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Eric Hogue- Contributor

Eric Hogue is a talk radio host at Sacramento station KTKZ and is the principal behind the blog Hogue Blog.

“The Eric Hogue Show” is the only morning, conservative political talk show in the nation’s largest state Capitol. On any given morning, the show may feature California politicians and statewide - news-makers‚ discussing the morning headlines and political strategies. He is a conservative Republican talk show host who takes his political experience from Ohio - where, as Hogue would say, "the Republican Party knows how to win". This is the same desire that drives Hogue to get up each morning at 2AM and broadcast from "The Belly of the Beast". Hogue wants to see the Republican party gain a majority in California once again and replace the 'golden hue' to this wonderful state. He has guest hosted for Salem Radio's Nationally Syndicated Talkers Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager and for Clear Channel's Roger Hedgecock on KOGO Radio in San Diego.

On February 4, 2003 at 6:05AM, on 1380 KTKZ California history was made on “The Eric Hogue Show,” Eric spoke with Ted Costa during the morning, driving 325 listeners to Costa’s People’s Advocate Sacramento location to become the original signers of the citation to recall. This document became the "official petition" for the recall of Governor Gray Davis. The station is now forever known as “The Home of the Recall.”

Arnold's New Dance Partner
Arnold's Chief of Staff nomination and the direction of the state's GOP...
[Eric Hogue] 12/2/05

"Move America Forward"; then Back Ten Steps
What was accomplished?...
[Eric Hogue] 8/29/05

Guest Worker Program - Yes!
It's the right idea...
[Eric Hogue] 2/7/05

Arnold’s Main Event
Next Tuesday night is going to be big...
[Eric Hogue] 8/20/04

Fabian Nunez Is Holding Up The Budget Vote, Why?
It must be those obstructionist Republicans...
[Eric Hogue] 7/9/04

Costly Nurses Law Begins...
Keeping unions in control...
[Eric Hogue] 1/2/04

Massachusetts Brings Thankfulness
Marriage doesn't need redefining, it needs protection...
[Eric Hogue] 11/28/03

Your Turn Republican Moderates
The scramble for the 3rd District
[Eric Hogue] 11/15/03




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