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David Horowitz - Columnist

David Horowitz is a noted author, commentator and columnist. His is the founder of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture and his opinions can be found at Front Page Magazine. [go to Horowitz index]


State of the Democrats
[David Horowitz]

So the Democrats have demanded an "exit strategy" as their response to Bush's State of the Union address. Iraqis have defied death to go to the polls to demonstrate they want a democracy and that they are at war with the terrorists (who have declared "democracy is evil" and a heresy in Islam).  Democrats' response to this amazing victory in the war on terror: We want to get out.

Thus continues the pattern of the Democratic opposition in the war on terror: Appeasement of Saddam before the war, sabotage of the war, sabotage of the peace.

Every Democrat, every liberal, every leftist who has asked what the war in Iraq had to do with the war on terror has now been answered: We have taken down one of the most powerful supporters of international terror, Saddam Hussein, and established in his place an anti-terrorist, state striving to be a democracy; an ally in the war on terror.

For those who missed it: Saddam hosted the world's most dangerous terrorists Abu Nidal, Abu Abbas and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Saddam financed Hamas one of the world's largest terrorist armies. Saddam financed the jihadists in the West Bank, and their suicide bombers. Saddam hosted international gatherings of the terrorists and Saddam cheered them on. Saddam was a de facto ally of Osama bin Laden.

We have gone into the lair of Iraqi terror, taken on the international terrorist brigades from Jordan, Syria and Iran, and beaten them on the field of battle -- not completely but effectively. We done the same with al-Qaeda, destroying their efficacy; Bin Laden now sends videos instead of bombs.

Better, we have roused up the population of a former outlaw state and rallied them to the democratic cause. Whatever the political framework that is established in Iraq we can count on it being anti-terrorist. This election was the people's declaration of independence from the terrorist jihad. They faced death and lost more than sixty unarmed citizens in making their heroic stand against the terrorists and in favor of freedom. They have shed their blood to join our side in the war on terror.

There is a caveat to all this, and that is that we remain committed enough to freedom to stay the course in Iraq. The exit strategy is this: victory over the terrorists. If we follow the Qusiling Kennedy line and cut and run now, we cede this ground to the terrorists. If we capitulate, we lose.

In September 2001, President Bush put the matter very clearly: In the war terror, either you're for us or against us. Kennedy and the capitulators have laid down their markers; the rest of us need to lay down ours tOR

This opinion piece first appeared at reprinted by permission of David Horowitz. Copyright 2005




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