the truth about one of the most serious events in U.S. history, the terrorist attacks of 9/ll, is under attack itself...and that some on the far-left and on the far-right are saying the same things...the same things our enemies are saying...who are the ones with the real ones with a conspiracy.

I'm not interested in speculations. I'm interested in hard facts...in the truth. And while I will probably receive unnumbered responses to what I've just said from conspiracy believers, what I've said needs to be said because it is estimated that 1/3 of Americans are starting to believe some of these conspiracy theories, proving once again what Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels said, "If the lie is big enough and told often enough, it will be believed." I'm glad the government has started to address these conspiracy theories and speculations. The sad thing is that there are some people who are more interested in believing what they believe than in knowing the truth.

September 11th, 2001 changed the world forever. Let's not let the enemy be victorious on the ground, in the air, or through propaganda tactics...even, and especially, within our own country. CRO

© Sharon Hughes 2006 - Used with permission




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