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Arnold's New Dance Partner
Arnold's Chief of Staff nomination and the direction of the state's GOP...
[Eric Hogue] 12/2/05

We can discuss all of the details surrounding the bad run up to the election, the mistakes with drafting the initiatives and the battles within the horseshoe itself...but time calls for me to be short and to the point:

1. I'm still placing some 'blame' squarely upon the conservatives of the Republican Party. The "Tombots", along with the 'continual vendetta crowd' (you know who you are) never embraced Arnold. Simple 'pride' wouldn't let go of the 'sour grapes' they held as the party went for the win in the recall election (BTW: I still believe it was the right thing to do!). They eventually drove support, and voters away from Arnold's administration and his agenda.

Eric Hogue - Contributor

Eric Hogue is a talk radio host at Sacramento station KTKZ and is the principal behind the blog Hogue Blog. [go to Hogue index]

Arnold was willing to stick his neck our on conservative issues, legislation, vetoes and a tough (not perfect) special ballot. He did accomplished some major successes for the Republican ideology. But in the end, the major loss surrounding the "Special Election" left him cold,  he didn't feel the love from the conservative core, he got he has changed dance partners. He is now a scorned lover.

2. This administration's conservative agenda, whether fiscal or social, is over. Arnold has no direction and no 'trust' from any of the Republican leaders. He has decided to make his bed in the 'moderate center', and the liberal core socially. Yes, there are some encouraging words about Susan Kennedy's tough stance on the 'tax and spend' mentality of the Democrat majority, but I have little hope that we can escape tax increases in the next budget. Forget about our chances when it comes to "Same Sex Marriage" and conservative ideals as they relate to legislation. The only question that remains is how long Legislative Affairs Secretary Richard Costigan and Deputy Cynthia Bryant will call the horseshoe home.

3. I'm guessing a large, wide majority of the GOP will further sour on Arnold Schwarzenegger, this will cause him to move further and further to the left. He is a man who likes to be liked. I wouldn't be surprised if he announced himself as an 'Independent' for his second run as governor. No, not to mimic the position of Jessie Ventura (Arnold is not a Jesse, he's bright, intelligent and personally successful), but he might move to the Independent statements, if not the full party affiliation move, to make a statement to the populous of the voters in California..."I'm no ultra-conservative Republican, and I'm not a liberal Democrat, I'm my own man, and Independent of sorts." He came close Wednesday afternoon during the press conference.

4. The party needs to make a decision, do you run with this guy, or do you find another horse? Right now the party has no other option, and Schwarzenegger knows it, advantage Arnold, and Phil Angelides. It may be ten years before the GOP has another opportunity.

5. Finally, remember the "missed opportunity" here; we had a very conservative ballot, and a very conservative possibility for the state fiscally, as well as socially with Prop 73. We...we, the voters did NOT run to the polls as did the unions and the Democrats.

We, the conservatives should take one hard lesson from this disaster; when you have a chance to support a candidate that is 75% conservative, or an initiative ballot that is 60%, or even 50%, of what is needed and desired - we MUST support it with gusto. Increments toward the right, especially in California, are steps in the "right direction".

Now, because of vendetta on our part, and an ego that is looking to be loved on Arnold's part, the Republican Party is shrinking right along with the future of this state.

In summary; Governor Schwarzenegger we all lost the "Special Election", but with this nomination as Chief of Staff, you have lost me as a supporter of your administration. It is now a pitch-by-pitch scenario governor, and we are expecting a few curve balls, careful when and where you throw them

The "Home of the Recall" stands at a distance! CRO

copyright 2004 Eric Hogue






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